Thai massage

Thai massage

is a special massage that emphasizes point impact and is practiced in Thailand.

The art of classical Thai massage was formed under the influence of the ancient culture of China and India and acquired its present form through long practice, observing the nature of the human body, by trial and error, creating a clear system of healing therapy.

Thai massage is an indecent occupation.

In our country, a stereotype has developed, according to which Thai massage, in fact, is a sexual entertainment. However, in Thailand everything is not so. This health massage has existed for 2,5 thousand years, and in the form of an erotic game – only about half a century. This interpretation was needed to entertain the American military, and later tourists. Different procedures have the same name, which leads to confusion. Ancient medical procedure, “nuad massage” means staying and the masseur and the patient in clothes, but the more “indecent” option – “body massage” is done with a naked body. However, in addition to external differences, there are also internal differences. The founder of a true Thai massage is the personal physician of the Buddha. Until recently, Europeans generally knew very little about this kind of healing, because it was cultivated in monasteries, and its bearers were Buddhist monks and imperial doctors who studied right there. But 100-150 years ago the situation changed, secular doctors were admitted to knowledge. However, Thai massage training is still conducted in the monastery, and it is necessary to master the yoga and get the primary massage skills from the master. Only the teacher can give a recommendation on the further development of the ancient techniques. Training lasts from 5 to 7 years, which is comparable with the terms of training of medical professionals in Europe. This Thai massage is a serious medical procedure with preventive goals, it does not contain indecent moments.

Thai massage is popular all over the world.

Thai massage is actively practiced in Thailand and is based on pinpoint effects. The ancient culture of India and China had a great impact on the formation of the art of classical Thai massage. The system of rehabilitation therapy, created over many centuries, now receives a wide appreciation. To create it, it took many years of practice, during which there was an active observation of the nature of the human body.

The history of Thai massage goes back to antiquity.

Dr. Shivak is recognized as the founder of the Thai massage. He was a personal physician who ruled over two millennia ago the king of India. For therapeutic purposes, Thai massage throughout its history has been used in close relationship with Thai traditional medicine. Only in 1277 was the beginning of Thai literacy, up to this point the art of Thai massage was transmitted through individual training. So, the ancient Thai massage masters handed their knowledge to the next generation. In 1832, at the monastery of Wat Pho, the first university of Thailand was opened. The walls of the temple were full of various diagrams of the lines of influence on the human body, 60 marble slabs added the necessary additional images. At the same time, 80 statues were placed on the territory of Vata Pho. They depicted different postures from yoga and stretching. Of these 80 statues, 26 are currently located on the territory of the monastery. Between 1870 and 1906, by the order of King Rama V, texts on yoga, Thai massage and Thai traditional medicine were rewritten.

There are several types of Thai massage.

The main types of this massage are two. The first type is a general Thai massage. This direction is often used for training and, of course, in practice. Close contact with the patient is a feature of the general Thai massage and its subspecies. Massage is performed by the surface of the palm and its base, thumbs. General Thai massage is impossible without the participation of forearms, the external part of the wrists, as well as the feet and knees.The second type is a royal Thai massage. This is a more complex version of Thai massage. Here are its features. Firstly, massage is carried out only with the help of the working surface of the hands. Secondly, the massaged person lies only on his back. In this case, the masseur moves on his knees one foot from the patient’s body. The main tool of massage are the thumbs. Thus, the masseur almost does not come in contact with the body of the massage. The initial stage of massage is massage of the knee, then the massage therapist moves up the legs, and only after that the foot massage is performed.

The condition of the massaged is an important moment in Thai massage.

A relaxed, calm state should be characteristic of both the person taking the massage and the person who performs it. Massage should be the only thing the masseur thinks about. Any sensation of the discomfort of a massage should immediately become a well-known masseur, the atmosphere of trust between these two persons is simply compulsory; moreover, the whole procedure of massage is carried out in accordance with the breath of both persons acting in it. The masseur should take the most careful care of providing soft transitions from one acupressure point to another. Thai massage is impossible without a certain ethic. It is extremely important to prepare for the Thai massage. The masseur must be in excellent physical condition, good mood, no extraneous thoughts should not distract him from the massage procedure, his clothes should not constrain movements. Comfortable clothes should be and at massezhiruemogo. The high quality of the mattress and the floor is also an important element in achieving the maximum effectiveness of Thai massage. A pleasant and calm environment is also absolutely necessary.

Thai massage is effective.

It helps to remove puffiness and improve blood circulation, remove toxins from the body, improve the skin condition, nervous system activity, relieve tension and relax tendons. Thai massage makes breathing deeper and more relaxed, the massage of the stomach area improves the elasticity of the digestive tract and prevents indigestion.

Thai massage has no contraindications.

This is not true. Thai massage is contraindicated in intoxication with drugs or alcohol, with infectious skin disease, with joints and muscles damaged (a certain area is not massaged), muscle inflammation, heat and some other cases. Precautions should be observed in diabetes and mild heart conditions. If the patient is very fed, then the masseur should not work on the abdominal area, and also avoid certain positions, but if the patient experiences a feeling of hunger, then before the massage you need a little and easy to eat. It should be remembered that the masseur is not a doctor, but the masseur should not create a massaged sense of discomfort.

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