Starting a business

No matter how sad it is to realize, life constantly proves that many of us can not do business in principle. There are people who are quite comfortable behind their workplace, knowing that the decision is made for them by their superiors. But to avoid accusations of inferiority, many myths have been created that prove why it is so difficult to take their fate and their loved ones into their own hands.

Starting a business

Quite naturally, such stories are distributed among the maximum number of loved ones. Children are taught from childhood that the business is terrible and difficult, in the family circle the evil sharks of big business are being discussed. Yes, and sipping a beer in front of the TV together with colleagues is so easy to discuss the boss, noticing all his weaknesses. Is there a chance for such people to move from discussions in companies and forums to the present case?

It’s hard to say, but in this article we will try to help those who decided to drop prejudices and shake themselves from the unwillingness to develop and engage in business. With many of the things listed below, you can and should argue, but still the practice may be somewhat different. But still it is worth clearing your mind of superfluous myths, because own business is not so scary as it is considered.

The organization of an independent small business is very complex.

Many of those who would like to start their own business pass right before an insoluble obstacle – a difficult initial stage of discovery. Scare and hours of waiting for permission to register at least as a private entrepreneur, and a lot of necessary information, and the already familiar to us all bureaucracy. But such a myth is quite easy to dispel – it is necessary to turn to those who have already registered themselves as an individual entrepreneur. In fact, the whole procedure usually fits into 1 day, you just need to know the sequence of actions and the necessary documents. It is only necessary to properly prepare for such a responsible step. In addition, there are companies that can take part of the work to provide and complete the necessary documents.

To start a business, you need an initial capital.

This myth will not be so easy to destroy, because even many experienced businessmen believe that without a large amount of money, one should not start. After all, that’s how they started themselves. But there is another side to the coin. You can listen to those who managed to reach heights by risking their own or someone else’s money, and those who went bankrupt. Especially this opinion will be useful given that one successful entrepreneur accounts for nine of those who pay up to now their debts left over from a failed start. For beginners it is the start from scratch that will be the only true option for starting a business. After all, failures are so frequent – in novices they reach 95%. The minimum of initial investments will allow you to calmly abandon an unsuccessful business and to do another, third. Be sure, in the end you will succeed. Of course, it will be necessary to fill your own bumps and commit mandatory for inexperienced mistakes. Only having studied all the underwater current of business, one can already think about expanding its business by investing capital. At the initial stage, one should invest only brains and free time. If one of them is not enough, then no money can not plug holes in the newly built business – it will inevitably collapse.

To start a business, you need an original idea.

Everyone who starts to start their own business, frantically looking for some original idea, which will immediately achieve success. Myth is so strong that there are dozens of websites on the Internet that offer such unique ideas (sometimes not for free). As a result, smart, talented and probably active people, instead of doing business directly, sit at the monitors, searching among the tons of information for the very grain of an idea that will lead to wealth. People believe that it is enough to find something original, as most of the success will already be achieved. And you do not have to do anything – the whole idea will do it.We must only carefully watch that no one stole it. Being at the stage of finding ideas, you should think about this. The usual business, which is surrounded by competitors, solves only one task – it is necessary to force a potential buyer to buy non-unique goods at home. It does not look particularly difficult. But for a unique business there are immediately a few questions. We need to find those who are interested in this unique product, to convince them that their problem is unique and requires just such a solution. Yes, and that the problem is generally solved, one has to convince. The buyer must be convinced that his unique product or service can help his problems, to prove that there is nothing like that on the market. In the end, it remains to convince the client to make a purchase. This series of actions is difficult even for huge corporations. Not everyone can afford to be unusual. For example, in 1992, Apple began to produce the world’s first Apple Newton handheld computer with handwriting recognition functions. It would seem – a revolutionary idea! However, the market simply was not ready for such advanced technologies. As a result of low demand, the project incurred losses and was closed. Forming demand and satisfy it, as it turned out, are two completely different types of activities. Assess how great your chances are, as a beginner, to create at home something that the world has not seen before? They are close to zero, we will be frank, as well as the chances that the invention will be implemented in the masses. But in case there is a persistent feeling that this is the business of your entire life, of course, it is worth doing this without listening to outside advice. Just prepare yourself and your loved ones to spend on your project of all your personal time and all available means.

Business idea can steal.

Someone who seriously believes in this statement is 100% new to the business. Anyone who has worked for more than 1 year is already full of genius and unique ideas. Only here the funds for their implementation, people and time is sorely lacking. At the same time, all these ideas are directly tied to the already existing business. Who needs someone else’s abstract ideas found somewhere, even for money? It is worth considering that the most brilliant business idea will not bring profit if its implementation is poor. And the shot can be the simplest and the most unattractive, if an experienced businessman takes over for it. That is why in the naked form of the idea there is nothing and there is absolutely no point in stealing their meaning.

