The heaviest people

People have always had the opportunity to accumulate fat in their body. Usually this was determined by the condition of the environment and a sufficient amount of food. It is not surprising that in the tales of different peoples there are references to the heroes and giants, who amazed with their huge mass. But to fix people with a lot of weight became only recently, so the records of antiquity remained only legends.

Reading about these people, one should realize that the life of the record-breakers is very difficult. Often, even doctors disfigured her, trying to treat people incorrectly. These heavyweights even became puppets in the hands of people who demonstrated them for money or tested new methods of diets, methods of weight loss. Unfortunately, the stories of people with record obesity are more exaggerated in the yellow press than in medical circles. The most difficult people in history will be discussed below.

The heaviest people

Paul Mason.

This man is the most obese person on the planet. The 50-year-old Englishman weighs 445 kilograms. Now he practically does not appear on the street, although he used to leave the house in a wheelchair. To do this, even the front door was redone. Now Mason almost always spends in bed. Next to it, trays for food, a water tank are installed. Even Paul can not get to the toilet – toilet paper is always at hand. Next to him is always the medical equipment with which nurses work. I’m driving a man on a special truck to bring a local food network. The main entertainment heavyweight – a TV and a game console, installed over his bed. And yet in 2007 Mason weighed “only” 285 kilograms and made walks on the chair. His body requires about 20 thousand kilocalories per day, which is 10 times higher than the daily norm of normal nutrition. Recently, Mason was hospitalized, where, thanks to doctors, he was able to lose weight by 125 kilograms. Soon, he is waiting for an operation on his stomach. Only here it is not clear how to take him to the hospital – from the helicopter it was decided to refuse in favor of a special truck. In his problems, the Englishman accuses the National Health Service, which could not see his eating disorders.

The heaviest people

Donna Simpson.

This woman was born in 1967 in America, New Jersey. In 2008, she decided to gain worldwide glory for the heaviest woman on the planet. For this, Donna decided to gain weight of 450 kilograms. Two years later it already weighed 273 kilograms. For publicity, the woman opened her site, where her male fans pay for the spectacle of Donna eating fast food. Simpson has already reached the Guinness Book of Records as the most fat mother in the world. She gave birth to a child when her weight was 241 kilograms. Now her daughter is 3 years old, and she also has a 14-year-old son. By June 2011, Donna weighed 317 kilograms, eating 12,000 kilocalories daily. However, in the summer of that year she decided to go on a diet and lose about 200 kilograms. This decision was prompted by parting with the groom, a relationship that lasted 5 years. The new weight will help Donna become self-sufficient and more to deal with her children.

The heaviest people

Manuel Uribe.

This Mexican was born in 1965 in Monterrey. He managed to become one of the most difficult people in the history of medicine. In 2001, his weight was 587 kilograms, and he could no longer leave his bed. Since then, Uribe began to lose weight intensively. Thanks to doctors and nutritionists, he lost about a third of his weight. In January 2006, the fat man appeared on television, where he told his story, turning to the public for help. But from gastric bypass in Italy, he refused, deciding to lose weight with the help of diets. About Uribe even filmed a documentary, because this man, bedridden, fought for his life, trying to lose weight. In 2008, he weighed already 360 kilograms. For the first time in many years, Uribe was able to go out on his own. In 2006, Manuel met 36-year-old Claudia Slis. She periodically cut the immovable gigant nails and hair.Friendship broke out between them, despite the protests of their own women. In 2008, Uribe made a proposal, having obtained consent. Then he weighed 330 kilograms, and Claudia – 67. In March 2011, thanks to diets and exercises, Manuel weighed 187 kilograms already. Robert Earl Hughes (1926-1958).

