The largest libraries in the world

Imagine that you need to prepare an interesting presentation or you need to write a report to the seminar on the latest achievements in science and technology. Perhaps you are not abandoned by the desire to read the ancient manuscripts? In any case, you will contact the library.

Here, perennial funds contain not only books, manuscripts, but also various pictures, microfilms, transparencies, audio and video cassettes. Also, more and more widely distributed are various electronic media.

The world’s largest libraries are located in the United States. But it’s nice to realize that Ukraine has something to be proud of too! Your attention is given to the largest libraries in the world. Despite the development of electronic books, hundreds and thousands of visitors daily come to these book temples. Library of Congress, Washington, USA.

One of the largest libraries in the world has suffered two devastating fires in its two-hundred-year history, but each time it was restored, and the remains of the library fund replenished. A total of 740 books and only three geographical maps of America – that’s the whole initial stock of the Library of Congress.

To date, the National Library of the United States contains a huge fund – 33.5 million books, photographs, maps, manuscripts and records in more than 460 languages. The library building is one of the oldest state institutions in the United States. The knowledge citadel is a complex of three very large buildings. Similar to the castle, the world’s largest library is difficult to bypass alone in one day.

Apparently, this is why visitors are offered free walking tours of the library. In just one hour you can learn a lot about the history of the building and the work of the National Library. Moreover, there is also a store in which you can find various books, gifts and souvenirs.

The largest libraries in the world

Library of Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.

To date, the Harvard University Library consists of many structural units, There are more than eighty centers of various directions in total. These are libraries of scientific research centers, colleges, museums, such as the Loeb Music Library or the Oak Yemza Orchid Library. The funds of these libraries are formed in accordance with the profile of each unit. But still the library is united – it is managed by only one director. It is he who controls all the services that work on common projects for all local centers.

In total, the library fund has more than 16 million prints. In addition to special literature, the library contains many ancient manuscripts. This collection includes several million copies. Also there are collected numerous European editions of the XVI-XVII centuries. However, access to the library is strictly limited. Are not you a student at Harvard or university staff? Nothing, because you still have the opportunity to work with the library archive. How? Everything is simple – via the Internet.

The largest libraries in the world

Boston Public Library, Boston, USA.

Boston is a paradise for students. It is here that the most extensive library network is located. Behind the central library there are only two buildings. However, there are more than 25 branches. Each year, the library has an average of 50 different programs and about 150 exhibitions. So the library gives the public an opportunity to view books and documents, which, as a rule, are usually only available for research by scientists.

The Boston Public Library is one of the largest publicly available in the US. Above the main entrance there is an inscription: “Free for all”. This library was the first one where books and other materials were allowed to be taken to the house. The institution contains more than 15 million volumes. In 1986, the building of the library was recognized as a National Historic Monument, one of the best examples of neo-Renaissance architecture in America. Inside the building there are fine murals, collections of rare books and manuscripts, maps and engravings.The library can also please the developed infrastructure presented by the restaurant and cafe, a quiet inner courtyard, just a few conveniently and conveniently located Wi-Fi points. British Library, London, UK.

The largest libraries in the world


The British Library appeared due to the unification of the library of the British Museum and a number of less significant collections in 1972. Since the time of King George II, she owns the right of a compulsory copy of all books published within the UK. The collection of the library includes more than 150 million items of storage, including 310,000 volumes of manuscripts, 60 million patents, more than 4 million maps, over 260,000 journal titles, etc.

Each year, about 3 million new items are added to the archives of the world’s largest library. The entire fund requires more than 625 kilometers of shelves with a growth of 12 kilometers per year. The total area of ​​the library is more than 112 thousand square meters. The building has 14 floors, 5 of which are underground. The British Library serves business and industry, researchers, scholars and students in the UK and around the world. Every day more than 16 000 people visit the library, many of them work with materials via the Internet.

The largest libraries in the world

Yale University Library, New Haven, USA.

Yale University Library is one of the leading in the world. She conducts various studies, replenishes and stores her funds and, of course, provides access to unique sources of human thought and creativity. This institution supports the teaching and research of Yale University, as well as the scientific community around the world.

