When the USSR opened its borders and new post-Soviet countries began to integrate into the world cultural community, it turned out that we were hopelessly behind fashion. After all, fashion in the country existed for the elite, most of the people were dressed in what would have to, trying to choose a combination of clothing, accessories, hairstyles to their own taste.


Not surprisingly, the soon appeared stylists have become so popular. After all, it’s specialists in the field of image creation, working with clothes, hair and make-up.

However, the number of stylists quickly exceeded the required. It is not clear even who is a real professional, and who is an amateur. And their work itself is clothed with a group of myths.

Stylist order those who do not have their own taste.

Usually people with missing taste to the last hide it, refusing to invite stylists. Usually, the clients of such specialists have a sufficient taste, they know what they want to change in themselves, but there are not enough specific knowledge in coloring, types and color types. Usually, it is enough to meet with stylists, so that a person with his help picked up a perfect wardrobe and developed an individual style.

There is no need for stylists, I myself (a) know what I need.

If everything suits you in appearance, then maybe the truth is, there is no such need. However, usually those who want to change something themselves resort to stylists. It is communication with a professional that will help a person understand what needs to be changed and how best to do it. Naturally, we are not talking about professionals who simply need to look good – politicians, television stars, actors, etc.

The rich people use the stylists.

So it was before, on a wave of interest in the emerged only new specialists, now the wave of excitement has fallen and prices have become much more accessible. Today, you can recommend stylist services to those who want to occupy a higher position, to receive a large salary or to start rotating in the higher circles. After all, for everything, it’s just necessary to look decent, because they meet by clothes. It is the appearance and clothes that are a serious statement about the level of claims. You can come to the interview job as a cleaner in a T-shirt and shorts, but this kind is unacceptable if you want to get the place of a top manager. Unless your credibility and professionalism will be able to drown out the negative impression of a bad appearance. And on a pretentious or glamorous party, a poorly dressed person will not attract attention.

Stylists recommend exceptionally expensive things from collections of branded fashion designers.

Many argue as follows: “In a dress from D @ G for $ 10,000, any will look good.” It must be understood that a person must decide for himself in which way he will be most comfortable, but the stylists already with the help of styles and colors will help realize the idea so as to emphasize all the advantages as much as possible. But it’s up to the client to decide what to buy. However, experts advise in the wardrobe after all have a few expensive things, they can be needed when it will be necessary to make an impression. For men, this is at least one suit, several ties and shirts, and also good shoes. For women – a skirt, pants, jacket, a few blouses and a cocktail dress. It’s just an indispensable arsenal of clothes for a man who, according to the service, communicates with wealthy and meaningful people.

Clients of stylists are extremely busy people.

Often this is really true. After all, it’s people who value time, they know that they want to eventually get, who and how they will help in this. With the help of stylists, they will be able to impress potential partners, subordinates and employees. Likewise, they also rely on domestic workers for their homework, and children for nannies, in order to free up time for rest or other things. However, one can not consider such a statement as a dogma.Many people turn to stylists to find out just how to look better, without being too busy and pursuing special goals.

The stylist needs to pay constantly, which hits the wallet.

The standard communication with the stylist is like this – you tell how you see yourself and what you want to change in yourself. The stylist also determines the color range, styles and type, and also advises the things that are most suitable. Next, the client himself gets his clothes with the information received, usually one-time consultations are enough for independent selection of wardrobe in the future.

The stylist is only needed to raise your own prestige – to boast of this fact before your friends.

If there is nothing more to boast about, then you can probably boast and stylist. However, often my friends notice changes in appearance: “Have you lost weight? Have you got a new fan? You look rested!”. Tell them about what helped the stylist – everyone’s business. The secret is precisely in the work of this specialist – properly chosen makeup, hair and set of clothes of the right color and style.

The ridiculous idea is that you will have to wear clothes that another person likes.

A stylist who advises everyone to wear the same thing, what he likes himself is like a doctor who diagnoses all patients with the same diagnosis. You should immediately protect yourself from visits by both such a doctor and such a stylist. A true specialist never single-handedly defines a person’s style. Undoubtedly you need a personal meeting, during which you can jointly determine what needs to be changed and what to leave, which image will be preferable and comfortable. The stylist will be able to tell the styles that will emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings, taking into account the wishes, will select the color range. In this case, will take into account the client’s type, its shape and, of course, the wishes and preferences. The stylist should advise and help, and not impose.

Shoppers and buyers are essentially the same, these are the same stylists.

The profession of shoppers is the purchase of clothing. Usually these people know where and what you can buy and the approximate prices for these goods. Shoppers often have the knowledge of color and stylistics. But buyers buy shoes and clothes for boutiques and shops. Their task is to visit foreign boutiques, choose from them a collection of interest (new or current) and the subsequent order.

Already a wedding dress, then every girl is able to choose herself, without resorting to the help of a wedding stylist.

Not so long ago, few people heard about hairdressers and make-up artists who specialize specifically on wedding hairstyles and makeup. Few people thought about the fact that such services will be in demand. Today, 30-50% of brides use these services. A similar situation in this market occurred with photo and video operators, the toastmaster. The fashion is set by innovative people who try to organize their own celebration as professionally as possible. Entering the fashion are visiting ceremonies, unusual salutes. The bride, over whom the wedding stylists have worked, including picked her a dress, will clearly stand out, her friends will want to look just as good. Similarly, the services of other professionals in the creation of a wedding ceremony will be in demand. After all, each bride wants a private wedding, but an unforgettable and beautiful celebration. In this, and will help wedding stylists.

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