Raw Food

Raw food

is a fairly popular food system. Even a few Hollywood stars adhere to it. You can remember at least Demi Moore. This actress has long been a follower of this food. And it was the raw food that, in her opinion, was the cause of her unfading beauty. Who are such raw-eaters? These people do not at all eat cheese, as it might seem from the name. This is a whole philosophy based on the consumption of exceptionally raw food. But cheese for food from devotees of such ideas does not count.

Raw meat eaters deny everything that has been processed – fire, steam or fermentation. These people are in favor of everything natural and natural. Food should logically fit into the evolutionary place of man. Food should preserve all the elements that are originally useful in it. Raw-eaters say that it’s hard to imagine a primitive man, who would bake dug carrots. He would only eat it raw!

The adherents of such a food system say that they got rid of many chronic diseases, excess weight, and even look younger. But in the mass consciousness around such a system of nutrition there are many myths, which is the time to debunk. It should be noted that some of them exist among the raw food themselves. Vegans, raw foods and vegetarians are one and the same.

Actually, there are fundamental differences between these directions. Vegetarians do not eat meat and fish products. But they admit milk and eggs to their diet. There is even such a group of ethical vegetarians who do not use all that was obtained as a result of animal killings (furs, skin, meat). Vegans do not eat anything of animal origin. They deal exclusively with plant foods. At the same time, the motivation for such a regime can be different, starting with the protection of animals and ending with the protection of one’s own health. Raw-eaters, in their essence, are vegans, but they also reject any thermal processing of food. Here there are also their radicals – monotrophic raw-eaters. They believe that at one time you should take only one type of food. This, they say, will facilitate digestion.

Raw meat eaters do not eat meat at all.

Even among the raw food, there is a division. Some of them prefer to eat only plant products. For them, naturally, there are daily salads from vegetables with herbs. But there are those who consume meat, fish, eggs. They eat seafood and milk. But such food should be either in the raw, or in the dried form. Some of the most radical raw-materialists in general practically refuse from vegetables and fruits, replacing them with meat or fish dishes. And there are people who resort to the other extreme – the basis of their diet put the fruit. Both of them consider themselves raw.

You can quickly become a raw food man, literally in one day.

Raw food is a fairly lengthy process that will require a lot of moral strength. You can hold out for a day or two on vegetables, but with willpower and three. And then … Guests will come along with pizza, someone will call to the restaurant or a loved one will cook a delicious dish. Is there enough strength then to give up the delicious food and hear the ridicule and misunderstanding of friends? Will there be enough will not respond to tasty smells, ham and cheese in the fridge, candy and chocolate? If you decide to become a raw food, then it’s better to do it gradually, refusing your favorite food step by step. At first you can stop eating semi-finished products – frozen vegetables, pancakes, dumplings. Then you can erase the flour and sweet from your life. Then you can start cooking and without fire. It turns out that simple salads can be very tasty!

Anyone can easily become a raw food man.

The first thing that needs to be done, having decided to change a habitual food system – to communicate with the doctor. It may well be that raw food is in general contraindicated to you.There is a whole risk zone, which includes patients with pancreatitis, ulcer, colitis, people with a problematic pancreas, and allergies.

The rude person always feels cheerful and fresh.

This is not true. Often savage eaters do not care. This is especially common in beginners. After all, there is no familiar food, caloric content has decreased much, and from the side of the refrigerator with food there is an invisible psychological pressure. As a consequence – an unpleasant reaction in the form of headache, nausea and dizziness. However, such feelings beginners are usual, experienced saviors call it a cleansing crisis. In this situation, you need to be patient and not break. Then the body can move to a new stage of its existence, beginning to heal and cleanse. And such crises do not come every day. But there are indeed tides of vital energy, this is noted by many raw food experts. Uma Thurman herself says that it is hard only at the very beginning, but in time, you quickly get used to such a state.

To prepare your own food, the raw food company needs a little time.

It would seem that it is difficult – to clean the apple, and grate the carrot. Then you can eat a simple dish. However, this is a serious danger. It is known that products from supermarkets are far from natural. Here also it is necessary to go straight to the market for food. If there is no trust there, there is only one thing – to grow the necessary fruits and vegetables independently, at home. I must say that it will be accurate in the spirit of the whole philosophy of teaching. After all, our distant ancestors procured food for themselves, and did not buy it at the store.

It takes quite a lot of time for the raw food to cook.

This myth is the reverse of the previous one. In fact, it is not always necessary to go to bed and sleep in the kitchen, chopping and drying different foods. Such a life will lose all meaning. You can quickly cook some raw soups, salads and cocktails. In addition, a food processor will always come to the rescue, who can take on most of the work. And with a juicer, blender and dehydrator cooking food will be very fast.

Raw Food

Raw food is a type of diet.

