(in Greek, “prophecy”, “prediction on the hand”) is an analysis of the personality and prediction of future events, based on a careful analysis of the lines on the human hand.

In parallel, there is also chirology (in Greek, “the science of the hand”) – a science that also deals with the study of human hands. Chirology studies the correspondence of a certain position of the lines, the shape of the fingers, and so on. certain events in life, personal qualities, level of physical and mental health, predisposition to certain diseases.

Experience shows that there are a lot of misconceptions about the possibilities of palmistry. What is palmistry: myth or reality? We will try to determine this.


Palmistry is one of the ways of guessing (magic), and it’s a sin to guess.

Palmistry and chirology have nothing to do with divination or magic. It should be taken into account that guessing involves requesting information from the subtle world through the use of a crystal ball, maps, etc. A chiromancer (or a chirologist) only considers and interprets a certain arrangement of lines on the person’s hand – the physiological map of life given to everyone from birth and who, due to acts and deeds, undergoes certain changes. In addition, we should remember the saying in the Bible that the Lord himself is entitled to “seal everyone’s hand” in order to “see his deeds”.

The future can not be changed, so you do not need to know it.

It may be so, but it should be remembered that the chiologist can only make a prediction for the future, but whether this prediction will come true is entirely up to you. For example, if the lines of the hand show that your health is particularly vulnerable at one time or another – why not take care of yourself at a specified time?

Nonsense is all this, because everyone knows that the lines are the result of active physical work. And what about fate, health, etc.?

Wrong opinion. The main lines on the palm are formed during the period of intrauterine development, and therefore, do not depend on physical labor.

You can define events on the hand lines with an accuracy of 1-2 days. Also the palmist is able to accurately describe future events.

This is not quite true. The lines of the hand can give information about the dynamics of the whole life, specific events can be determined with an accuracy of 1-2 years (but not days!) And help determine what it will be for the event. Only future visionaries can see the future events, using completely different methods of obtaining information about the future.

You can determine exactly the length of life and the cause of future death by hand.

Such information will not be provided to you by any professional palmist. He will only indicate which moments in a person’s life are most critical, give information about the cause of these critical dates, and try to help you develop a strategy of behavior to avoid a possible tragedy. To program a person for negative real specialist will never engage in programming a person for negative. In addition, it should be noted that the lines on the hand are constantly changing, we are improving, and, accordingly, our actions affect future events (for example, a fatal accident can “degenerate” into a common trouble, which we will not even pay attention to). Therefore, most often the predictions draw the future only in general terms.

On the lines on the person’s hand you can tell everything about his relatives, friends, co-workers, etc.

Chiromancy does not give complete information about the human environment, although some assumptions can be made.

It is enough for the analyst to show only one hand, because the lines on the left and right palms are identical.

Actually, upon closer examination, you will find that the lines on the right and left palms are significantly different. To determine the level of dynamics of personality development and other equally important factors, the chirologist will have to study both your palms.

The interrupted line of life speaks of an imminent death.

This is not true.This form of the line of life only indicates that the development of events at the moment is difficult to predict.

The birthplace of palmistry – Europe.

According to some scholars, the art of reading on the hand originated in Greece, others consider the “cradle” of palmistry ancient India or ancient Egypt. Mention of some signs on the palm, signaling about this or that disease, can be found in the “Canons of Medical Sciences” Avicenna. In Europe, this art fell due to the gypsies, masterly mastering the skills of palmistry.

Lines on the palms appear under the influence of some otherworldly forces.

In terms of modern anatomy, the hand is the end point of the nerve endings that extend from the brain. Since every millisecond (second of a second) the brain sends a huge amount of nerve impulses to the muscles of the hand, they are in constant motion. These micromovements are not accessible to the simple eye, but they, in the opinion of scientists, are the cause of the appearance of lines and dashes on the palms. We can say that the lines of the hand are an indirect reflection of the feelings, needs, desires and subconscious aspirations of a person. The same kind of connection exists between the brain and the feet of a man, therefore, the subjugation (“guessing in the foot”), intensively applied by the Chinese, also studies the correspondence of lines on the sole of a person and the features of his character, certain events in life, etc.

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