Sociology’s morphology

The basic principle of sociogenetics.

Superiority tends to decline.

The initial principle of socioeconomics.

In the hierarchical system, remuneration of labor is directly proportional to the attractiveness and ease of the work performed.

Sartre’s remark.

Hell is not for me.

Zappa’s Law.

Only two things on Earth are universal: hydrogen and stupidity.

The Law of Dykstra.

Everyone is destined for someone.

Meyer’s Law.

In many situations, what is most difficult, you need to do.

Young’s principle of individualism.

Everyone wants to peel off their banana.

Second Law of the Kogan.

People are usually divided into righteous people and sinners, but the righteous share them.

The rules of renunciation.

People who are inclined to resist change, do not tend to resist change for the worse.

The Thyssen Art Act.

As a rule, the death of an artist is an indispensable prerequisite for his greatness.

Kent’s law on the weather.

Never change your plans because of the weather.

Python’s principle of morality of behavior.

There is nothing wrong with showing sex on TV, until, of course, this does not work for you.

Livingstone’s laws on fat.

1. Fat has the ability to expand so much as to fill any clothes that you wear.

2. The full man walks in the middle of the corridor.


Two full people walk side by side regardless of whether they are familiar with each other or not.

Law of Arrival.

He who lives nearest to all comes last.

Zadra Biomechanics Law.

The desire to achieve something is inversely proportional to the limit of the possible.

Shirley’s Law.

Most people stand for each other.

Thomas’s law on conjugal bliss.

The length of the marriage is inversely proportional to the cost of the wedding.

The rule of sleeping in one bed.

He who snores falls asleep first.

Laws of Gillenson (with no sex).

1. Do not pay attention to the sound of the voice of a stranger who has given you a date.

2. Do not pay attention to how a person looks from behind.

Logical premises of Kowward.

Any probability is 50%, that is, it is likely that something will happen or not.

Absolute Comment of Kowward.

This is especially true when it comes to women.

Commentary Grelba on the premise of Kowward.

The probability, however, is 90% against you.

The first principle of self-determination.

You yourself become like what you fought against.

Coleridge Law.

Extremes are encountered.

The second principle of Fainberg.

Memory is the servant of one’s master.

The last law of robots.

Only mistakes made by a person are real errors.

The third law of Young.

Only after you stumble on your own shoes, start to clean them.

First law of Burr.

Watching, you can see a lot.

The second law of Berra.

A half-drunk person is inclined to be not loved.

Second law of Perslug.

Whatever is going on, it happens.

Maxim Medodow.

You can not climb the rope, pushing it away.

The law of Oppenheimer.

There is no such thing as instantaneous experience.

DiSimoni’s rule about cognition.

Believing is to see.

The Siddhart Principle.

You can not cross the river in two steps.

Statement of Lord Belfour.

Much does not mean much in life, and something does not matter at all.

Farmer’s credo.

Perebesis on the night of Saturday, then on Sunday pray that the sown seeds do not rise.

The principle of Ruby.

The likelihood of meeting a friend increases, if you are in a society of a person next to whom would not like to be shown to anyone’s eyes.

Shita’s Complaint.

If you helped a friend in need, he will necessarily remind you – when he gets into trouble again.

Law of Denniston.

Virtue is your own punishment.

Consequence of Denniston.

If you have ever done something good, someone will ask you to do it again.

Bloch’s comment.

Denniston’s investigation is well applicable to the saying: “Good deeds never go unpunished.” The law of Denniston implies something more.

Mason’s first law on synergies.

On the day you sell your soul for something, you will realize that the soul is an excess.

Ron’s comments on the young men.

1. Acne appears just before the date.

2. Scratch on the record is always where your favorite song is recorded.

The first postulate of Pardo.

All the good things in life are either illegal, or immoral, or lead to obesity.

Steinkopf’s supplement to the first postulate of Pardo.

Likewise, good things in life … cause cancer in experimental mice and are subject to incredible taxes.

Jacobs Law.

Man is prone to make mistakes. Making a mistake is humane. But to shift the error to another is even more humane.

Law of Medera.

Whatever happens to you, it happened to others earlier, but in a stronger form.

The Law of Bondage.

The one who laughs last may not have caught the joke.

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