This American was once recognized as the most difficult person in history. His overweight is associated with impaired pituitary. As early as 6 years, Robert weighed 92 kilograms, in 10 years – 170, in 13 – 248, and at 18 years – 314 kilograms. In his 27 a man weighed 430 kilograms! The record indicator was reached in February 1958, when with growth of 184 centimeters Hughes weighed 486 kilograms. The girth of the giant’s chest was more than three meters. During his adult life, Hughes even moonlighted as a special guest at fairs and carnivals. It was planned that he will appear in Ed Sullivan’s television program. However, these plans did not come true – because of kidney failure after an attack of measles, the man died at the age of 32 years. His coffin was the size of a piano, and on the grave they wrote that it was the heaviest man in the world.

The heaviest people

Kenneth Brumley.

This heavyweight was born in 1968. About him, the general public learned from the documentary “Channel 4” entitled “Halfton Daddy”, from the series “BodyShock”. At that time, Kenneth was the father of four children, and he weighed 468 kilograms. Every day he consumed about 30 thousand kilocalories. The program of his weight loss in the hospital limited the diet to 1200 kilocalories, but thanks to this man lost 76 kilograms in just 40 days. And before that he spent four years motionless in bed. To get him out of there, the fire brigade team was even forced to dismantle the wall of his house. Being a kid in Kenneth was average weight, he played basketball, baseball and American football, like his peers. But after moving to California at the age of 19, active sports activity stopped, and the weight began to accumulate rapidly.

The heaviest people

Michael Hebranko.

This person, suffering from an extremely severe form of obesity, was born in 1953. Thanks to staying in St. Luke’s Hospital, that in New York, Michael was able to lose weight from 411 kilograms to 90 in one and a half years! The size of his waist has decreased from 290 centimeters to 91 centimeters. And the diet and physical exercises of Richard Simmons helped in this. Such rapid weight loss was recorded in 1990, even in the Guinness Book of Records. It is worth noting that some of the fat was surgically removed. Hebranko began to appear on television, he promoted diet and exercise, was shot in advertising. However, over the next 7 years, the man again gained weight to 453 kilograms and was re-hospitalized at the Brookhaven Rehabilitation Center. In June 1999, Michael weighed already 500 kilograms. By 2012, the man added another 50 kilograms and now resides in New York.

The heaviest people

Mira Rosales.

The name of this woman not so long ago fell into the criminal chronicle. Next to her from a blow to the head died her two-year-old nephew, Eliseo Rosales. Maira herself testified that she accidentally fell on the child, simply crushing him with her body. And it is readily believed, because the body weight of a 30-year-old woman is 450 kilograms. Even transporting her to the courtroom or prison was problematic for the authorities. She can not be transported, and she needs a serious 24-hour observation of doctors, which in prison will not work. However, the subsequent examination showed that the child’s death came because of blows with a blunt object on the head. Mira herself could not even raise her hands. The injuries said that death was violent. The woman was threatened with the death penalty, but found out that the blows inflicted on his mother by his mother. Mira herself tried to protect her sister by taking charges. John Brower Minnoch (1941-1983).

This man is officially considered to be the heaviest in the world.The record of Carol Yager at 727 kilograms has not been officially confirmed. And Minnoch with an increase of 185 centimeters weighed in 1979 636 kilograms. Just to turn him in bed it took 13 people. At the peak of its mass in the body contained about 400 kilograms of fluid, as is the case with fat people. Minnokh had time to work as a taxi driver, but he was always heavy. At 22, the man weighed 181 kilograms, 25 to 317 kilograms, and 35 to 442 kilograms. Minnokh himself claimed that excess weight for him was not a hindrance, until in 1976 he began to follow a 500-calorie diet. She undermined his muscular strength and put the patient on the brink of life and death. Only hospitalization made it possible for John to lose weight to 216 kilograms in 1981. For a week, he lost 5-6 kilograms in liquid form. But after he was discharged from the hospital, Minnokh received 91 kilograms for a week. Despite the diets, at the time of death in 1983, the man weighed 363 kilograms. He had two children and Janet’s wife, who weighed only 50 kilograms.

The heaviest people

Terry Smith.

