Omelet making

Omelette is a famous dish of French cuisine, favorite and popular all over the world. Species have their names. So, the Italians create a frithatta, the Japanese – omurtse, and the Spaniards – a tortilla. There is a similar dish in the Russian national cuisine, it is called drachena. But this is still more ritual food.

The original omelette recipe is simple. It’s just a lightly beaten egg fried in butter. But the improved recipes for omelets are so many that they are enough for a whole culinary book. Prepare this dish with tomatoes, cheese, ham, cottage cheese, greens and bacon, champignons and pepper.

Even a sweet chocolate omelet was created for sweeties. Apparently, this dish is able to please anyone. And to make the omelet truly perfect, it is worth learning some secrets of its preparation.

Omelet making


Thorough mixing of eggs with milk will make the omelet more delicious. In order to achieve the best result, it is necessary to process the mass with a fork or a whisk, not with a mixer. Then, in the whipped mass, you can carefully add the filling. So the omelet will turn out to be really airy. Those who wish to prepare an omelette souffle, it is necessary to whip the whites separately, and then add the yolks and milk.


For the most airy and light omelets, you will need home eggs, not store eggs. A dietary dish can be made if you use only proteins. If you need a more dense in its composition dish, then it will be necessary to use only yolks.

Excess fluid.

The dish will be spoiled for too much liquid. Ideally, one egg should have about 20 milliliters of milk. If it will be more, then the ready dish will start to give back moisture quickly. Then the omelet will immediately fall.


Experienced chefs know that omelets must be cooked only under the lid of a frying pan. It is interesting that if the lid is also smeared with a piece of butter on the inside, the dish will turn out to be more lush and tasty than usual.


Do not let the omelet burn. That the dish is evenly fried and risen, it is necessary to shake it periodically in a frying pan. To start to prepare an omelet it is necessary on a strong fire, having waited rise and fastening. Then the fire should be tempered to the minimum level and cooked before the final stage. If the omelette is cooked as it should, then it will easily crawl onto the plate from the frying pan.

The secret of splendor.

If you want to certainly achieve the splendor of the dish, then in the mass is worth adding a little mango or flour. But it’s important not to overdo it. Otherwise, a delicate omelet will become a flat and dense cake. Usually a half-teaspoon of flour is enough for a mixture of four eggs.

Creamy taste.

This taste is decorated with an omelette. You can get it by adding a couple of teaspoons of sour cream or mayonnaise to the mixture for 4 eggs. Tableware for an omelette.

It is very important that the omelet will be prepared. The frying pan needs a thick and even day. It is best to prepare a cast iron product for these purposes. The lid should be prepared so that there is a hole in it for moisture to escape. So the omelet will be able to get rid of excess fluid.


Fry the omelette on vegetable oil, adding a small slice of cream. If you neglect this advice and use only vegetable oil, then the dish will not be so soft and fragrant.


The omelette is good with herbs, but it should not be added to the half-finished mixture, but sprinkle the ready-made dish immediately before serving. So it will be possible to keep the smell of greens, its taste and vitamins.


Omelette is a dish that allows and even requires constant experiments. The original options can be found, as in the book of recipes, and come up yourself. And even if the ideal omelette does not turn out right away, the skill will quickly come. A simple and original breakfast can energize for the whole day.


Serve omelet, folded in half or even folded into a tube.If the dish turned out great, then it can be cut into pieces. It is allowed to separate the omelet with a pair of forks into small pieces and fry them until a crusty crust.

Omelet making

Original recipe.

In the pursuit of experiments, do not forget about this French omelet recipe. The French do without flour, milk, water and other things. And the splendor of this dish is not required, so the frying pan does not close.

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