implies the use of medicines of animal origin for medicinal purposes. This concept includes organ transplantation and treatment with various extracts, blood preparations, hormones that were obtained not chemically, but directly from the donor.

Today these methods have become very popular in the West, gaining popularity among us, although the first results appeared in 1954. It was then in France that an extract was extracted from the kidney cells of the animal and the person was vaccinated, which saved him. For this, the scientist even received the Nobel Prize, and the method began to develop around the world.

Organotherapy is quite effective, working even in such complex cases that have not previously been treated at all or treated symptomatically. With the help of such techniques, cosmetic diseases such as stretch marks, acne, skin atony, cellulite can be successfully treated.

Such treatment based on the “similar-like” principle is based. To treat the diseased body use a hood from a healthy, which chemically performed is not always possible.

Mass distribution of organotherapy in Russia was expected to lead to the emergence around the methodology of legends and myths, many of which aim not to improve the patient, but enrichment pseudo. Organotherapy is credited with miraculous possibilities, but instead of curing a person, believing healers, may even lose health. Therefore, it is worthwhile still to understand what is true, and what is a lie, before applying organotherapy on yourself.

Organotherapy and stem cell treatments are the same procedures, with the same results.

There is a significant difference between the treatment of stem cells and organotherapy. The fact is that in the second case, “zero” cells are delivered directly to the affected area, why the body begins to produce a new tissue. In the case of stem cells, there is an effect on the body as a whole. That is, the organotherapy is different in that it works directly with the focus of the disease.

Organotherapy is harmful, if only because a person is treated at the expense of the health of other animals.

And who said that only animal and embryo cells are used? In organotherapy, extracts from plants are also successfully used: birch, juniper, oak, alder. Practice has shown that such means work quite successfully, and these extracts are well perceived by the human body, which does not reject natural components.

The patient can choose the components of his “cocktail” independently.

The patient should doubt the doctor’s qualifications if he suggests that he make a set of hoods for treatment himself. After all, it is up to the doctor to determine, depending on the specific case, what exactly to treat the disease and, accordingly, to bear responsibility for the results.

Organotherapy is very painful.

The procedure for entering a “cocktail” into the body resembles an ordinary injection and is performed with a syringe. Usually there are no consequences from this operation, the body does not show a negative reaction to new cells, which means that a person does not feel any discomfort.

You can make a cocktail in such a way that it affects a smaller number of injections.

Do not believe those who promise fast and successful treatment, this is impossible, and even pay the same amount in the long run. Organotherapy provides long-term treatment. Usually, five to twelve procedures are required. After the twelfth procedure, the doctor will ask for a pause, since the body needs to adapt to those new cells that he artificially instilled. But the greater number of procedures without a break testifies that doctors or cosmetologists are trite trying to cash in. In fact, usually, there are enough and ten procedures, since after such a number of results are visible.

There are no contraindications to organotherapy.

Do not believe those who say so.Like any other type of treatment, organotherapy has its own contraindications, and a competent doctor will certainly mention it. First of all, it concerns inflammatory processes and tumors.

Acting directly on the site of the disease, unlike stem cells, organotherapy does little to improve overall human health.

After the first session, the results are visible – a person’s word will begin to glow from within with health, the face lifting itself takes place. Organotherapy significantly increases vitality, a person is less drawn to sleep, a burst of vitality is accompanied by a desire for active action. Increases and libido, it is no accident that women who have completed the course, soon lead and their husbands. Organotherapy allows you to fight new diseases, such as childish baldness. The presence of such a problem in a young man in the age of eighteen or twenty years can cause serious psychological problems, but the treatment can remedy the situation, although traditional medicine often just hands up.

After organotherapy, rejuvenation takes place forever.

I would like, of course, that the one-time course permanently rejuvenates the body, but miracles do not happen. Time passes, the cells are removed from the body and the person returns to the original state. Depending on the metabolic processes in the body, remission can occur within a year, and may stretch for as much as five. But if with the help of organotherapy there was treatment, for example, stretch marks, then they, naturally, will not return.

Organotherapy can be practiced countless times.

Many people, after seeing positive results, try to repeat the course again. But doctors do not recommend doing this often. In the case of local, cosmetology treatment, the course can be repeated only after six months, but if there was a general effect, then not earlier than a year later.

Organotherapy successfully helps to lose weight.

The very process of losing weight does not happen quickly anyway. Yes, organotherapy can help lose weight, but only with the use of an integrated approach to treatment. By itself, this technique is not capable of solving the problem. Moreover, incompetent interference can only aggravate the situation.

And in beauty salons you can undergo a full course of organotherapy.

This statement is erroneous, since you rarely see a doctor in beauty salons. But people from the street, without medical education, can cause serious harm to the body. A similar situation exists with many paid clinics, which primarily concern enrichment. If you decide to undergo an organotherapy course, please ask for a diploma that allows this type of activity and hygienic certificate. Otherwise, you risk getting fake drugs, and few want to become a victim of an experiment of incompetent doctors.

Treatment with organotherapy is as expensive as stem cells.

Actually, organotherapy is much more accessible than stem cells. If the cost of drugs in the first case is hundreds of dollars, then in the second – tens of thousands. So organotherapy is quite affordable for people of average income.

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