Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling is a thin, but very strong fabric or film, stretched on a specially prepared frame. Ideally, the design is just as perfectly flat as the usual hard ceiling. Stretch ceilings can be seamless or fabric. Sewn is a film of PVC, such designs are also called French stretch ceilings. The fact is that they first appeared in this country.

Among the many materials and coatings, stretch ceilings still stand out. The fact is that they can fit into any interior, even the most pretentious. You can create a ceiling “suede” or make it glow, recreate a starry sky above your head or apply a child’s drawing. There can be a great variety of flowers in general. So it’s worth choosing a stretch ceiling for your taste and color, drawing attention to the interior features. However, this successful material is far from being used by all, and many myths are to blame for this.

Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings contain harmful substances, so their presence in the room is hazardous to health.

When creating such a design, PVC film is used, with a thickness of 0.15 to 0.25 mm. In itself such a material of dangerous impurities does not contain and is not capable of causing allergies. It should also be taken into account that such a ceiling is not subject to electrification. This means that it will not stick to dust and microscopic ticks living in it. Another advantage of stretch ceilings is their immunity to odors and moisture. After installing such a design, you can forget about the hryvnia. After all, the film does not accumulate nutrients for the growth of bacteria elements. If there are concerns that the fungus starts to multiply under the film, which is considered the main disadvantage of stretch ceilings, then before installing the structure it must be pretreated with copper sulfate. This will prevent fungi from multiplying.

Stretch ceilings are unreliable, they can be damaged even by a stopper from champagne.

In addition, over time, they will sag. This opinion has nothing to do with reality. Stretch ceiling is a cloth, made from a very strong polymer, taking into account the specific dimensions of the room. At the same time the material is so strong that its area of ​​1 square meter can withstand weight up to 100 kilograms. Thanks to the stretch ceiling, the flooding from the side of the neighbors from above is not terrible. What is there to talk about a cork of champagne, accidentally soared up. From her stretched ceiling nothing will be. It should be noted that the stretch ceiling is made individually for each room, taking into account its exact dimensions. Before fixing the stretch ceiling in a baguette or special profile fixed around the perimeter of the room, the temperature in the room is brought to the boundaries of 60-70 degrees by heat guns. Due to such conditions, the material becomes very flexible and can be stretched. In this state, it is put into a baguette. When the canvas cools, it begins to taper, which leads to its tension, like a string. It is impossible to hang under normal conditions such a ceiling.

Stretch ceilings can not be placed in children’s rooms.

In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. After stretch ceilings in children’s – this is an excellent opportunity to create a really interesting design. On the fabric you can place an unusual picture, which will make the personal space of the baby fascinating, bright and unique. Opponents of the installation of stretch ceilings in the nursery explain their point of view by the fact that the material used is allegedly fragile and harmful to health. But these myths were already debunked above. Conversely, PVC materials used in the production do not accumulate dust, and therefore ticks, which are dangerous for the child. And the strength of such ceilings is sufficient to withstand the hit of a ball or other toys of a restless kid.

Over time, the ceiling will lose its color and fade.

It is logical to assume that under the influence of sunlight, or more precisely – ultraviolet, the colors will burn with time. But that’s why any well-known manufacturer of stretch ceilings adds a special substance – ultraviolet-stabilizer – to the face layer of their cloths. This additive is quite expensive and in many respects it determines the high cost of the price of the canvas. But thanks to her canvases do not react to sunlight and do not change their shade under the influence of time. Even in the guarantee for ceilings, they write not only about the quality of welded seams, but also about the invariability of the color of the canvas. But if you try to save money and choose a cheap option, then it is very likely that the ceiling will eventually fade. But this is also not the worst option – the surface in general can acquire a strange and obviously unexpected shade.

The stretch ceiling can only be straight and one-level.

Such a statement has long been untrue. The fact is that modern ceiling systems allow creating multi-level stretch ceilings of different shapes. It can be a wave, a sphere, and a dome. Just think about it, but is it appropriate for this room? Is it possible to fulfill all the wishes of the customer in this area at all? That’s why sometimes it will be superfluous to help the interior designer, so that he helped determine the ideal design of the ceiling, taking into account the style in which the room is decorated.

Stretch ceilings look cheap.

