Any woman will say that the embossed press just attracts the eye. Similar enthusiasm is also experienced with puffed biceps, but nothing compares to a beautiful press. Many of the fair sex literally fall into a trance, wanting to touch the tuberous cubes of the stomach. A muscular arm can belong to a man with a beer belly, which will frighten the fans of a beautiful figure.

So it is obvious that the torso can attract women no worse than a brilliant new car. Many people are wondering how to get a relief press, and so that it remains so and in a relaxed state? Therefore, we will dispel the basic myths about the press, not forgetting that a tanned torso is impossible without giving up beer.


The press is a knot of muscles.

The press is not a muscle group, but the only one is the rectus abdominis muscle. It starts at the bottom of the chest and descends to the pelvis, down. The notorious six cubes are formed by horizontal and vertical tendons, which look like lines on the torso.

To make the press come to the required form, several hundred repeated exercises must be done.

The structure of the rectus abdominis muscle is similar to that of the biceps, deltoids or pectoral muscle. For the formation of a beautiful press, deep and well-defined it is necessary to build it, not to force it into panic. The muscle can not be significantly increased, since the rectus muscle itself is rather flat and already tightened by tendons. But to emphasize separation, a deeper planting of muscles, it is necessary to build a certain number of muscles, while they will rise above the tendons. This can be done by gradually adding weight to the press, performing in each set from 8 to 20 repetitions.

To get the best results for the muscles of the press you need to load them every day.

Again, we recall the similarity of the muscles of the press with dorsal or thoracic. In the course of intensive loads with full amplitude, rest is needed for the recovery and regeneration of muscles. Therefore, do not load the press more than three times a week, with a high intensity of employment, enough and a two-time load.

The best abdominal exercise is the crunch.

This statement is just as ridiculous as the opinion that extensions are the best exercise for quadriceps. Crunches really well isolate the necessary muscle, but bodybuilders know that to build a mass, the insulating movements are not the best. Squats and bench presses most need quadriceps. And with respect to the press, electromyographic studies have shown that even rotating the pedals of a stationary bike in a lying position causes a greater activation of the fibers of the abdominal muscles than the crunches that are performed on a horizontal surface. There is an explanation for this. The muscles of the press are designed to work in tandem with flexors of the hip joint. To ensure maximum performance of this command, you can raise your knees in the vise or on an inclined surface, and also carry out lifting of the trunk on it. Of course, you need to carefully approach the exercise, since the use of inertia, that is, swinging legs and torso with each repetition, will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the exercises. Therefore, you should strictly follow the technique of exercises, controlling your movements.


Ordinary crunch is a movement for a straight abdominal muscle with a full amplitude.

When crunches are made on a flat horizontal surface, the amplitude of the press reduction is the upper two-thirds. In order for the back to work in the remainder of the amplitude, the body should bend 30 degrees from the center, with a straight muscle stretching. But the torso can not be lower than the floor, so to perform the crunches you need a stand under your waist, with the help of which the spine can bend. For back, such conditions are in a special simulator, called the abdominal bench.Under the back is a rounded cushion, through it the weight pulls back with the help of the block, the waist flexes and the straight muscle of the abdomen stretches. From this position, crunches can already be performed with a full amplitude. Anyone who works with an abdominal bench will certainly feel the difference compared to conventional crunches. The main thing in such exercises is stretching the muscle. Yes, and the simulator allows you to change the load, increasing or decreasing the burden. To build muscle, you certainly need resistance growth. If there is no abdominal bench in the gym, you can use crunches instead of her on the block that supports the waist. You can also ask someone to support the waist with your hands to create the desired deflection at each slope, and you can also use the Scott bench. It is necessary to sit on it with your back to the palm rest, thereby providing support for the waist.

For the press, the best exercises are lifting the legs lying on the edge of the bench.

