(from English bodypiercings – punctures of the body) – this is a puncture of this or that part of the body with a special needle. In the pierced hole insert an ornament, as a rule, an earring. Most often pierce the lobules of the ears, nostrils and navel. Subject to compliance with all rules and standards of hygiene and high qualification of the specialist performing the procedure, the piercing is absolutely safe for health. And is it not cloudless from the point of view of the human factor?


The piercing is not addictive.

The most common box in the history of piercing. Some experts say that only three punctures can be safe for the human psyche. More jewelry in the body inevitably leads to addiction, similar to the drug.

The puncture heals within a week.

A puncture, although small, but, nevertheless, is a wound, to all else permanently annoyed by a foreign body. It is well known that pierced ears, for example, heal for at least a month, and the navel or nipples and that longer.

In a fresh puncture, you need to insert gold or silver.

Gold and silver, of course, are the noblest of metals. But it, unfortunately, has properties to oxidize, thereby causing decay of the puncture. Optimum option is a special alloy of metals, called medical or surgical steel.

In the puncture, you can insert decorations of any thickness and configuration.

The piercing industry produces many different ornaments designed each for its own place. And this is not a banal trend of fashion, but a necessity that ensures rapid healing of wounds and a relative guarantee of the preservation of the correctness of punctures.

Guarantee of work – 100%!

Everyone has their own unique anatomical features. For this reason, it is simply impossible to predict the course of the procedure. It follows that only charlatans can give a one hundred percent guarantee.

The safest place to puncture is the eyebrow.

It is well known that large enough nerve endings pass around the eyebrows. If the master hits the nerve with a needle, the consequences will be deplorable, and the face will warp so that only a plastic surgeon can restore it.

Tongue piercing causes sexual arousal during oral sex.

If and reinforces, it is not at all significant. The point is that the place in the language where the decoration is inserted is deep enough in the mouth. Therefore, in technical terms, the efficiency is minimal. Do not make a hole in a more advantageous place of the tongue. So, as in language two large arteries pass, the displacement of the puncture site will lead to damage to one of them, as a result of which the lover of sexual sensations will simply choke with his own blood.

Needles and jewelry for piercing do not cause allergies.

The organism of each person will not be repeated. For this reason, in some people, allergies can cause anything. There were cases when people were taken to the ambulance directly from the piercer’s office with a wild rash or swollen tongue. Be careful!

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