Original nicknames

Nickname is the acquired, unofficial name of an adult or child. It, often, notices desirable, but real qualities and properties of a person. Emphasizes the special meaning of these qualities and properties for others. This is a noticeable feature of appearance or activity.

Nicknames exist as a social phenomenon, you can talk about a system of nicknames. They can be different: emphasize social activity and be a method of teasing and even humiliation, be considered a manifestation of sympathy and be a means of insult. The most active in this direction are parents and teenagers.

Nicknames for your favorite children.

Sometimes a child’s name is chosen at birth for a long time, but later they are called by others, caressing nicknames, as they say, “from excess of feelings”. And then there is an enormous space for creativity. To the already familiar Dolls, Suns, Puppies and Lapochki are added and more original.

The most common are the nicknames of children, derived from the names of animals, birds and even insects. Here happy parents “reward” their adorable children in different ways: Hamster, Kitten, Hedgehog, Swallow, Sovetskiy, Komarik, Bukashechka, Zhuchok, Kukushonok. You can meet even Klopika and Cockroach.

Often parents like it when there is a nickname in the nickname. For example: Katya – Katenok, Alisa – Fox, Veronica – Nika, Svetlana – Lana.

In the nicknames of children, characters of cartoons, fairy tales often appear. This is the Gnome, Funtik, Dracocha, Barmaley, Pokemosh, Prince.

Often the names rhyme. Then the following nicknames are obtained: Irinka-mandarininka, Glebushka-khlebushka, Vanka-vstanka, Natasha-bug.

There are also “culinary” nicknames: Bun, Pie, Cheesecake, Bublychek.

They name their favorite children, Yagodka, and Smokers.

Among the flower nicknames, Daisies, Dandelions, Roses occupy a firm place.

Sometimes children are called by actions or parts of the body: Schekastik, Ushastik, Puzanchik, Tolstunchik, Puhlik, Pishchalkin, Hnyklik, Krut-vrat, Soplyushka, Lapuhastik.

Sometimes called by nature: Shilo, Egoza, Laughter, Chef, Spring, Plaksun.

In the mouth of parents everything sounds with love, even obzvilki. For example: Golopopik (naked priest), Piyavochka (sucking chest), Nyunya (whining), Pisyundrych (often pissing), Kishkomot (naughty).

Nicknames in the teenage world.

Nicknames play a significant role in the world of adolescents. They are invented for various reasons. The reason can serve anything: the qualities and actions of a person, certain circumstances, events, associations with an official name and surname. They are given because of desire and insult, and stand out, and jokes for the sake of.

In a school environment, nicknames are often formed from names and names. For example: Suslov – Suslik, Lysenko – Bald, Kuzmin – Kuzya, Rybalko – Rybalka, Isayev – Isai, Shevchenko – Sheva, Sergey – Gray, Angelina – Angel.

Separate nicknames characterize the features of appearance: Hogs (excessively thick), Pyshka (full), Long, Calancha, Skyscraper (tall), Monkey, Rozh (“Krivlyaka”), Short, Small (short).

By nature and qualities: Stuck (intrusive), Wunderkind, Botan (clever), Camatorium, Sloupok (braked), Brigadiersha (constantly indicating what to do), Hidden threat (getting into different alterations).

Sometimes nicknames appear by association with the surname. So, Vorobiev – Bird, Sudakov – Fish, Ogurtsov – Vegetable, Shaposhnikov – Cap, Korovin – Molochkov, Shmelev – Bee, Zaitsev – Rabbit, Lapshin – Makarona, Spaghetti.

Often they are identified with the name of a famous person or literary hero. For example, Bogdanov – Titomir, Singers – Chaliapin, Malysheva – Thumbelina, Nekhoroshko – Malchish-Plokhish.

Nicknames or NICs.

NIKI is popular on the Internet. It’s a nickname. When you plunge into the endless expanse of the Internet, you need to somehow identify yourself, take a network name. You can just own a name, for example, Vasya, Sveta, but it’s trite. And everyone wants to come up with something original, suitable only for you.

This is the rare case when you give yourself a nickname. Here, everyone is as skillful as they can. From simple (Christina – Criss, Sabrina – Bree, Veronica – Nika) to the refined ones (Valletta, Dieso, Erdellet, Hachachun).

Some take themselves to be funny NIKI. For example: Absolutely blonde, Crocodiller, Murmaylo, Nedoskreb, Smorkel, Monitor Klaviaturovich, Doctor-hangover, Eyeglasses macho.

Others are fond of elf names: Irima (beautiful), Kue (dove), Taurari (queen of the forest), Mornemir (black diamond), Taurohtar (forest warrior), Ainon (saint).

Some people like to be called the names of different vampires, ancient Greek names, names of kings, popular literary characters, names of flowers, animals. The scope for creativity is huge.

Nicknames of famous footballers and clubs.

“Award” with the nicknames of not only children and adolescents. They have even famous people. Especially popular is in football. So, the legendary Pele is called not only the “King of football”, but also “the Man bringing misfortune”. His original nickname he received because of the overwhelmingly bad predictions of football matches.

Asian football player Naohiro Takahara most original nickname – “Sushi-bombardier” for exact and unique goals.

Arjen Robben is called the “Glass Man”. He is a talented winger (football team player, acting between defense and attack) of the world, but permanent injuries prevent him from revealing himself in full force.

Tony Adams, the legend of the England national team, received his insulting nickname “Ass” from the British press for careless attitude to appearance.

Dutchman Michael Raiziger due to the unusual structure of the skull nicknamed “gas mask”.

Frenchman Nicolas Anelka became “incredibly sullen”, because no one can remember him joyful. Yes, and the character, closed and unsociable, this helped.

Even football clubs have nicknames. For example, “Manchester City” was nicknamed “Blue Moon”, because this is the name of the traditional song of the fans of this club.

The Barnsley Club is called “The Maid”. The mascot of the club was the mongrel Toby. For many years she entertained the audience at the Oakwell.

The Scunthorpe Club is Iron, because Scunthorpe is a metallurgical center in the UK. Hence the nickname.

There are nicknames in almost all population groups. And it is not bad to get it if it is given benevolently, openly, and talently.

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