This woman weighs more than 315 kilograms. She is forced to fight overweight, because because of him an American can simply die. For example, she is suffering from severe headaches, which requires scanning the brain. But Terry simply does not fit inside the MRI unit. It has already reached the point where doctors expect to conduct research in the zoo, like a large animal. But there is no license to serve people. She herself is constantly in her bedroom in Ohio, unable to move or move. Help her husband Myron, 44 years old and the oldest daughter Naji. They feed, wash and change diapers from Terry. The woman has always been great. At the age of 7 she weighed about 50 kilograms, and in her 20s – already 252 kilograms. However, she remained active, practicing psychology for 20 years. Terry says she helped people learn how to dress, feed and wash. She could not even think that one day she would have to take care of herself too. When Terry was 32 years old, she developed severe arthritis in her lap, which practically deprived him of the opportunity to walk. Lack of exercise and led to a rapid increase in weight.

The heaviest people

Dzhambulat Hatokhov.

This boy from Kabardino-Balkaria is only 11 years old, and he already got into the Guinness Book of Records. He was born with an ordinary weight of 3 kilograms and a height of 50 centimeters. But already a year the weight of the youngster was 17 kilograms, and in two – 34. The bone age of the boy in 3 years corresponded to the seven-year development. In his 11 years he weighs already 145 kilograms. Although the doctors are concerned about such a huge mass of the child, Mom only makes a helpless gesture. There is Dzhambulat, like all children, just growing – up and to the sides. Now the boy is engaged in wrestling 5 days a week, likes to swim. He dreams of becoming an athlete and winning the Olympics. Impressive shape does not prevent the boy from remaining an ordinary man of his age – he likes fruits and chocolate, loves to read and play war. People learned about Dzhambulat in Russia thanks to his participation in numerous TV shows. And the world fame came to him after participating in the English film from the series “BodyShock” from “Channel 4”.

The heaviest people

Carol Jager (1960-1994).

Let and unofficially this woman was recognized as the thickest woman in the world and the thickest person in history. It is said that its maximum weight was 727 kilograms, but in the documents there is a figure of 544 kilograms. And this is with the growth of 170 centimeters! Since the childhood at Carol deviations in digestion were found out. She herself told that it all started because of sexual harassment of her close relative. However, there were other factors that the woman preferred to keep silent about. As a result, she eventually could not move by herself – her muscles stopped to withstand such a mass. Also, Carol went down in history as a woman who lost the greatest weight naturally. In just 3 months, she was able to lose weight by 236 kilograms. And this is without any surgeons intervention.A woman died in 1994, when she was only 34 years old. At that time, it weighed 544 kilograms. Doctors stated that death was due to renal failure, which was facilitated by pathological obesity and multiple organ failure. Buried Carol in a private cemetery, with her came to say goodbye to almost 100 people. Rosalie Bradford (1943-2006).

This woman was able to enter the Guinness Book of Records twice. First, as the most fat woman on the planet, and then, as the most heavily thin. At the age of 14, Rosalie’s weight was 92 kilograms, and a year later she weighed already 140 kilograms. The largest weight of 544 kilograms a woman reached in 1987, her growth at that time was 168 centimeters. Such a situation so oppressed Rosalie that in 1988 she tried to commit suicide with an anesthetic medication. Then she was contacted by Richard Simmons, a well-known expert in the field of extreme weight loss. Rosalie received from him a videocassette with exercises and a plan for her new diet. At first she began to clap her hands, because she could do nothing more. Thanks to a diet, she lost 190 kilograms per year. Then it was the turn to work with a physiotherapist, which reduced the weight to 226 kilograms. As a result, the total weight loss was 317 kilograms. Thanks to proper nutrition and exercise, Rosalie began to weigh 128 kilograms, having lost weight by 416 kilograms. However, the woman, delighted with the result, abandoned the diet, recovering in two years to 195 kilograms. Rosalia again regained control and lost weight to 90 kilograms. The doctor told her that of them about 30 kilograms belonged to excess skin and connective tissue. However, the operation to remove them was unsuccessful. As a result of complications Rosalie died at the age of 63 years.

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