With the advent of computers, a new profession appeared – programmers. These people remain unusual and mysterious persons. About them often jokes, in this area they can compete with Vovochka and Lieutenant Rzhevsky.

Everyone knows that programmers are not solicitous, they avoid women and think constantly only about computers.

However, in reality, not all statements about people in this profession are true. So let’s try to expose already entrenched fictions and myths about programmers.

Programmers in everyday life are unpretentious.

Many people consider it natural that a programmer only needs a chair, and a computer. As a result, this myth became the most famous. Of course, such an opinion has the right to exist, but here we can not do without exceptions. For example, one of the most famous Russian programmers Mikhail Donskoy in an interview with the newspaper Trud said: “I can say for sure that I have enough furniture in my house … Only a computer and a mattress can be at the hacker in the cinema.” In addition, highly professional specialists are increasingly appreciating comfort and can afford to use them – because their work is adequately paid. Therefore, it is not surprising when a programmer acquires an ergonomic chair with a cost of $ 1,000.

Programmers are eternal bachelors.

In fact, the stories that real programmers do not need women are pretty utopian. Girls for these men is not a waste of time. Although programmers, as a rule, are keen on their work, nothing human is alien to them. After all, everyone wants warmth and affection: the manager, the student, the old man and, of course, the computer technician. However, it is quite clear where this leg grows from this myth. After all, the work of the programmer brings a strong employment, which is inevitably reflected and beyond working hours. In the end, it’s not uncommon for a girl to literally push her young man away from the computer by force. But the effort can be more than paid off. In A.Eksler’s popular book “Writings of the wife of the programmer” all difficulties of female dialogue with “difficult” the man are just described.

Programmers are the most natural inhabitants of the Internet.

Many people consider these people to be Web residents in the most direct sense. But how true is this popular myth? Is all communication limited to instant messengers like ICQ and social networking? Nobody can answer this question accurately. Some “programmers” will honestly answer, lowering their head, that they do not see anything further than their home monitor, often communicating even with relatives only via the Internet. And someone will try to justify themselves with live communication, though only at work. Of course, the Network gives a strong temptation to limit its real communication with other people in favor of a virtual one. However, everyone has access to the Internet today and this disease is already general. So why blame it only programmers?

Programmers are book-computer worms.

According to this statement, programmers, if they read something, only about computers. However, this myth is easily broken into a stack of various books, which is on the shelves of almost any programmer. Here and Lukyanenko, and Fry, Perumov and Tolkien. It is believed that one of the favorite genres of people in this profession is fantasy. Themselves, programmers justify this by the fact that at work they have to deal with abstract, virtual and intangible things.

These are people without a hobby.

With this myth, we deny programmers the right to a normal life. Everyone knows that the ideal job is one that not only provides a comfortable existence, but is in a sense a hobby. Starting from this statement, most programmers can be safely called happy people. After all, the computer replaces absolutely other occupations. Most of these people also simply do not have time, for example, for paints, brushes and canvas.Although, if you count the trips to the movies, reading books and solving puzzles for a hobby, then even the most notorious programmer can be caught in the occupation by extraneous things. “Programmers go to the movies, to theaters, and they have hobbies if they have enough time.” In Soviet times, personally, I, for one, loved to play bridge, “Donskoy says.

The programmers on the table have eternal chaos.

We will not dissemble, this stereotype often reflects reality. Although, of course, there are programmers and aesthetes who support the ideal order in their workplace.

Programmers are always badly cropped.

Indeed, programmers do not really like hairdressers. As a result – ruffled hair or a long tail instead of a neat haircut. For these attributes, you can often even calculate a self-respecting programmer. And there is no explanation for such a phenomenon. In addition, this sign has already become so closely associated with the image of the programmer that many employers even forgive them for dislike for hairdressers and violations of strict dress code.

There are no women programmers.

Or it happens, but they are much inferior to male colleagues. Most likely this myth is invented by a strong half. In fact, women in this profession are really few, but among them, highly qualified specialists are no less than men. In addition, there is a well-founded opinion that women in this profession are more careful and attentive than their competitors from the strong half.

Programmers know a lot of funny jokes.

To dispel this myth does not work, but the reason is not a bad sense of humor programmers. All the blame for the specificity of their work, far from understanding an ordinary person. When speech between two programmers comes about the program code and jokes on the topic of computers, this humor will most likely be understood only by them. Few people will understand the comparison of the joint creation of a RAID array and marriage.

Programmers can repair computers themselves.

It is not worth mixing in a bunch of people of all occupations related to the computer. Although programmers are focused on a quality and fast result, it does not always have to do with repair work. All the same there is a specialization, although usually programmers have an idea of ​​the operation of the computer and a simple problem in the state to eliminate themselves.

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