This is not quite true. First of all, raw food is a philosophy. Calling such a direction a banal diet, you can seriously offend the followers of the teaching. True, one can not deny the fact that the principles of raw food are successfully used in many diets. People with high blood pressure and having problems with skin, kidney, rheumatism, and raw diet are generally not recommended. Let the scientists and proved that the inclusion in their diet of fruits and vegetables significantly reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. Yes, and lose weight, doing raw food, it’s much easier. After all, fresh vegetables and fruits give a wonderful sense of saturation, which does not allow a person to overeat.

Raw food provides a tasteless food.

Look at Demi Moore and tell me if she looks like a person who tastes bad and worries about it? For breakfast, you can prepare a salad of fruits, for lunch, serve carpaccio with vegetables, and for dinner – vegetables from sushi without rice. All this variety can be washed down with tomato juice. Today, Hollywood stars do not ask themselves whether it’s delicious or not, whether I can eat it or not. We must, then we must! And this principle is followed by Natalie Portman, Uma Thurman, Donna Karan and Kirsten Dunst. In their diet has long been nothing boiled or baked. And the best motivator to eat the same way is how these stars look. So try a raw diet, maybe a plus and outweigh the minuses.

To fully appreciate all the benefits of raw food, you only need to eat raw foods.

So many people really believe. In fact, most of us eat exclusively processed food, take at least fast foods. Simply increasing the amount of raw foods in the diet will already be beneficial to the body.Think, what better to order in a restaurant – a piece of fried meat or a fresh salad?

In the process of raw food, all dishes must necessarily be cold.

If there is a desire, no one prohibits heating food up to 40 degrees. It is believed that at this temperature, vitamins and vital energy remain in the product. A warm up food can be in a special dehydrator or in some other ways.

Raw food is the intake of exclusively vegetables and fruits.

This mode of eating allows much more opportunities than vegetables and fruits. After all, there are nuts and seeds, seaweed and sprouted grains, juices and coconut milk. Some raw foods allow for cold-pressed oil, natural soy sauces and raw peanut butter. So there are quite a lot of opportunities to diversify your diet.

It is best to eat at home, as in the city of opportunities to eat in this mode will no longer be.

In fact, the raw food in and in the city will not be lost. Today it is no longer a problem to find freshly squeezed juices. In the restaurant you can order a vegetable or fruit sliced ​​or fresh salad. You can take yourself even a fruit cocktail.

Raw food is an expensive way of eating, not available to everyone.

Any way of eating can be made expensive or cheap, it all depends on the person’s preferences. After all, some of the most expensive products on the planet are not raw at all and not even vegetarian. Luxury fillet mignon and caviar do not belong to raw foods. Speak about nutrition in general, it can be noted that some raw foods will actually cost a little more than ordinary daily meals. However, most of the most commonly used and useful vegetables and fruits can be found either in the market or at the nearest vegetable store. The use of bananas, lettuce and vegetables will be both easier and cheaper than eating in steaks and lobster restaurants.

Raw Food

Raw food gives not only perfect health, but also a perfect body.

First of all, it should be noted that the very term “impeccable health” does not mean anything. After all, this concept includes many aspects, arranged according to the rankings which are rather difficult. That is, one can not say unequivocally who is healthier-someone who has a bad diet, a terrible physical condition, but a healthy psyche, or one who eats only fruits, is healthy in body, but mentally unbalanced or aggressive. As a result, you can only talk about a healthy body subjectively. However, it is clear that a peaceful meat-eater will be healthier than an aggressive raw-chef. It’s so easy to poison a body, it’s much harder than a soul. Speaking of a perfect body, you should also be careful. Because it simply does not exist on the body. Such impeccability is only a theory, an unattainable ideal. Therefore, one should not believe those who promise an ideal body thanks to a raw diet alone.

Raw food is capable of defeating any disease, or most of them.

And in general a person will stop being ill. There is a living example – animals that never get sick in the wild, because they eat raw food. This myth is often used in books about raw food. In fact, animals can get sick and get sick. This, in the end, leads them to destruction. There are whole sections of biology, which study the death of animals, and even veterinarians need for some reason. Anyone can dig in some scientific library and discover a bunch of books devoted to this problem. Therefore, the cultivation of such a myth aims to just blindly believe in it, by repeated repetition. It is easy to name a few examples of animal diseases: diseases of mouth and hooves, destroying American buffalo and African antelope, rodents have bubonic plague, deer have fever. And the list can be continued indefinitely. So, if animals in the wild get sick and die, then why can not this happen to raw people? After all, human nutrition, even if it is raw, is not so natural as in animals.After all, they eat wild plants, and people – cultivated. There are many facts that raw food can be ill and really sick. After all, these are ordinary people, just with a different diet. And not all diseases depend on this.