A distinctive feature of the library is a large amount of resources. It is about 13 million volumes, ranging from ancient papyri and ending with electronic databases. The library occupies 22 premises and contains a large staff of over 600 employees. The pride of the university library is the Yale Center for British Art, which presents a collection of various paintings, sculptures, drawings, rare books. There is also the Yale collection of Babylonian art, one of the five largest in the world. New York Public Library, New York, USA.

The New York Public Library was established in 1884. For today it includes 87 divisions (including 77 regional branches). In four scientific libraries, the issuing of books and materials to the house is not allowed. Subscription issuance is carried out in four other main centers. Among the units there is also a library for people with disabilities.

Today, the New York Library is one of the most extensive libraries in the world. Every year more than 16 million readers are served here. Access to library collections is free for all. In total, the archives of the New York Public Library contain more than 50 million entries. Over 20 million units are books, and the remaining 30 million are audio records, maps, paintings and drawings, films and newspaper clippings in dozens of languages. About 44.5 million positions of the library fund are in the main collection and 8.7 million in the branches. Daily archives are replenished with 10 thousand new names.

Interesting fact: The New York Public Library contains a special unit – the library police. The task of special patrols is to maintain order and ensure security. Moreover, these persons are allowed to arrest violators. But, at the same time, some branches of the library use the services of various security agencies to ensure proper security.

The largest libraries in the world

National Library. Vernadsky, Kiev, Ukraine.

The Vernadsky National Library is the main scientific and information center of Ukraine. It was founded in 1918. In those quiet years, the country found the opportunity to think about the collection and preservation of data.Library funds here make up more than 15 million units of storage. The information resources of the library are used by about 500 thousand readers a year. Also annually up to 5 million documents are issued for personal use.

The institution contains a large staff of more than 900 employees. The National Library carries out book exchange with similar organizations in 80 countries and 1,5 thousand scientific institutions. The local archives hold the largest collection of Slavic script and Jewish folklore. This is a unique collection. Since 1964, at the initiative of the UN, the National Library has been the custodian of documents and materials of the UN in Ukraine in Russian and English.

The largest libraries in the world

German Library, Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Germany.

The National Library of Germany is the central archive and national literacy center in this country. It appeared due to the unification of the libraries of Frankfurt and Leipzig, once central in Western and Eastern Germany. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the largest German book archives also connected with the music archive in Berlin.

The main task of the unique library is the collection, processing and storage of various documents and publications in German from around the world. The processing of the accumulated archives began in 1913. The library contains local publications, foreign articles about Germany, translations of German works, as well as the work of emigrants who left the country, dated from 1933-1945. At present, more than 24 million units are stored in all three branches of the library (Leipzig – 14.3 million, Frankfurt-on-Main – 8.3 million and in Berlin – 1.5 million units). Canadian Library and Archive, Ottawa, Canada.

The Canadian Library and Archives collect and store Canada’s cultural heritage. We are talking about texts, images relating to the history, culture and politics of the country. Various materials come to the library and archive from state institutions, private donors, and also through a system of mandatory copies. Director of the institution is not the last person for his country. He is a deputy minister and holds the title of Librarian and Archivist of Canada.

About 350 thousand works of art are stored in the library and archive. Including – paintings of the XVI century, drawings, 21.3 million photographs and more than 71 thousand hours of full-length and short films, beginning in 1897. Moreover, the library fund contains an electronic database of over 3.18 million megabytes in size and the largest collection of Canadian folklore music. National Library of China, Beijing.

The largest libraries in the world

The National Library of China has many statuses, among them the Scientific Library, the National Bibliographic Center, the National Center for the Network of Library and Information and Scientific and Technical Libraries and the Development Center.

The library covers an area of ​​about 170 thousand square meters and has not only the largest collection of Chinese books in the world, but also the largest collection of materials in foreign languages ​​in the country. In her collection, there are more than 270,000 volumes of rare books, as well as 1.6 million volumes of ancient books and manuscripts, 35,000 pieces of manuscripts and bones with letters.

To date, the library occupies three buildings. The main building was built in 1987. The oldest building was built in 1931, before it was the main building of the library. And today there is a repository of rare books. The third building was opened in 2008, located to the north of the main building. At the same time, it can accommodate up to 8 thousand visitors. The library is open all year round, and with the help of the Internet the library resources are available 24 hours a day.

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