Panties push-up

Any woman dreams of owning a beautiful body. True, not all of it was given by nature. And to work on themselves in the gym many are not solved. And then various tricks come to the rescue. It has long been known that with the help of clothes you can hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize its dignity. And under the clothes, as it turns out, there is something that corrects the figure.

You can mention at least about bras, giving the breast an attractive shape. Today in fashion are push-up panties, which help to impart to the expressionless before the buttocks appetizing and sexual forms. Such novelties of designers allow women to become more confident.

Buttocks – one of the sexiest parts of the body, but genetically embedded their form is difficult to fix. Pumping on simulators helps little, and loads only lead to a decrease in volumes. Yes, and diets for giving the buttocks sexual forms does not exist. Implants are implanted, few are solved, and the consequences are unpleasant. So this functional novelty, like the push-up panties, turns out, as it is impossible by the way. The effect is achieved due to the filler located in the back or side of the panties.

Panties push-up

That’s just not all potential owners of this underwear are solved for its purchase. Many people are hampered by the numerous myths surrounding pus-pus. Women believe in them, although there is no scientific evidence for such allegations. Let’s talk about the main misconceptions about this item of clothes needed in the wardrobe of any fashionista.

Push-up of the buttocks is a modern invention.

Fashion in different ways at different times dictated the requirements for the proportions of the female figure. At the end of the XIX century, lush buttocks began to be considered popular. Fashion designers began to use such an accessory, as roller fokyu. He was put under the dress below the waist. Then the width of the hips was not important, but their girth. It is believed that such accessories appeared for the first time in the theater, to make the skirts lush. At first the pillow of the tour was puzzling, but then it became a popular part of the women’s wardrobe. And cowards to increase buttocks appeared in the 1960s. Modern icons of show business: Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian just set the fashion on the curvy buttocks.

Only by touching the buttocks of a woman, a man immediately realizes that it is not real.

Modern panties of this type use the same material as filler as the push-up bras. It is not as soft as foam rubber, and when you touch it, the hand will not fail. But inside and not silicone, which is clearly more elastic than the skin. A woman should try to try on such panties and touch her buttocks. Immediately it becomes clear that the sensations are natural, but the priest herself turned out to be elastic and round.

With the buttocks buttocks it will be impossible to walk.

Another “pugalka” says that with such cowards, the skin will sweat and sweat profusely. If the linen has silicone inserts, then you can really talk about increased sweating and discomfort. But if the panties are really high-quality and use foam storage, the situation is different. Such material has a porous structure and good air permeability. Panties are comfortable to wear every day. Nothing prevents the normal operation of the skin, and the sensations are exactly the same as when using a bra with a foam cup. Sweat and prty nothing will. In summer, there are so hot days, which is uncomfortable even in the most ordinary linen. At such a time it is better to abandon the panties to increase the buttocks and move away from the fitted outfits towards a free cut.

Push-up panties are short-lived and quickly lose their shape.

This is possible with foam rubber. Due to its porosity, it sinks faster. But the frothy polyurethane shape keeps steadily. It remains to provide proper care for the laundry. It is a question of manual or delicate washing in water with a temperature of no more than 40 degrees and refusal of automatic drying.But these requirements are identical to the care of ordinary linen. Even with the daily wearing of such shorts, their replacement will be required not earlier than six months later.

Those few centimeters that will give panties a visual effect will not provide.

Used filler naturally collects volume to the center of the buttocks and allows you to create truly natural shapes. A woman gets a seductive figure that does not seem too big or artificial. Popa looks absolutely natural at the same time. So the converse statement about the unnaturally large forms of the body, too, can be considered a delusion.

Push-up panties increase the buttocks by several sizes, which will require new clothes.

The woman remains the same size, but the clothes will look much more impressive.

не Unsafe chemicals are used as a filler for push-ups.

Ecological material, biologically inactive, is used to create such shorts. Orthopedic goods and children’s soft toys are created from the same substance. No mention of any allergic reaction to the filler is not necessary. The composition of typical push-up panties includes 40% viscose. This is a material made from natural cellulose. Viscose is considered a natural and breathable fiber, allowing you to feel comfort to the maximum extent. The other 40% of the material is capron. This synthetic fiber allows you to sit better in linen. It determines the elasticity, wear resistance and strength of the fabric. Elasticity is given to 10% of elastane, and the other 10% are other fibers, such as bamboo and cotton. In the composition of any corrective linen, designed to keep the shape, will include synthetic materials. But nobody prevents wearing cotton under the shaping underwear. So you can save clothes from frequent washing, and make it comfortable and safe for the skin.

The underwear is too specific and noticeable, it is simply impossible to undress and demonstrate it.

Such panties can be pododevat under any clothes, and they will look there organically. This is due to the soldering of the drive into the fabric and the absence of pockets and removable inserts. The most important thing is the classical form of cowards, which does not allow them to suspect an easy “modification”. Being in it – you can relax, because its specificity is not obvious. Visually underwear is no different from simple analogs. And with a darkening of the color and its density, the soldered filler is even more hidden. In white color, the specificity in the density of different parts is still visible better.

Panties push-up

Silicone inserts better increase the volume of the buttocks.

