Signs about the weather


refers to the association of constantly changing meteorological elements and atmospheric phenomena observed in a certain place. If the concept of “climate” refers to the average state of the atmosphere over a period, then “weather” is the current state of affairs.

Weather plays an important role in human life, affecting even the history. It is enough only to recall the migration of peoples, strong winds were destroyed by mighty armadas. People try as it is possible to study nature in order to be able to predict weather changes. Predictions as to whether tomorrow it will be warm or cold, whether it will rain or the sun will shine, is thousands of years old.

But on a scientific basis they began to be made only from the nineteenth century. We criticize the weather forecasters for their mistakes, but still listen and study weather forecasts. In addition, there are a lot of famous people’s signs about the weather, some of which are still nothing more than a myth.

If there are few stars in the sky, it will soon rain.

According to this belief, a lot of stars in the night sky say that the coming day will certainly be sunny. A small number of them indicates the coming rain. In fact, this is not entirely true. The fact is that the absence of stars in the sky speaks only of the fact that there are clouds in the sky. Yes, this may to some extent mean future precipitation, but it is impossible to consider such a phenomenon as an unambiguous criterion. After all, the clouds move rather quickly, and by morning they may simply not remain.

Signs about the weather

If the morning sky is red, then this is a warning for the sailor. And the red sky in the evening is a good signal.

This myth has been living since the time of the Bible, Shakespeare wrote about this. It would seem that time itself tested this sign. Nevertheless, the color of the sky can become an accurate prediction only if you watch it at the right time, for example, during the call. At this point, the red color indicates that the air contains a large amount of fine dust. This, in turn, indicates that the pressure is high and air comes from the west with stable indicators. With a high probability, this can lead to good weather.

If the leaves show their lower part, then it will rain soon.

Synoptics believe that this is usually true, although in this case it is not all trees. Here poplar has long been considered a reliable predictor. Any increase in air humidity leads to a softening of the sheet body and its subsequent eversion.

The approach of storms and cataclysms is first felt by animals, especially these dogs differ.

The fact is that some animals are more sensitive to pressure changes in the air. The sensitive hearing of the dog allows her to hear a distant rumble of thunder before her master. Scientists believe that the sensitivity of animals really allows them to respond to the coming earthquake and tsunami a few seconds earlier than a person. But the statement that dogs start to eat grass before a storm is false. This behavior can only indicate that the dog is ill or just about coincidental coincidence.

If the seabirds begin to walk on the sand, then the weather will soon deteriorate.

It is true that seabirds, feeling the approach of rain, consider it best to stay close to land. After all, they feel good pressure drops in the air. But it is not worthwhile to orient oneself entirely towards their behavior. If you notice a group of birds gathered on the beach, then the rain has most likely begun.

Signs about the weather

If the cow on the pasture has spread, then it will soon rain.

There are very ridiculous theories about what a cow does to keep its heat or dry place under itself. Some argue that the pressure drops negatively affect the appetite of cows, which is why they lie down on the ground, refusing to graze. But such knowledge is generally useful in the same way as information about the weather yesterday.

About the future changes in the weather, pain in the legs, hands, back.

Some people are confident that they can predict precipitation based on their own painful sensations in some parts of the body. This may indeed be due to the fact that the fall in atmospheric pressure leads to a slight expansion of the blood vessels. So, the approaching rain or storm has such an effect on joints, awns, muscles and sinuses. But this is just a theory to which some doctors are very skeptical.

To learn the temperature of the air, one must listen to the cricket.

There is an example that you can find out the temperature of the air in degrees Fahrenheit by counting the clicks of this insect in 14 seconds. Then another 14 should be added to the result. Although the exact formulas are constantly changing, this one remains the most popular. The most surprising thing is that this approach really works. After all, the metabolism of crickets is largely tied to weather conditions.

When a spider weaves its nets in the morning, it says good weather by day.

If an insect destroys its creation, it means it will soon rain. According to this belief, spiders anticipate the appearance of rain, escaping from cooked nets. But such a statement is rather doubtful. The fact is that the spider has enough other warnings to change its behavior when predicting future weather.

Signs about the weather

February 2 marmot tries to see its shadow.

If this happens, the winter will continue for another month and a half. This tradition has been practiced in North America for a long time. “Groundhog Day” is in America a popular holiday, which gathers a lot of people, broadcasts live TV. Only here a study of Canadian scientists showed that the use of sunlight on February 2 to determine the next weather gives only 37% of the accuracy of forecasting.

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