This breed of dogs was formed on the basis of a bulldog and a terrier. From the first, nature has borrowed strength and a thirst for victory, and from the latter, speed and reaction. It’s hard to believe, but at the beginning of the 20th century, pit bull terriers were considered the most suitable dog for the family. This was due to the loyalty of this breed and mild behavior towards children.

However, recently the press has inflated some stories about the bloodthirstiness of dogs, which was the reason for their new image. Pitbulli today is one of the most mysterious breeds. The hosts adore them, outsiders are afraid of people, fearing bloodthirstiness. Nevertheless, experts believe that the breed is not so terrible – the whole line of myths about it.


Aggressive to animals pitbull, can be similarly aggressive to humans.

In fact, many working breeds have a dislike for certain animals. So, the hounds just start to go crazy, only when they see the raccoon, the fox terriers rush into the fox hole without hesitation, and the greyhounds adore the chase. Even good-natured beagles seem to turn into dangerous predators at the sight of rabbits. But no one will suspect these working breeds in unfriendly attitude to man. The same situation with the pit bull. For many years the dog was brought up to attack other animals, but not humans. Correctly brought up dog of this breed is usually loyal to people, especially to children. If you see a pitbull that rocks and growls, threatens to attack people neutral to its owner, you know – this behavior in general for the breed is atypical.

If the pit bull is never specially prepared for the fight, then it will be completely safe for other dogs.

Pitbull can easily get on with other animals, and even more so with dogs. But do not forget that the pit bulls were historically brought up to fight precisely with other dogs. Early and permanent socialization can help the species representative become fully manageable with respect to other animals. But genetics plays an important role, forcing the dog to react to other creatures. After all, the main thing for pit bull is struggle. Even if the pit bull is the first and does not rush into the fray, in its course he can seriously injure or even kill his rival. After all, this kind is deduced just in order to gain victories, despite the pain. Let this quality and is not inherent in all pit bulls, but with certainty it can be said that it is potentially available to all. It’s worth remembering to avoid unnecessary problems. Do not give in to illusions about the good nature of the pet, if for the time being he was friendly to other dogs. Signs of intolerance to foreign dogs can appear unexpectedly, you can not accurately predict at what age.

Pitbull fights with new acquaintances can not be prevented.

It is necessary to introduce the cautiously with new dogs of your pet. You can not let them even dominate the pit bull even in the game. In such fun it is necessary to remove those items that can provoke a quarrel – delicacies, toys. As a result, the pit bull can quite safely live side by side with other animals, one has only to observe certain rules and not leave dogs unattended. It is worth remembering that even the best friends who seemed recently might be fighting, and the outcome can become a tragic wave. Admission this rule also applies to dogs that have lived side by side for several years. Often after the first serious battle, relations between the dogs change. So, wanting to keep good relations between the dogs in the long run, we just have to prevent the first serious fight. If several dogs live together, it is important to separate the dogs from each other in the absence of a dog house. If there is no possibility to use cages or aviaries, then it is necessary to breed pets at least in different rooms. Such methods are so simple, so reliable and safe. It is known that pitbullies get along well with cats, ferrets and rabbits. However, for safety reasons, leaving them alone without supervision is still not worth it.

The American pit bull has a dead grip.

It is believed that the jaws of the pit bull with a bite to unclench is almost impossible. This makes it difficult to separate the dog from the attacked object. In America, veterinarians at the University of Georgia conducted a series of studies, during which the structure of the skull, jaws and teeth of the pit bull terrier was studied. The results showed that all proportions fully correspond to the functional morphology, which is present in other breeds of dogs. There is simply no scientific evidence that there are some mechanisms for blocking or deadly grasping of pit bulls.

Pitbull is a specific breed.

It is customary to call a concrete group of dogs a pit bull. In fact, pit bull terriers are a whole group of several different breeds. There, in particular, includes the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American pit bull terrier. They all have similarities in structure, color and character. In some areas with electoral legislation, pit breeds include even such breeds as Cane Corso (Italian watchdog) or a Spanish bulldog.

Pitbull Terriers are aggressive towards humans.

