(Paris) – the capital of France, the main economic, political and cultural center of the country, one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world. Located on the river Seine, at the confluence of the main tributaries – the Marne and Oise. The climate is mild, temperate, marine, the average January temperature is 3.4 ° C, and July is 18.8 ° C. The number of frost days per year is 52. Precipitation is 645 mm per year.


Paris is a romantic city, life there flows leisurely and measuredly.

Absolutely mistaken opinion. Paris is a typical modern metropolis filled with crowds of tourists and locals hurrying about their business.

There are no queues in Paris.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. For example, to inspect the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre will have to defend a long queue. The same thing will happen again if you want to have lunch. Turn to the restaurant – an indication that the kitchen of this institution is really good.

There is always French music playing in Paris.

No, you will not hear French chanson in Paris. Some cafes have live music, but not ethnic works.

On the questions asked in English, the Parisians try not to answer or pretend that they do not understand.

Not necessary. With tourists, the inhabitants of Paris behave themselves courteously and courteously, although they really have a dislike for the English-speaking nations (Americans, Australians and, of course, the British).

In the Parisian restaurants very small portions.

In fact, the size of portions is the same as in other European countries. Although the dinner will cost you much more than, for example, in Austria.

All Parisian women are fashionable and very beautiful.

Certainly, in the streets of Paris you can meet beautiful girls, but they are not so many. And in the fashion boutiques of French women you can see much less often than our compatriots.

All French restaurants and cafes offer French cuisine.

Indeed, almost everywhere there is a traditionally favorite by the French onion soup. But the search for some of the world-famous delicacies (for example, frog legs) will have to spend a lot of time.

The Paris metro is covered with mud and is populated by homeless people.

Absolutely mistaken opinion. Metro stations in Paris are much cleaner than, for example, in Moscow. Kloshar (homeless) is not there, if there are such people, then mostly on the street.


Paris streets are perfectly clean.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. On the streets of the “city of love” you can find various garbage, carried by the wind. For many cities in the post-Soviet space such a state of affairs is a common thing, but compared to, for example, the cleanliness of German settlements, Paris loses, despite the fact that the streets are cleaned regularly, and the sidewalks and highways are washed with shampoo. The exception is Sunday, when the capital of France becomes more like a garbage dump. However, it should be noted that in this city it is very easy to breathe, thanks to a large number of green spaces, almost constantly blowing the wind and the absence of enterprises in the city.

The Paris subway network is the most intricate in the world.

Indeed, when you first look at the map of the metro there is such a feeling. But after spending some time, you can easily figure out which branch you need. There are no problems with the definition of the direction of traffic – there are signs in the subway. Yes, and friendly people – tell me, if that.

The ticket purchased in the Paris metro can be thrown out immediately after it was used at the entrance.

It should be remembered that the ticket is used not only to enter, but also to exit from the metro, and in the transitions between the branches turnstiles are installed. So do not rush to throw out a ticket, if you jump through the turnstile (as the indigenous Parisians often do) you have no desire.

In Paris, buses have fixed routes.

Yes, but sometimes one bus of such routes can have several. For example, L’OpenTour rides on 4 routes.In some Parisian buses there is an audio guide to use it, at the entrance you need to take the headphones (which you can then keep to yourself).


Paris is an expensive / cheap city.

Both are true. The roads in Paris are food and transport. The prices for clothes, shoes and household items will pleasantly surprise you (especially during seasonal sales), besides there are weekly and monthly discounts.

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