Raw food prolongs life.

Naturally, fans of this trend are hoping for this, but otherwise, why start everything up? In fact, is there a fairly large number of raw-materialists, thousands of such people who have lived more than a hundred years? Perhaps they would serve as proof that there is truth in this statement. However, there are simply no such examples. The longevity of our planet is not not raw food, not vegans – it is necessary to recognize this. Yes, and before the eyes there are examples of raw food, who left the world quite early – TSFray and Herbert Shelton. It is worth talking about a more significant fact, rather than just longevity. It is important not only how many people lived and reached the adult status, but the quality of his whole life.

Naturopathy can not fail to work.

On our planet, unfortunately, there is no perfect and universal system. After all, nature itself is quite imperfect. True, such a state of affairs is rather unpleasant to recognize raw food fanatics who represent it in a simplistic way and try to idealize it. Those who believe that nature can not be mistaken, we must ask, what is naturopathy – religion or science? The fact that she works far from always can be read already on the first pages of the book “Natural health – many from many” and in the history of Herbert Shelton, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease during the last 10 years of his life. It is worth acknowledging that most other health preservation systems have the courage to recognize that some people are still terminally ill.

Primates are Fruitarian, or peaceful vegans.

So nothing is more natural than eating fruits. To dispel this myth, Ward Nicholson conducted a large-scale study, outlining his results in the journal “Health @ Beyond”. It turns out that large primates are omnivores, they eat not only insects, but also meat. And there are quite a lot of aggression among chimpanzees. Monkeys are fighting, eating their own kind, incest among them. Somehow it does not fit with their peaceful appearance. And when studying fossils, it was found that prehistoric people were also omnivorous, eating animal food on a par with vegetable. So our ancestors were not vegan, nor fruitarian, nor vegetarian. We must be honest and recognize that biologically we are all born to be omnivorous. As evidence of myth, an example of mountain gorillas is given, but this is not entirely fair. After all, they were seen in conscious use as food for ants and other insects from the leaves. Not only does plant food enter their diet. Given that some vegans avoid honey and food colored with insect paint, it will be logical to delete the mountain gorillas from among the vegans. Let the insects and make up a small part of their daily diet.

Monkeys, eating meat, in fact – perverts.

The concept of perversion is purely human. In nature, it simply does not exist, as well as some prohibitions for the behavior of wild animals. Reality must be accepted, not denied. Yes, monkeys eat meat. And guided by their own instincts. But to deny the naturalness of such a process is a kind of perversion.

If eating raw food causes health problems, then this is a consequence of poisoning of previously accumulated poisons.

And such an opinion exists. Meanwhile, it is quite dangerous. After all, there are really possible disorders that will be attributed to the side effects of detoxification. But if the reaction is not associated with a known poisoning in advance, then this should not happen. Therefore, if, after switching to raw food, suddenly there are problems with health, you should immediately consult a doctor. Do not think that the problems are temporary and will pass by themselves.

Raw Food

You only need to eat food that you can collect with your bare hands.

This myth refers to the sequence of hypotheses of naked primates, especially the most fanatical raw-food people often repeat it. The problem is that again an attempt is made to deny the reality and natural nature of man. We are intellectual beings, who in our lives use some improvised means. It can not be denied, because in this way all our nature is trampled upon. By forbidding the use of improvised means, the person will be lowered below the level of the chimpanzee. After all, they use sticks to, in particular, extract termites for subsequent eating. Myth is cultivated by raw food on the Internet, but how did they get there without improvised means in the form of a computer? Myth justifies fruits as a natural diet, but in fact modern saviors eat not wild fruits, but grafted and cloned. How could a monkey do this and collect a rich harvest over and over again? Only those who do not have real experience with wild and uncultivated fruits can promote ideas about naked people who collect their own food by hand. I would like to look at these ideologists in a clearing with thorns, ants, burning grass. Collecting fruits is not easy occupation, which requires protective clothing and appropriate tools.

Any cooked food is poisonous in its essence.

In fact, the constant use of certain foods can be harmful. It’s about salty or fried foods. But to call all cooked food is bust. For example, beans and raw rhubarb can be much more poisonous than any processed food. Calling it dangerous only on the basis of some products, similarly, raw food can be called poisoned, based only on rhubarb and beans. The fact is that some food, especially one that contains starch, is easier for the body to digest in the processed form. And what can be dangerous in vegetables for a couple? Such myths, spread by raw food, lead only to an inexplicable fear of eating, which is fraught with psychological problems. Mankind has long learned how to cook its own food, if it were poisonous, we would have long since died.

One hundred percent raw diet is the best diet for everyone.

All of us are different, so the diet should be chosen for everyone. Someone really approaches raw food, and someone should choose a macrobiotic food. Therefore, the call to all to do the raw food is too much like dogma. A 100% raw food diet is also problematic in that it is only useful in a short time, and then problems arise.