In business, there is nothing to do without special knowledge.

Do not be afraid of thousands of graduates from various business schools, academies and economic universities. Often, special knowledge does not allow them to open even a small kiosk. In this case, multimillion-dollar companies are created by people who are generally uneducated. This shows that in business, it is not knowledge itself that is important, but an understanding of the essence of its processes, coupled with experience. But is it possible in any university to learn experience or buy a book that will definitely help to succeed in business? Something about this no one has heard. If special knowledge is needed to solve specific problems, then the labor market is full of unemployed graduates of the same business schools. They will always take on narrow-profile tasks for the monthly salary.

In the market, everything is already seized, there are not and there will be no free markets, no niches available.

There are also markets. And niches with a very high level of competition. But there you can always get competitors to make room, if you can offer at least comparable level of service, quality and comfort. Most of the markets are generally open and available, waiting for new participants.

The main thing is the correct registration and execution of documents.

On the one hand, you can not refuse logic. When registering, all nuances should be envisaged, following all rules. Otherwise, unpleasant complications may occur in the future. However, we will put the question differently – should we rush into registering at all? Some believe that there is no need to hurry.Moreover, that later you will register as an LLC or IP, the better it will be for business and for you personally. In order not to be so scary, let’s make some explanations. The goal of any business is to get its owner profit. It is possible to ask a simple question – only whether the registered business can bring money? It becomes clear that you can earn money by cooperating with other organizations, using as their basis for printing and forms, settlement accounts and human resources, equipment and warehouses. Acting in this way, you will prepare for the discovery in the end of your own business, significantly increasing its chances of survival and further development.

You need a business plan.

This myth is supported by those who make money on writing and preparing business plans. It is for such people that organizations benefit from cultivating such an opinion. For a beginner, any business plan is a utopia, which, most likely, never will come. If no other sales have been implemented, and business consists only of ideas, then the only thing worth writing about is the business of competitors. Yes, yes, it’s about them. It is necessary to study all their weak points in order to turn them into strengths of their own business. If customers already have, as well as the first trial sales, then you just need to determine the desired income bar, correlating it with the necessary sales level. We should not forget about expenses. That’s the whole business plan for the near future.

If there was money, I would turn around.

Of course, with an abundance of money, almost everyone can start their own business. But what to do when the money suddenly runs out? Yes, and usually begin their business just those who have no money yet.

You need your room or warehouse.

Although there is no exact data, it seems that a significant part of entrepreneurs are ruined precisely because they started their business from renting their own premises, office or warehouse. But in fact by itself this fact will not increase the number of clients. Therefore, you should not step on these rakes, you have to start earning, using the premises for which you do not have to pay. Even if it’s your own apartment. To give a part of the profit to the lessor will be possible already when there will be a stable profit. This myth about the necessity of own premises is part of the following, stating that the image is the main thing.

The main thing for a businessman is his image.

Image can not become the beginning of a businessman’s career, but its end. As soon as you start buying something that is not necessary to work directly, but to make an impression on someone, you can immediately stop the business. Yes, a tuxedo, a cigar and an office in the city center can create the illusion that life has succeeded. But such an impression will develop not only from partners and customers, but also from yourself and your employees. Imminently there will be an undesirable relaxation, which in a moment will affect the quality of the work. Where to hurry, if so everything is already there? What will lead to such an attitude is obvious. In fairness, we note that in some areas of the premium business without expensive accessories really can not do. It is difficult to sell expensive goods or services to wealthy people without showing your status and that your offer is in demand in this segment. But this is only an exception, which only confirms the rule, and not a myth.

All businessmen are greedy, here not to wait for help or free advice.

This statement seems to say that generous and helpful helpers are just hired employees who will not even take money for their help. However, the experience of communicating with entrepreneurs showed that among them really there are uncommunicative and sullen people. Only these are the minority. Absolute majority willingly shares their knowledge and experience, without revealing, of course, trade secrets. Only here usually nobody asks to share experience, making requests for immediate money, at least by selling something unnecessary.When a businessman refuses, a label of greedy is attached to him.

This list of misconceptions is far from complete, from all that have spread in the minds of our compatriots. If you find that one of them has settled firmly in your mind, then immediately they must be uprooted, so that the roots do not go deeper. The most correct decision will be to start business itself. Myths and illusions quickly collapse, confronting reality. In the end, nothing will prevent us from perceiving the world around us as it really is.

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