Salvador Dali

This Spaniard became one of the most famous creative people of the last century. It is with the name Dali and associate surrealism. He was a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, writer and director. His personality is so multifaceted that many books, movies and even songs reveal it.

However, it is best to tell Salvador Dali his paintings. The master was able to prove that inside of each of us hides an entire universe, boundless, mysterious and inconceivable. Pictures of Dali will be of interest to more than one generation.

This person has long ceased to be simply a representative of the art world, his whole life became a significant event for the last century. And the biography of Dali gives many reasons for gossip and gossip. In it there were many interesting and little-known facts about which we will tell. Grandfather-suicide.

The artist’s grandfather from the mother’s side, Gal Josep El Salvador, in 1886 committed suicide. The reason for this was depression and the persecution mania that tormented him for a long time. The Spaniard decided to leave this world in order to annoy all those who are following him. One day Grandfather Dali went to the balcony of his apartment and began shouting from the third floor that he had been robbed and tried to kill him. The police arrived on time and was able to convince the madman not to jump down. However, this postponed the tragedy only for a while. Six days later, Gal Josep El Salvador still jumped headfirst from the balcony and died. Dali’s family, naturally, tried to hide the suicide of a relative, fearing publicity. In the conclusion about the death of suicide, it was not said, the cause of death was a traumatic brain injury. But such secrecy allowed to bury a suicide on the Catholic rite. Gala Josep’s grandchildren for a long time did not know the truth about the death of their grandfather, but eventually the incident became known to them. It can only be stated that it is clear now where Salvador Dali got his “madness genes”.

Dependence on masturbation.

Male rivalry manifests itself at times in a primitive comparison of penises. Especially in this are the adolescents. At this age and Salvador Dali participated in similar competitions with classmates. The future genius called his sexual organ “small, pathetic and soft” at the same time. But this is not the only sexual adventure of Dali, which he experienced in his youth. Once he got a pornographic novel, where the protagonist boasted that he could make a woman squeak like a watermelon. Young Dali himself was imbued with an artistic image and long afterwards recalled it, lamenting that he could not produce the same impression on his mistresses.

In his autobiography The Secret Life of Salvador Dali, the artist frankly writes that for a long time he generally considered himself impotent. And to overcome this difficult feeling, he, like many of his peers, engaged in masturbation. To this lesson, Dali was so addicted that almost all his life masturbation was the main, and sometimes the only way to get sexual satisfaction. But in fact at that time it was believed that masturbation can make a person mad, lead to impotence or give rise to a tendency to homosexual relationships. So the unhappy Dali, though afraid of the heavy consequences of his habit, could not do anything about himself.

Association of sex with decay.

The genius had many complexes, most of which were formed in childhood. One of them appeared thanks to Dali’s father. The one, specially or not, left on the piano a book with colorful photos of male and female sexual organs. That’s just all they were mutilated gangrene, syphilis and other diseases. Young Salvador Dali learned these curious pictures. However, they fascinated him on the one hand, and horrified on the other. The genius because of this for a long time lost interest in intimate relationships with the opposite sex. Sex for Dali forever became associated with decay, decay and decay.

And this attitude of the artist to the intimate side of the relationship significantly influenced his work.Practically in every work of Dali one can find symbols of fear and motives of decay and destruction, usually in the form of ants. For example, in one of the most important for the creator picture “Great masturbator”, you can see looking down a human face, from which a woman grows. Her Dali wrote, most likely, with his muse and wife Gala. On her face the locust sits, which is understandable, given the artist’s inexplicable fear of these insects. And on the belly crawling ants, the already mentioned symbol of decomposition. At the same time the woman’s mouth is pressed against the groin of a man standing next to him, directly hinting at oral sex. On the legs of men bleed cuts, which also have a hidden meaning. The fact that Dali in his childhood was panically afraid of castration, the fear of which was embodied in this symbol.

Evil love.

One of Dali’s closest friends in his youth was the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. They even said that he once tried to seduce Dali, but the artist himself in every way denied it. Contemporaries of these two great Spaniards believed that for Lorca, the love union of his friend with Elena Dyakonova (Gala) was an unpleasant surprise. The poet believed that a brilliant artist can be happy only next to him. It is interesting that despite the numerous gossip, it is so certain and not known how close were the two great Spaniards. Increasingly, researchers agree that Dali was a virgin at the time of the meeting with Gala. She herself, besides being married to another and having many lovers, was also ten years older than the artist. But Dali still fell under her charm. Art critic John Richardson recalled that for a modern successful artist this was the worst version of his wife. She was so disgusted that when we met her she immediately wanted to hate her. And during one of the first meetings with Gala on the question of what a woman would want from Dali, she said she wanted to die at the hands of the master. After such an answer of this extraordinary woman, Dali realized that she loved Gala, finally and irrevocably. But the artist’s father did not tolerate his daughter-in-law, considering that she does not just use drugs, but also forces Dali to sell them. But the master insisted on maintaining his relations, placing them even higher than his father’s legacy. As a result, Dali moved to Paris to his beloved, and before that he shaved his head and solemnly buried his hair on the beach. A genius-voyeur.

It is said that Dali received a straightforward sexual satisfaction from watching other people engage in sex or masturbation. The Spaniard peeked even at his own wife at the time of her bath. He did not just admit to the exciting experience, but even so directly called his picture – “Voyeur”. Gossips whispered that Dali every week arranges an orgy at his house. But even if it was so, then he most likely did not take part in the action, being an outsider. Even for the depraved bohemia, Dali’s tricks became a shock. So, art critic Brian Sewell, describing the acquaintance with the artist, said that he asked him to take off his pants and masturbate. In this case, the guest was asked to lie in the embryo pose under the statue of Jesus Christ in the garden of Dali. Shocked Sewell said that with such requests, Dali often addressed his guests. In her memoirs, the singer Sher told her husband and her husband about the visit to the artist. He looked as if he had recently taken part in an orgy. And when the singer began to twist in her hands an interesting and painted rubber wand, Dali confidently told her that it was a vibrator.