In special pockets for liners, you can put two or three such pieces at once, or push a larger volume into it. But because of the banal force of gravity, the material under its considerable weight will shift downwards. On the body will be constantly felt something extraneous. And the material itself is considered to be air-impermeable, which will create a greenhouse effect for the skin in the very first minutes of wear. The downside of such underwear can be considered and its clear specificity. Extra seams do not give the panties elegance, and the abrupt transition from the body to the liners seems from the side explicit. Pockets themselves when putting on linen begin to stretch across the whole buttock and become larger than the filler in them. Extra space makes clothes unbalanced, which is especially evident during active movements. The woman’s thoughts at such moments will only be about how exactly and naturally the laundry is sitting on her.

Increased buttocks – a deception and a female trick.

If earlier women did not particularly try to increase visually their buttocks, now this part has become a participant in global deception. But is there anything bad in this? False eyelashes, hair extensions, obtained with the help of tanning solarium, the same make-up and bra with the effect of push-up are a long time proven means from the female arsenal of beauty. In this regard, panties to increase the buttocks do not differ from other women’s instruments.Such women’s tricks have always been in their arsenal, you can remember the same foy and touring.

There is no sense in changing the buttocks – it’s part of the body, untouched by fashion.

Statistics say that surgical operations to increase the buttocks are becoming more popular. The American Association for Aesthetic Surgery says that only from 2013 to 2014, the demand for implants grew by 83%. Improvement of the same breast shape was ordered more often by 30%. But it is possible and to abandon the costly operation with possible complications, choosing a much simpler version of the form of cowards with push-up. If the result is not pleasant – from such linen you can always refuse.

The push-up effect does not consist in increasing the buttocks, and pulling them up, as in the case of any corrective underwear.

The purpose of such linen is not a tightening effect. The shape of the buttocks is formed due to a special filler soldered into the back of the laundry. These cowards are, in fact, an overpaid booty. The main thing here is an increase in volume. The pulling effect is inherent in leggings and pantyhose with push-up, which is achieved due to reinforced weaving of threads. But in the case of a lack of own volume, such a lift will not help to form a seductive form.

An alternative to cowards with push-up is sport.

Is not sports a substitute for such a thing? It seems that active exercises can pump the ass. Sport is really important in the life of any person, and cowards with push-ups become an excellent motivator for classes. As soon as a woman sees how tight dresses, jeans or pencil skirts can sit on her, then there will be an incentive to go in for sports on your own. But not everyone is ready to go to sport to acquire a beautiful figure. Shortage of time due to children, a tendency to leanness, the consequences of operations, the age-related lowering of muscles, too, can cause the choice of cowards with push-pom. And sometimes the effect is needed right here and now, for a party or a solemn event. Women themselves are aware that with age it becomes more difficult to keep attractive body shapes, and yet you always want to stay attractive.

Linen with push-up is only necessary for thin (full) women.

Do not rush to extremes and deny one group of women the right to use cowards with push-up. Corrective underwear is interesting for ladies in the body, which change the most critical places of their figure. But the flat shape of the buttocks or age-related streakiness, the loss of shape due to hormonal jumps, pregnancy and childbirth occurs not only in fat women, but also in lean. In fact, the last such underwear is even more necessary. After all, in thin women, the priest often is absent from nature. But in the fashion round and tight buttocks, which react to men. Myth, however, deprives young women of the opportunity to wear comfortable panties, which would give the priest an impeccable form.

Panties with push-apom pull the skin and disrupt blood circulation.

This myth originates from the history of lingerie. Previously, it was really very uncomfortable. Comfort was sacrificed to the ultimate goal. As a result, often women of fashion had to pay with their health. You can recall at least the famous metal corsets, which, when tightened, they squashed internal organs and did not allow breathing. Constant wearing of the corset deformed the chest and led to frequent fainting due to lack of oxygen. But those times have long since passed. Now for women’s underwear women’s health has come first. Fashion designers say that soft seamless panties with overlays do not fit tightly to the body and do not squeeze it. A seamless technology has created delicate products that can satisfy even the most mild and sensitive skin, which in the usual case is suffering from rubbing and irritation. Silky cowards not only protect the skin, but also with their belt can also form a waist, redistributing fatty deposits.

Panties push-up

Panties with push-apom frighten off men.

Women hesitate to wear such clothes, believing that there is nothing to show off and undress before a man they will be embarrassed. But the lover will take such panties, as another pretty woman’s thing, which she used to turn into a beauty queen. Women do not hesitate to wear ornaments, do not leave the house without hair and makeup, so why should you be afraid to use this way of preserving a flawless figure? This man will only “for”, so that his girlfriend used beautiful modeling clothes. Especially in the lineup there are not only modest flesh-colored versions. Catalogs offer really seductive models, in which it’s not a shame to stay in front of your loved ones. Panties can be both modern style and leopard coloring, and with air lace. Modern underwear, modeling a figure, is really beautiful and it should not be ashamed and hidden.

Prolonged wearing of panties with push-up positively does not affect the figure.

It turns out that prolonged wearing of shorts leads to the fact that the body gets used to a new position. The figure itself is pulled to the desired contour. Weightless lining, repeating the anatomical structure of the buttocks, lift and support them. As a result, after a certain time, you can see the effect of wearing shorts. And when creating laundry, special materials are used, which massage the skin and create an anti-cellulite effect. The skin becomes better and maintains tone, fat deposits leave. So linen in itself not only visually improves the figure, but gradually imperceptibly works on it.

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