It will be incorrect to assume on the basis of previous thoughts that for teamwork of muscles such an exercise will be most effective, maximally stimulating the muscles of the press. However, with such lifts of the legs, only flexors of the hip joint are loaded, but the muscles of the press are in the stabilization mode, that is, in fact, in a fixed, shortened state. Therefore, the press does not receive anything from this exercise. The same thing happens when the knee is raised in the vise, if the exercise is not done correctly. At the top of each rise, the pelvis should be fed forward, that is, the knees should be attracted to the chest. Otherwise, the press will be ineffective, and the exercise will benefit only the hip flexor. For beginners, it is often difficult to pull the knees to the torso, they can recommend starting the exercises on an inclined surface. The head should be placed at the top of the inclined bench, and legs slightly bend. Knees should be lifted up and trying to press against the chest until the buttocks are torn from the surface. Then you should pause, after which the legs return to their original position, straightening them while doing so. Hands should hold on to the top edge of the bench. When going to the lifts in the vise, all actions will be similar – the knees should be pulled to the body, while twisting the body. Otherwise, regardless of the time spent, effective exercises for the press simply do not work, so do not forget about twisting the torso.

For the construction of a magnificent torso, it is necessary to carry out its lifting or similar compound exercises.

Indeed, the construction of a remarkable press is possible with the help of only compound motions, for example, trunk lifts. In this case hip flexors are involved, however such exercises are not the most effective for obtaining the perfect press. To get the result faster at each training session, the athlete must load the press in three ways:
1) Start better with exercises that will give the muscles teamwork. Such activities can be lifting the trunk or knees. Do not forget about the twisting of the case.
2) After that, you should do exercises that involve the muscles of the press in a stretched position, this will enable muscle fibers and increase the amplitude of movements.
3) Finally, it is recommended to isolate the straight muscle so that it works in a shortened position.
If these three requirements are taken into account, the training will consist of knee lifts in the middle position or hull, crunches on the block with lumbar support or crunches on the abdominal bench in the stretched position. Finally, you have to perform crunches with a two-second delay at the top.

If you persistently train the press on the right program, then in the end you can get the coveted six cubes.

This is not true, because if the waist is a thick layer of fat, the squares of the press will never open.So, if the fat content in the body is more than 12%, the press will always be hidden, regardless of training and techniques. So first you need to remove fat with a special diet.

To emphasize the press, slopes to the side are good.

If you engage in heavy slopes, with dumbbells in your hand, then on the sides only oblique abdominal muscles form, the waist becomes wider, and the shoulders – already. Maybe someone needs it, but not a bodybuilder! There are certain sports for which the development of these muscles is critical, and the appearance is not so important, in which case heavy slopes can be included in the training program. As a result, the torso will become stronger, it is important, for example, football players. Do not assume that light slopes from side to side or twisting in the waist with a stick on your shoulders, will allow you to burn around the waist all the fat.


To really train a press you need a large number of approaches and repetitions, then the fat will be burned and the cubes will appear.

Local fat loss is possible only on commercials, so do not confuse the desired with the actual. A greater number of repetitions of exercises will not affect fat burning at the waist in any way. Most of the trainees either sit on a strict diet or conduct cardiovascular work to burn fat throughout the body. A hundred hull lifts can not be considered a serious cardio load, because such exercises will burn fewer calories than is contained in one apple. So you should pay attention to the strategy, according to which the daily number of calories will gradually decrease. For example, every three weeks to reduce daily consumption by 100-200 calories, you can also increase the aerobic component of training. And soon the fat will gradually leave the waist. When the percentage of fat falls below 10%, the press can already be seen. But in order for the cubes to always be in place, even in a relaxed state of the stomach, you need to bring the fat to 6%. For most, this means gradually reducing the calorie content of food every 2-3 weeks until the daily intake is 2,000 calories. If such measures do not allow you to bring the amount of fat to the desired, you should increase the amount of aerobic work or add fat supplements to your diet that will accelerate metabolism. With the help of them the body will get rid of the last residues of fat. It should be noted that the less fat in the body, the more difficult it becomes to get rid of it further and lose weight. However, one should not despair, because only having shown perseverance in carrying out the correct training program, one can get a long-awaited relief press, thus provoking the admiration and envy of others.

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