The art of being a politician

Lieberman’s law.

All lies, but it does not matter, because nobody listens.

The sausage principle.

For those who love sausage and respect the law, it is not worth seeing how both are done.

Two political principles of Todd.

1. No matter what they tell you, they do not tell you the whole truth.

2. No matter what they say, it’s always about money.

Watergate principle.

Corruption in government is always reported in the past tense.

The Alinsky principle for radicals.

The most highly moral are usually those who are furthest from solving problems.

The Law of Miles.

The angle of view depends on the space occupied.

Russell’s law of patriotism.

Patriotism is the willingness to kill and be killed for the most insignificant reasons.

Axiom of Hermi.

It is impossible to come to a new one without getting even with the old one.

Law of Evans.

If you keep your head on your shoulders, when all around lose their own, then you simply do not understand the situation.

Rule of distortion of facts.

Moving through the instances from the bottom up, the information is distorted.

The law of delegation of Ruska.

If delegating authority to pay attention, responsibility will accumulate at the bottom, like a draft.

Price Laws.

1. Nobody will get one until one wants.

2. A person from the mass must be serviced by mass means.

3. Infectious all.

O’Brien’s law.

For reasonable reasons, nothing is done.

Glime’s success formula.

The secret of success is in sincerity. As soon as you can depict it, consider that it’s a hat.

Weyler’s law.

For a person, nothing is impossible if he does not have to do it himself.

Law of Political Applications of Parker.

The truth of any assumption has nothing to do with its plausibility, and vice versa.

The axiom of Inge.

Sheep are useless to adopt resolutions in favor of vegetarianism, while wolves hold the opposite opinion.

The principle of a sprawling oil stain.

People will react positively to any bad news, if only the scope of the catastrophe is revealed to them gradually.

Law of Galbraith on the effects of widespread fame.

Getting on the cover of the magazine “Time” guarantees that in the near future you will have opponents.

The third law of Levi.

The layer of society to which you as a liberal sympathize, inevitably turns out to be one of the most narrow-minded and limited.

The law of conservation of evil Isavi.

The total number of evils in the system is constant. Consequently, any reduction in one of the parameters – for example, a successful fight against unemployment or poverty – is accompanied by an increase in another – say, crime or atmospheric pollution.

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