Socks (everyday names “pantnik”, “cheese”) – short stockings that do not reach the knee. A paired fabric garment intended for the feet of a person. Socks are usually made of cotton, wool, nylon or synthetic fabrics. Socks can be knitted or crocheted, factory-made or handmade. To make socks is made a lot of effort, because the fact that the material is poorly stitched.


Socks are used for a more comfortable positioning of the lower parts of the legs in the shoe and preventing premature wear, in cold weather – also for keeping heat, sometimes also used in rooms without shoes. Previously, for this purpose, often used footcloths, but at the moment socks took the dominant role in this niche.

The best colors of socks for a classic suit are dark blue, dark gray, dark green and black, that is, darker than the color of the costume. Also, socks are in stripes, cages, etc. However, they are better worn with sports pants or jeans, as not all socks will fit a strict suit.

Socks – a trifle, unworthy of attention.

This is not the case, especially if you like to sit with your feet crossed (in this position, you give the opportunity to others to make the most complete impression of how carefully you are treating the choice of certain elements of your clothing). Remember: in order to make the best impression on the employer, the boss and employees, the beloved girl and her parents (usually extremely attentive to the little things), you should carefully select all the details of your wardrobe, including socks. Do not choose your socks in bright colors, colored, with pictures or inscriptions (the symbolism of sports companies is appropriate only in combination with a sports suit or appropriate footwear).

The most comfortable socks are synthetic.

Perhaps, these socks are the cheapest, but hardly the most comfortable. After all, these socks poorly absorb moisture, causing a rather unpleasant smell from constantly sweating feet. Such socks can also cause allergies, which does not at all contribute to comfortable sensations from wearing them. The most optimal are socks consisting of 5% elastane, no more than 20-25% of polyamide and 70-75% of cotton. They are most durable, comfortable and not harmful to health.

Silk socks will suit any business suit!

This opinion is erroneous. Silk socks are worn only under the coat, with any other clothes they are not to be combined.

All socks often have to be pulled up, and if the elastic band is too tightly attached to the foot – unpleasant sensations are inevitable.

In order to avoid this effect, look for socks with an anatomical rubber band (there should be an appropriate badge on the package). It is this (wide double) elastic that is most convenient – it reliably holds the toe on the foot, while leaving no trace and no surviving vessels.

Under a business suit I can wear socks of any height.

In fact, the socks should be high, so that in the position of “foot on foot” your interlocutor did not have the pleasure to contemplate your lower leg.

The color of socks does not matter.

The color of the socks must match the overall tone of the trousers (you can choose a lighter or darker tone), but be slightly lighter than the shoe. For a business suit, calm, neutral tones are recommended (by no means white!). Socks of a brighter, cheerful coloring (and white in this case are also quite appropriate) will suit sportswear or clothes for rest.

Color and condition of socks can not characterize a man as a person.

And here you are – you can very much! Particularly inclined to trust information about the consistency of color and condition of socks and certain character traits of a male member of the weaker sex.Therefore, keep in mind that, according to research:
– Socks “cheerful” colors (in peas, in a box, in a rhombus, excessively bright) is preferred by a relaxed and very sociable man, somewhat unstable in his hobbies;
– Socks with an exotic pattern (dogs, elephants, snowmen, etc.) characterize a person who is indifferent to his appearance, accustomed to obey his mother in everything that prefers making important decisions to entrust to another person (most often a mother or wife);
– Black (gray or brown) socks are usually preferred by a conservative who is either indifferent to his appearance (if his socks are too worn or worn with white shoes), or vice versa, he is overly attentive to his image (if his socks are new);
– People who do sports often choose socks (they can also prefer socks with sports symbols), as well as some businessmen who want to prove to others that they have a refined taste;
– Red socks – such a man seems calm and balanced, but even a trifling reason can cause him to lose his temper for a long time;
– Socks are scattered in different corners of the room – the man is sloppy and sloppy, nesobran and inattentive;
– Socks are connected in nodules in pairs – in front of you is a hidden and slightly hypochondriac person. At the same time, this person always brings to the end the business he started and appreciates his time;
– Smoothed socks are a sign of either “mama’s son” or a person who is overly observant of order and cleanliness.

The best socks are expensive.

This is not a correct opinion. Sometimes domestic firms are quite capable of producing socks of good quality, of the appropriate kind and at quite reasonable prices. The only difficulty is finding such a product in a supermarket among not quite high-quality or unreasonably expensive products of both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Where I put socks, it does not matter.

Perhaps, if you are a convinced bachelor who never allows the presence of women in your apartment. If you decide to start a romantic relationship, you will have to get out of the habit of poking dirty socks anywhere, since they are one of the most annoying elements for a woman. Therefore, the subject of your wardrobe, accidentally discovered by the chosen one in the battery, next to the TV, in a flowerpot, in the gap between the wall and the sofa, under the mattress or under the pillow may well be the reason if not the break in relations, then at least a serious scandal or an unpleasant conversation.

Socks can only be used for their intended purpose.

As the experience of resourceful citizens suggests, this is not entirely true. This garment has found wide application in the country (as a material for tying tomatoes and plugging holes in the wall or floor), and some ingenious urban residents use socks (and sometimes family pants) as a “safe” to store savings and stash.

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