Such a myth appeared together with the appearance of this construction. And its occurrence is easy to explain. The fact is that in those days the choice of material was very limited. On the network, there were only two options – gray matte and white gloss. Yes, they are in demand today in interiors, however for creation of stylish premises already from what to choose.

Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings are very expensive.

In the pursuit of a flat ceiling, the banal plaster remains far behind. Today, the ball is being ruled by new technologies and materials. The main competitor for stretch ceilings is plasterboard. But even it, for all its cheapness, will cost 10-20% more. So stretch ceilings should be considered a fairly cheap solution.

Stretch ceilings condense the moisture, resulting in the bathroom they appear on the divorce.

What is steam? It is distilled water, which is devoid of any impurities or salts. So when it dries on the ceilings, no traces can appear and can not.

Stretch ceilings unpleasant smell.

Many people are afraid to install such structures in the same children’s rooms because of an unpleasant smell. However, it is only present for the first few days after installation, and then disappears. Similarly, for some time, there is a smell in the room after the vinyl wallpaper is pasted. But nobody is afraid to use them. Meanwhile, for such wallpaper, and for stretch ceilings using the same material – PVC.

The suspended ceilings have poor sound insulation.

For those who are concerned about good sound insulation, there are special options for stretch ceilings. They know how to extinguish sound vibrations.

There is a noticeable seam near the stretch ceilings.

There is no escape from the presence of a seam on some structures. But in practice it will be a subtle thread that will not attract attention. But with its help, if desired, you can successfully divide the ceiling into numerous sections.

On the stretch ceiling, the seam is the weakest point.

Some are not only afraid of the appearance of the seam, but also believe that it is here that the ceiling can fall apart. Only now, as a result of the soldering of the canvas, a very strong seam is obtained. This operation is carried out using a high frequency current on special machines. The best manufacturers give a guarantee in 10 years on the safety of welded seams of a stretch ceiling.

On the perimeter of the ceiling put a plastic cap, which spoils the aesthetic appearance.

There are several ways to fix tension ceilings. It will be possible to use a zero-slip mounting system. In it plastic plugs are not used, and hence the appearance will be much more aesthetic.

Stretch ceilings are not durable.

Although manufacturers specify the service life of such surfaces in 10-12 years, the usual service life can still reach 20 and 30 years. So stretch ceilings refer to durable materials.

It is better to use fabric ceilings that are environmentally cleaner.

In fact, in this issue, both the fabric and the PVC version are completely equivalent and are allowed for use in living quarters. The properties of PVK and danger have already been mentioned above. The fabric ceiling is a polyester fabric impregnated with polyurethane. So about the naturalness, which is emphasized by unscrupulous sellers, one can not speak. And how can it be a breathable and environmentally friendly waterproof fabric impregnated with polyurethane. Based on the composition of fabric ceilings and their characteristics, we can safely say that they are clearly not made of cotton.

Seamless tension ceilings are stronger than film ones in 15 times.

To make a correct comparison, you need to know the exact tensile strength and elongation at break for PVC and for fabric. The question is why this strength is evaluated. Usually it is used to evaluate the possibility of the ceiling to protect us from the flood from above. Although the fabric ceilings are fairly strong, the fabric does not differ by elasticity. As a result, with a large accumulation of water, the ceiling will not break, but will simply be torn from the fastening profile. The water will be in the room, but the re-installation of the fabric ceiling will be impossible. But the ceiling of PVC behaves differently. The film is not only strong, but also very elastic. As a result, under the influence of a large mass of water, it will sag, like a large bubble. But all the water will remain above the ceiling.

Stretch ceiling

When installing a stretch ceiling, the heat gun warms up the room, which will cause a thermal shock to the furniture and anything that could not be taken out.

First of all, it should be noted that fabric ceilings are generally installed without the use of heat guns. From the canvas in a wide roll, a piece of the right size is simply cut off, and then it is cut out already in the room itself, taking into account the protrusions and corners. It remains only to fix the ceiling in the mounting baguette. But in the case of PVC, heat is actually produced. Only not the whole room, but the ceiling itself. So no heat shock furniture, doors, frames or laminate will not experience. But it will be better to remove the plants from the room, since they may not like the temperature drop.

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