Scandinavian auction

Electronic commerce is rapidly gaining momentum. And there are rapidly emerging as online stores, and online auctions, which enable the parties to make a deal on buying and selling without leaving home, and, moreover, at a favorable price for both parties.

The popularity of auctions is evidenced by the fact that the world’s largest eBay auction can easily acquire competitors and other Internet projects for hundreds of millions of dollars! Recently, other types of auctions, different from traditional ones, have become widespread. One of them was the Scandinavian auction.

The meaning of it is that the step of each new bet is fixed in advance, and for the right to bet the player pays a certain amount. When making a new bid, the end time of the auction is shifted. Scandinavian auctions quickly won the appeal first in Europe, and then in Russia and Ukraine. Although many still consider this a veiled form of the “scam”. Let’s try to understand the basic nuances of the Scandinavian auctions and understand what is true and what is fiction.

In the Scandinavian auction, you can save up to 95% of the cost of the goods.

Indeed, the final price of an item can be a very small amount of its market value. Only here the organizers naturally do not advertise that players spend a considerable amount on making bets. It even happens that in the heat of excitement players spend on bets the amount exceeding the price of the goods. At the same time, naturally, the price of the commodity at the auctions is still less than the market price, since the stake rate is usually insignificant. So the price of the goods at such auctions is just the above-water part of the iceberg.

Scandinavian auction and not auction at all.

Indeed, in a regular auction there are no losers financially. Participants, whose stakes did not play, do not lose anything. In the Scandinavian version, in addition to the winner, there are those who, in pursuit of the prize, lost a significant amount of money. This form of play is more likely to apply to the lottery. It is he who will invest more money on bets (by analogy – he will buy lottery tickets) and has a better chance of success. Although there is a probability of winning lucky people who bought just one ticket or put several bets.

You can not distinguish serious auctions from scammers.

In fact, there are several signs that you can distinguish between this auction and the counterfeit auction. A stylish organizer is distinguished by a stylish site, which indicates significant financial investments, the availability of feedback form (phones, address), the presence of a chat or forum. Firms-somnambles usually do not engage in external luster, trying to lure players only with loud promises. Scammers try to limit their contacts with players in order not to disclose themselves, and it is easier to find a new gullible than to keep a suspected wrong player. Many auctions also put photos of happy winners. The presence at the auction of sufficiently detailed information about the winner, the number of bets can also indicate the fairness of the auction. True, it is believed that the very mechanism of betting parties in the Scandinavian auction is not transparent, but this is one of the features of this kind of game.

Scandinavian auctions live through advertising.

Regrettably, the main sponsors of such auctions are the users themselves. Practice shows that the amount spent by players on bets usually exceeds the value of the lot itself. So, in fact, players buy the goods from one of their partners. Therefore, having decided to take part in such an auction, be prepared not only for a simple product prize at half price, but also for the fact that there will be unsuccessful auctions in which you will compensate part of the cost of the goods to the auction. Surprisingly, the auction profit on some lots can exceed 200%!

The robot players are used at auction.

Such players, whose functions are performed by the program, are called bots.Often there is an opinion that the organizers of the auction use bots in order to constantly raise rates, so that the lot was not drawn, not having paid off prematurely. Indeed, there was a case in which players gained access to the management of one of the newly opened auctions. Imagine their surprise when they found the options for setting up bots to participate in auctions. Later this auction was closed, and the organizers in every possible way refused to dishonest the game. It should be noted that the use of bots can be explained at the first stages of the auction with the help of them creates an agiotage and prevents unprofitable sale. However, their frequent use will lead to the erosion of the trust of players who find that real people themselves do not win anything. It can be confidently asserted that the biggest Scandinavian auctions are not used by bots, as this is simply not necessary – a large number of players lead to the fact that they themselves create their own funds, the funds necessary for the organizers to pay for the goods.

Scandinavian auctions are unpopular in Russia.

Why does it seem to many that the Western fashion will not take root with us. In fact, the pace of development of auctions of this type in Russia is quite large. Suffice it to say that one of the most popular auctions in Russia – has already more than 200 thousand registered users. Every day at auction more than two thousand participants are registered, and the number of sales for the period of the site’s operation exceeded 10 thousand. Few of the Internet resources in the country can boast of such activity.

There are no tactics at such auctions – only the case is managed by everyone.

The fact that there are a number of players with a lot of winnings indicates that a certain tactic of the game still exists. Logic suggests that it is most profitable to bet at the moment when the auction has gained a weighty price and is about to end. However, it is at such moments that a real excitement begins, as most players adhere to just such tactics. There is also the tactics of early betting. Most believe that it makes no sense to bet at the very beginning of the auction – that’s what experienced players are guided by, in fact, winning the lot at the beginning of the auction, when the other players are just waiting for its promotion. But this tactic is good only if there is certainty that the organizers of the auction will really give back the unencumbered lot. Also, it is not recommended to place bets for 2-3 minutes before the end of the auction, since it simply does not make sense – most likely the bet will be made by someone a few seconds before the end of the auction. It is also not advisable to make a bet at the last second of the auction, because the quality of the Internet connection can lead to the fact that the data on the rate simply may not be in time to reach the server. As a result, experienced players do not recommend spending on the lot an amount greater than 20-30% of its value, and if you spend a considerable amount on the rates, suppose 70-80%, then it’s better to win the auction, even overpaying, rather than wasting a significant amount. Moreover, many auctions offer compensation mechanisms for such players.

Auctions limit the players, so you can bet simultaneously only one lot.

This is not true, most auctions offer the option of multi-stakes, this is beneficial to the auction and interesting to the players. But the most untwisted services limit the number of players’ winnings within a month, say to 5. This is done to provide the opportunity to win the rest of the players.

Bidding on auctions is done by sending SMS.

Usually, the player is offered several options for replenishing his account. Initially, in the Western versions, SMS was used, and the players even could not register in the system. In our own circumstances, it should be borne in mind that mobile operators often charge an additional payment for SMS to the auction numbers, so that the cost of the bet can significantly increase.So it’s worth paying attention to auctions with the possibility of replenishing accounts through banks or electronic payment systems, for example, Webmoney.

To win the auction must spend hours at the computer.

Auctions actually last for hours. But most players do not sit in front of the monitor all this time, nervously making bets. Auctions provide the option of autostacks – the player chooses how many bets will automatically be placed on his behalf and the simplest sequence of performing such actions is selected.

You can make a bunch of bets, so do not buy anything.

Some serious auctions offer compensation mechanisms. In the event that a player has made bets for an amount exceeding the value of the goods by a certain amount (usually 25% or more), he is still granted the same goods in the form of a reward for participation.

To learn about new products, you need to stay on the site all the time.

This is not necessary, because the auctions provide an opportunity to mark the group of goods you are interested in and form a subscription of news about it. In case of receipt of the goods you are interested in, you will be notified by e-mail.

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