Many people believe that pitbulls can suddenly demonstrate aggression towards a person, and then also suddenly stop it. In fact, pit bulls were originally bred, not instilling any aggression towards a person, especially a host. With proper training, these dogs will not be more aggressive towards humans than any other breed.


The brain of the pit bull grows throughout life.

This misconception is associated with the large size of the head of many American Staffordshire terriers. Therefore, it is generally assumed that the brain of such a breed as it begins to grow from birth, and does not cease to stop. As a result, the dog just goes crazy or gets such an unusual shape of the head. In fact, the brick form of the head is inherent in most pit bulls, and their brains cease to grow with the dog reaching maturity.

Pitbulls are brought out specially for fights.

Numerous stories about the victories of the pit bulls on the fighters’ rings gave rise to rumors that the breed was bred specifically for dog fights. However, originally the pit bulls were withdrawn for hunting and only then for combat operations. Most of the modern breeders choose pit bulls not as fighters, but as devoted home companions. Pitbulli are more like dogs than fighters, dogs. Earlier they helped to hunt game, to hammer in cattle.

Pitbulls are not as smart as other breeds.

What is a sin to conceal – pit bulls are considered to be stupid dogs. It seems that they are not as smart as, let’s say, labradors. In fact, the pitbulls are very amenable to training. Known abilities and desire of these dogs to learn. This pleases the owners, making upbringing quite easy, because the basic techniques are mastered by the dogs quite quickly. It is known that pitbulls are mountaineers – they can climb trees. These dogs love puzzle toys, hide and find things.

In pit bulls, the bite force is much greater than in other breeds or animal species.

To measure the bite force, use the “pounds per inch” parameter, PSI. It is believed that the pit bulls are particularly prominent with it in a number of other dogs, their PSI reaches 10,000. The National Geographic magazine conducted a study of the strength of the bites of various breeds of dogs and other animals. At the top of the list were crocodiles with PSI equal to 2500. Dogs were located in the middle of the list, possessing an average PSI of 320. In the same studies, in which large breeds of dogs participated, it turned out that the strongest bite in mastiff. Behind him were the Rottweiler and the German Shepherd. In the pit bulls, the bite force is only 71% of the rottweiler’s bite, so the fear of strong jaws is largely irrational.

Pitbullies attack without warning.

Pitbull, like other breeds of dogs, themselves very rarely attack.It always corresponds to a provocation. In this case, all dogs give some warning signs, such as the tension of the muscles of the body before the attack of any other creature. And with good training and proper socialization, coupled with the responsibility of the owner himself, the attack of the pit bull on another dog or person is as unlikely as that of another breed of dog.


Pitbulli is an insidious breed.

This myth continues the previous one. They say that pit bulls like to sneak up, pre-spread out before the throw. However, experienced fighters in general in fights prefer not to adhere to a certain ritual, because it can play into the hands of the enemy. A beginner has a warning growl before the attack.

Pitbulls do not feel pain.

Breeders often tell us that pit bulls are highly sensitive to pain, or it is absent altogether. In fact, all breeds of dogs have a similar nervous system. It allows them to feel the same painful feelings as a person. So do not assume that the pit bull does not feel pain. This opinion has gone from the capabilities of this breed to act even in conditions of extreme physical impact. The fact is that from the very beginning the pit bulls were bred at a high level of courage, which means their focus on the fulfillment of their task even despite physical discomfort. Although many believe that the pit bulls can not stop, and will not complain about the pain, in fact, this behavior is a direct sign of the breed to wish to fulfill the task and please its owners.

The number of bitten by people is much higher than from other breeds.

It is this myth that is guilty of the fear of most people in front of this wonderful breed of dogs. Responsible for this media sources of information, which like to inflate terrible stories. The news of the scary-bitten bullies is most often inflated by the press. In fact, there is simply no system in America for separating all cases of dog bites or attacks on breeds. According to the American Humanist Organization, the Center for Disease Control studied cases of dog attacks from 1979 to 1998. Studies have confirmed that it is difficult to identify a specific breed of dogs, for each of the attacks, moreover, the owners preferred to keep silent about many attacks in the home. Thus, it is unclear what was the basis for such a statement.

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