Opinion of George Orwell.

Creativity Dali few people left indifferent. In 1944, the famous English writer dedicated the artist even an entire essay entitled “Privilege of Spiritual Shepherds: Notes on Salvador Dali”. In this work, the author directly called the painter a patient, and his paintings are disgusting. Orwell believed that thanks to the unconditional talents of Dali, many consider him an impeccable and perfect man.Here are the English words: “Come back tomorrow to Shakespeare’s land and find out that his favorite entertainment in his spare time is to rape little girls in railway cars, we do not have to tell him to continue in the same spirit just because he is able to write more one “King Lear”.

You need the ability to keep both facts in your head: both that Dali is a good draftsman and that he is a disgusting person. ” Orwell noted that in the paintings clearly marked the artist’s craving for necrophilia and coprophagy (eating excrement). On one of Dali’s most famous works, The Gloomy Game from 1929, in the lower part of the canvas, there is a man with feces smeared with feces. It should be noted that similar images were encountered in later Dali paintings.

In his work, Orwell came to the conclusion that society does not need people like Dali. If such artists are popular, then it directly speaks of the disease of the society itself. But in this way the writer himself simply confessed his groundless idealism. Obviously, human society will never be perfect, and the bright pictures of Dali just prove it.

Roman “Hidden faces”. A few people know that Dali was also a writer. His only novel was written by the Spaniard in 1943, when he was with his wife in America. Dali himself called his work “the epitaph of pre-war Europe”, it contains a description of those tricks that aristocrats-eccentrics allowed in the blood-soaked and burning Old World. And if Dali’s autobiography is like a fantasy, which he artfully disguised as the truth, then “Hidden faces” is the truth, pretending to be fiction. In this book there is an interesting episode. Winner in the Second World War, Adolf Hitler is sitting in his residence “Eagle’s Nest”. Loneliness, he tries to brighten up around the priceless masterpieces of art, Wagner’s music plays, and the leader himself utters a meaningless speech about the Jews and Jesus Christ. In general, the critics’ reviews of this literary work were favorable. True, the columnist for The Times criticized the too capricious style of the novel, the excessive number of adjectives and the inconsistent plot. But the critic from the magazine “The Spectator” called the literary experience of Dali a real psychological mess, nevertheless attractive.

Genius and beating.

In 1980, an elderly master broke his paralysis. For Dali, this was a turning point – the hands could no longer hold the brush, and he stopped painting. The impossibility of self-expression became a genius for real torture. He was very nervous before, and now he began to break down altogether without any reason. Yes, and the behavior of Gala infuriated Dali. Wife with might and main was painting her genius husband, generously spending money on her fans and lovers. She even just gave out canvases, and sometimes disappeared from the house for several days.

Enraged, Dalí even began to beat his beloved, so much so that he broke her two ribs. Wanting to reassure her stormy husband, Gala began giving him valium and other sedatives. Once she fed him with such a number of stimulants that it finally destroyed the already shaky psyche of a genius. Dali’s friends were forced to organize a “Rescue Committee” and put him in the clinic. By that time, the artist had little resemblance to the former – it was a thin and shaky old man who was constantly afraid that Gala would leave him. Dali even had a very clear object of hatred. The next boy-toy for Gala was Geoffrey Fenholt, who starred on Broadway in the production of the rock opera Jesus Christ the Superstar.

The corpse in the back seat of the car.

June 10, 1982 Gala Dali really left her husband, but not for another man. The artist’s 87-year-old muse died in Barcelona. The genius himself was going to bury the beloved in his Catalan castle Pobol, which corresponded to the will of the deceased.However, for this it was necessary to remove the body from the hospital unnoticed, without unnecessary attention of the public and the press and avoiding the paperwork. The artist chose an original, witty, but also eerie solution. He ordered to put the dead on and put her on the back seat of the car. Next to Gala was a nurse who supported the body.

The deceased was taken to the castle, where she was rubbed with balsams and put on her favorite red dress from Dior. After that, the body was buried in a local crypt. The inconsolable artist spent several nights kneeling in front of the grave of his beloved. Relations between Dali and Gala were very complex, but he could not imagine how he would live without her. The master stayed in the castle, sobbing for hours and telling about the animals they saw – hallucinations started.

Salvador Dali

Crazy invalid.

Only two years after the death of Gala, as a little calmed Dali again experienced a shock. On August 30, 1984, the bed of the 80-year-old man caught fire. The fault in the fire was a short circuit in the wiring of the lock. But in the abandonment of technology, there is merit for Dali himself, who constantly pressed the button attached to his pajamas to summon the servants. The nurse who came running discovered an artist lying prostrate at the door. She immediately began to do him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, although he fought back and insulted the assistant in a dirty way. And although the genius survived, the second degree burns he still got.

After that incident, Dali became even more unbearable, although up to that light temper did not differ. Journalists wrote that he turned into a “disabled from hell.” Dali began to spoil his bedding, scratch the nurses, refuse to eat and take medicine. And after recovery the artist moved to the town of Figueres, which was nearby. There was a theater-museum of Dali. It was in this city that the great master died on January 23, 1989. Once he said that he hoped to be resurrected. For this, Dali asked to freeze his body after death. But his will was ignored – embalmed remains were immured in one of the rooms of the theater-museum, where they are kept until now.

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