Preparation of homemade yogurt

For many, morning starts with yogurts. It is a delicious and nutritious snack, sweet and tender. Yoghurts are saved when there is no time to prepare dinner. They can also dress salads and desserts, use them as sauces for meat and fish. We do not know how much yoghurts can improve our lives, how they affect our health.

But this product can be cooked at home. The advantages of this solution are obvious. In the product there will be no dyes, preservatives, other harmful substances. And it’s easy to do, you just need to know some of the subtleties of the process. Help in this our advice. What is yogurt?

This product results from the fermentation of specific milk bacteria and lactose fermentation. The product is valued because microorganisms behave well in our stomach. Regular use of yoghurts leads to the adjustment of the work of the stomach and intestines, and metabolic processes begin to take place. Yogurt is absorbed by the human body much faster than milk. If you choose between these two products, it is always better to prefer yogurt. Sometimes it can be taken even by those who do not tolerate lactose or milk proteins at all.

The difference between homemade yogurt and store.

In addition to the obvious benefits in the utility of components, home-made yogurt is valuable in that it can not be stored for as long as its store version. In the refrigerator, this product is not allowed for more than five days. But all this time, useful properties will remain at the same level. Only by making a home-made version of yogurt, it is worthwhile to understand that it will have a different consistency – less dense. This is because in such an article the concentration of bacteria is greater than in the industrial analogue.

Ways to prepare homemade yogurt.

Yogurt houses are usually prepared using a multivark or electric yogurt. If such a technique is not available, then an ordinary oven can come to the rescue. The result in all three cases will be almost the same, so it is worth choosing the tool that is available and more convenient. In any case, no special skills are required.

Required Ingredients.

Yogurt is based on milk. Nevertheless, the final product will not work without the main ingredient-ferment. It can be of several kinds. The most popular – a jar with a ready-made leaven, these are sold in pharmacies and stores. In this tank there are bacteria of certain strains with their names. The most popular are acidolact and symbilact. Another option can be the usual yogurt from the store. If you choose it as the main ingredient, you should understand that the benefit of the final yogurt will be much less than from the one created on this leaven. It’s no secret that there are few living bacteria in the store yoghurt. The third variant of the ferment is its own. After cooking yogurt at home, a small amount of it can be postponed to be used as the main ingredient next time. But we must understand that such leaven will not last more than three days even in a sealed container. Extend the shelf life in the freezer. There, useful properties can be stored for months.

General principle of preparation.

Those who decided to create yogurt at home, it is worth to understand how the product is born. In fact, in fact, the recipe alone does not depend on either temperature or leaven. Milk is added to the milk acid bacteria and with the help of heat, such conditions are created when acidification occurs. Yogurt is best formed at a temperature of 40 to 45 degrees. And it is important to adhere to this range, because at a temperature of 50 degrees, lactic acid bacteria will die. Ready yogurt should be cooled in the refrigerator for several hours. In addition to improving the appearance will also consolidate the useful properties.

Preparation of homemade yogurt

The ratio of milk and leaven.

If you buy a jar of leaven in a store or pharmacy, the proportions will be there and indicated. The number of bacteria per milk volume determines the final result. That is why it is worth keeping to the recommendations regarding this type of bacteria. But if the ferment is shop yogurt, then you should use 100 grams of the finished product per liter of milk. If the ferment is the previous batch of yogurt, then the same liter will require only two or three tablespoons of the product.

Period of preparation.

The average fermentation period is 7-12 hours. But everything depends on the leaven. In the instructions to pharmacy bacteria, it is usually accurate to specify the time for which milk is squirted. The density of the finished product directly depends on the time of its preparation. Usually, the longer yoghurt is prepared, the thicker it is. If there is a desire to get a liquid, drinkable product, then it must be kept for a minimum time, remaining in the interval specified by the starter. If the leaven is your own stock or store variant, then after 7 hours of cooking you need to check what happens. If yogurt still remains liquid, then the process of fermentation should be continued. And then cooking is turning into a big experiment.


The dishes in which yoghurt is prepared must be sterile. At a minimum, it should be scalded with boiling water. Milk is better to boil, especially if it is real home. But the fruit, sugar and toppings in the preparation process is better not to add. Otherwise, the bacteria will begin to engage in fermentation of fructose, ripening fruits or additives.

Berries and fruit in yogurt.

Berries, fruits and nuts in yogurt are welcome, but they should be added after the completion of fermentation, before placing the product in the refrigerator. If there is a desire to sweeten the product, it is better not to use sugar, but syrup. Then there will not be a crunch of grains in the finished yoghurt.

Electric yogurt.

In this device, the preparation of the product is very convenient, because it specifically maintains a constant temperature inside itself throughout the process. In fact, you just need to mix the milk and leaven, given the right proportion. Then the mixture is poured over pasteurized jars, placed in the device and the “Start” button is pressed on it. After 7-12 hours, yogurt will be ready. It remains only to put it for several hours in the refrigerator and you can use it.


It is easy to prepare yogurt in a multivariate. Most modern models have a special “yogurt” mode. It is responsible for maintaining the optimum temperature throughout the cycle. First, you also need to mix the milk with the leaven, pour the mixture into a pasteurized pan or all the same jars (they are included in some models) and turn on the desired mode. Time will need about the same, and again at the last stage you need a refrigerator.

Preparation of homemade yogurt


This method is suitable for those who do not have the above special equipment. We must boil the milk and cool to 40 degrees, add the ferment to it and turn on the oven at the minimum heating mode. In this case, the saucepan with leaven should be closed with a lid, wrapped in a thick towel and put on the oven’s open lid. It is important that the billet is placed not in the oven itself, but on its lid. After cooking, the cooled yogurt should be put in the refrigerator.

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