Shower cabin

Shower cabin

is a fenced and definitely equipped place for taking a shower, but you can not take a bath in it. This is a plumbing product with a wide variety of exterior and functions.

But before talking about the different types of shower cabins, let’s dwell on the main advantage of each of them. Any shower cabin occupies almost twice as much space as a standard bath. Accordingly, in your bathroom is freed a solid space that can be set aside for a washing machine, a washbasin, a mirror, etc.

Thus, if you do not experience every day the acute need to take a bath, but suffer from crowdedness and confusion in the bathroom, then the shower is what will save you all the inconveniences and will allow you to wash for your own pleasure.

Shower cabin

A shower is an expensive pleasure.

There is a huge choice of shower cabins these days, because for everyone there is the opportunity to choose the right size and finance. The cheapest option for a small bath is a shower enclosure consisting of a door and a pallet, and if there is good waterproofing and drain, you and the pallet do not need much. So pleasure is quite affordable.

A shower cabin can be a sauna at the same time.

This is not entirely true. After all, for example, in a Finnish bath, the air temperature should be at least eighty degrees. If you provide such heating in the shower, the plastic from which it was made would overheat excessively. If you touch it, you would certainly be burned. Therefore, in the shower cabins only a Turkish bath is made, that is, with 100% moisture vapor is heated to a temperature of forty to forty-five degrees, no more.

If there is a steam generator, a fan is not required.

No, the fan must be required. After all, its task is to create air circulation, without which, according to the laws of physics, steam from the steam generator will rise upwards, which means that the legs will be cold, and the head is excessively hot.

My shower is equipped with a real hydromassage!

This statement, alas, does not always correspond to reality. After all, in order for the massage to be real, water from the vertically positioned nozzles should not come in at the same time. First, within a few seconds – from the lowest row, then from the next, and so on up to the top. If water comes in at the same time, it’s the most ordinary shower. In addition, the massage nozzles must be pivoting, and the thickness of the jet must also be adjusted.

Massage shower can be installed in any apartment.

Unfortunately, this is not quite so, and the lack of water pressure can serve as an obstacle. Therefore, before you buy a multifunctional shower, ask the DEZ if you have enough water at home. If the head is not strong enough, you should choose a shower, where the massage works at a water pressure of 1.5 bar.

Shower cabin

The shower cabin will last a long time.

Unfortunately, not so long. After all, the cabin is made of plastic (the best quality is German), and the life of this material is about 15 – 20 years.

Transparent blind – the best.

Perhaps, in a brand new booth, such a curtain looks much more impressive, but some features of such curtains are revealed during operation. Therefore, when purchasing a shower booth, remember that droplets of water, drying up, leave a lime or rusty (depending on the quality of the pipeline) track, especially visible on transparent glass or plastic curtains. Because much more practical matte curtains, especially with a picture or imitation of droplets of water. On such blinds, the traces of drops are not so noticeable.

The smooth pallet is the most practical.

It is possible that such a pallet is easier to clean of contaminants. However, if you want your feet not to slip in soapy water, choose a tray with a pattern.

Electronics is cool!

Of course, I want to brag to my friends and my familiar shower cubicle, equipped with a telephone, radio, CD-player, DVD … But, firstly, such “bells and whistles” not everyone can afford, and secondly, in any case, first of all , you need to look at the product in general, then check the details, and only then pay attention to the pleasant additions. For example, the presence of an electronic regulator in a cheap shower should be alarming. The fact is that the quality of such electronics is likely to be quite low. Therefore, in a cheap cabin the thermostatic mixer is much more practical and will last longer.

Shower cabin

In order to choose a quality and suitable shower, you need to invite a specialist.

Undoubtedly, consultation with a specialist is the best option. However, you can also determine certain parameters of the quality and degree of correspondence of this or that shower cabin to the features of your bathroom. What is needed for this?
1) When buying a shower, take a bathroom plan with the exact dimensions. In this case, the seller-consultant will be able to offer you some of the most optimal options.
2) Remember that angled shape pallets are not always the best size. For example, in a cockpit, the sides of which are 70-80 cm you will hardly be comfortable taking a shower. In addition, it should be remembered that the larger the doors at the door, the less space inside the cabin, but at the same time the stronger the frame. By the way, when choosing a door, you need to slightly shake the frame. If it loosens easily, such a cabin is fragile and substandard.
3) When choosing doors, keep in mind that the most convenient and reliable are the roller doors. Wash the most convenient swing door, but, first, it will require a larger area, and, secondly, in 10 years you will have to change rubber gaskets. And remember that quality curtains should open and close silently.
4) The seat in the cab should be comfortable. Degree of comfort do not hesitate to check in the store: sit, spread out, as if you are in a therma.
5) Buying a multifunctional shower, prepare for the fact that the bathroom will have to be repaired. The seller must provide you with a preliminary work schedule.

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