Slot machines

Slot machines have become an indispensable attribute not only of the casino, but they themselves literally went out into the street. Until recently, you could see these devices in underground passages, at bus stops, in bars.

Naturally, the logic of gaming machines is aimed at losing the player, which means that he is looking for an excuse for himself, coming up with various fables. Many people do not even realize that they do not work with old mechanical devices, but with the latest electronic equipment. Therefore, we debunk the most popular among the players myths about vending machines.

If there are warm coins in the tray, this means that they have been in the machine for a long time, which means that the player is ready for the player to win.

Also, the high temperature of the machine indicates an early big win. Indeed, among the players there are some who are trying to figure out for which machine to sit, measuring to the touch its temperature. In fact, heating occurs due to the work of electronics and mechanics, as well as lighting. The only thing that can be understood is how long the device worked, but there is no information about the chances of winning the temperature. After all, the random number generator (RNG) neither time nor temperature has any effect, but it determines the probability of success.

Slot machines

If the player leaves the machine, which he could not win for a long time, he is ready for an early loss, he is “warm”, but if the machine twice gave a win in a row, it will soon become “cold”, it is better to stop on it to play.

This myth is the most common, it is no accident that many believe in it and even try to use unsophisticated players. In fact, the RNG produces random numbers that have nothing to do with previous results, so a successful or not a series does not affect future events in any way.

Each automaton has its own cycles, all possible variants are rotated in it in a certain order.

This myth complements the previous one. The work of the RNG is constructed in such a way that no cycles occur, and the results are strictly random. Nobody can say on the basis of previous values ​​what the result will be afterwards.

The probability of winning on a gaming machine can be calculated by any mathematician, and hence the results can not be random.

To debunk this myth is not to confuse the concept, and read about the mathematical expectation. The percentage of loss of a successful variant is and is the mathematical expectation, the result of which depends on the reamining of the reels and the pay table. Each separate result of a spin and a game session is strictly random, and the average version is realized only at a distance of several million spins.

The player sits down for the machine from which you just left and won!

So he stole your jackpot? RNG gaming machine generates numbers continuously, the number of combinations per second reaches several million. When the player presses the start button, then specific numbers are selected. Hardly would you run the game in the same millisecond as the lucky one. It’s impossible to guess this moment, especially since you could not do this in the previous hours, although happy moments arose repeatedly during the game.

Slot machines

Casino can regulate what payments will be given to the gaming machine.

If a technician recently approached a machine, you should not play on it. And after a big win, the technician is tuned by a specialist, so that this does not happen. On the weekend, the same casinos are specially tightened with automatic weapons, as there will be a high attendance. Following this myth, the casinos are playing a dishonest game, so it’s worthwhile to look for a good time to approach the machines. However, few people know that it is not so easy to reprogram the machine. To do this, it must be turned off, get the board, reflash the microcircuit in it, check the operability and then return everything back. By the way, in most countries such actions are considered illegal. Manufacturers of machines, investing interest payments in them, usually do not provide for the possibility of changing this parameter.

A casino can influence the win or loss of a specific player.

If you see that a person is nervous, they can “throw” a small win, encouraging him to continue the game. Also a big win can be thrown at a large player, stimulating his further appearance in the casino. This myth partly repeats the previous one, so its debunking is built on the old principles: 1) The results of the win are determined exclusively by the RNG. 2) The casino has no right to interfere with the operation of the machine. Naturally, all this applies to decent institutions, both online and offline.

In the bonus game the outcome is known in advance, so that the player does not depend on anything.

Even before the game there are winnings on the “boxes”, it is of an accidental nature. Again, this applies to proven vendors, for example, there are suspicions about the randomness of bonus games on AWP machines.

The computer of the gaming machine understands when the bet is large, and when small, forming a percentage of payments.

According to this myth, the computer simply does not allow to win big bets, giving out a successful outcome to small bets. Naturally, the computer understands what stake it has got, but the algorithm for generating the result does not depend on its size. In the gaming machine there is one paytable and one layout, so the algorithm is implemented. The only thing worth noting is that in many machines, the main winnings are increased if a large number of coins play, but this is displayed on the paytable.

Slot machines

You can win at a certain betting system.

No betting system can change the mathematical expectation of a game, only variance (or fluctuations in results) can change. No slot that has a negative expectation can be made positive by simply changing the size of the bet.

Employees of the gaming hall know what kind of machine is “hot” and can, with a certain arrangement, throw a win.

This is possible only if the casino is unclean, then the employees will be aware of what is happening, otherwise the RNG manages everything. Therefore, it is better not to play in obscure places, where machine guns can wind a payout percentage lower than usual.

There are certain rituals that allow you to increase the chances of winning.

These include the insertion of coins into the machine solely by the upper part, the use of coins with a certain temperature, the dynamics of pressing the start button, etc. But does all this somehow affect the RNG algorithm? Equally, the generator does not care whether you have a horseshoe, or a hare’s foot or a special clover leaf. The soulless electronics gives the result, despite human prejudices. Actually, those are the attractive arcade machines that give a person the opportunity to believe in luck, in the fact that she is about to smile at him.

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