The nutritional value of fruits is close to that of the mother.

This lie is easily debunked. Although in both products the protein content is low, there are significant differences. In milk, quite a lot of fats, but the fruits they are poor (the exception is the avocado). Milk contains a little slowly digestible sugar in the form of lactose, but in fruits there is a lot of glucose, fructose and sucrose. There are cases when such raw foods even triggered a jump in insulin and symptoms of hypoleukemia. In milk there are vitamins biotin and B-12, but in fruits they can not be found. There is also no calcium in them, which is so rich in maternal fluid.

All protein food, including raw food, is poisonous.

Following this statement, the sunflower seeds can also be called toxic. In fact, those who propagandize this myth tend to provide food with rare fruits. There is even a very detailed proof of this theory. However, it is capable of impressing only with a superficial study of it, and a detailed examination will show its inconsistency. As proof of the myth, the fact that people who consume fruits lose their ability to digest nuts and seeds normally for several months. Allegedly, the fault of all the protein contained in them. In fact, a long diet with fruit alone leads to a weakening of the digestive system. And protein food itself is quite heavy for digestion.As a result, the stomach will be upset, and the adherents of raw food will note this fact as the harmfulness of the protein. In fact, it’s just a weakened digestion. It is worth mentioning that the body will eventually become accustomed to mono-diet. If you add a new type of food during this diet, you need to wait some time for the body to adjust to it. The same effect is observed after prolonged fasting. If protein food really were poisonous, then mankind would long ago have died out.

Any raw food is digested by the body more easily than cooked.

Enzymes are destroyed during processing. In addition, starch is poisonous. In fact, there is also processed food, which is easier to digest raw. Speaking of food with starch, mention usually rice and potatoes. During their temperature treatment, the crystal structure of the starch is destroyed. As a result, such products are much easier to digest. In raw form, starch is difficult to digest, but it can not harm unless it is taken in large quantities. In itself, this substance, whether raw or processed, is not at all toxic. After all, about 70% of all people on the planet have food based on processed starch. If it were really toxic, it would simply be impossible. Some products have indigestible toxins, but the taste for such raw food is much more unpleasant. So, beans or beans are better to eat in ready-made form, so they can be digested. And there are some side effects of some types of raw food. Raw zucchini or lentil sprouts can cause gases. In such cases, the side effects can be reduced by the only way – to prepare such products. There is another way – to use fermentation or spices. Yes, many products are really raw, but we must admit that there are some that are simply not possible in this form.

Raw Food

Raw food will improve mental health.

If the diet is to stick for a short time – then yes. But in the long-term use completely raw food entails a number of psychological problems. Completely mentally healthy, alas, you can name only a few raw food. Experienced experts say that in a completely raw environment, you can find a whole bunch of diseases – from eating disorders to lunatics, fanatics and haters. Many of the disorders of the psyche are not so obvious, but they are. Such people are emotionally unstable, they have rather sharp views on the surrounding nature. Raw meat eaters can deny their aging, and turn the diet regime into almost a religion. Unfortunately, this way of life does not strengthen the psyche by itself. Simply, all problems are taken out, a person begins to discuss everything, and he himself – to try to work on yourself. And not every such experience is pleasant and useful. As a result, experts are sure that if a person is a raw food for many years, then he needs to pay attention to his mental health.

Raw meat eaters do not accept spices, considering them to be poisonous.

It is very sad that many raw-eaters deliberately refuse spices. But such a decision is largely of an ideological nature. After all, there are these additives used in reasonable quantities, they can significantly help the weak digestion. This is especially important in the case of cold food, which contains a lot of water, which is typical for raw food. Do not forget about the medicinal properties of spices. But unreasonable use of them can really do harm – there will be a re-stimulation of digestion or overheating of the body. So spices can and should be eaten, but it should be done wisely.

To drink juices – not for the raw.

Juices can not be taken as a complete substitute for food. But you have to be careful with them, because they give a strong taste. So, a kilogram of carrots gives about a liter of juice. It’s so easy to drink it, but it’s much harder to eat in the form of raw carrots.But juices have important therapeutic properties, recently they are used in both Ayurveda and Hippocrates diet. So the moderate use of juices is fully justified and may be involved in the raw food process.

Raw materials should not drink water, because it is already in our products.

Raw-eaters like to give animals as an example. So, our closest relatives, chimpanzees, and water are just drinking. And most terrestrial mammals tend to have the same thing. So this is a general rule. It is because of the refusal to drink water that some saviors are looking dehydrated and dry. In fact, sometimes you can reduce the amount of liquid drunk, based on its amount in food. But most often the rule is simple – water is preferably used in nutrition.

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