Old age

The word

“old age”

most people are bewildered, because it is still so far away. And in their own way they are right. However, the first age-related changes in the body occur already in 30-35 years, and some people even earlier. Let’s look at the basic myths about aging, so as not to remain in captivity dangerous delusions.

Aging can not be slowed down.

In fact, the unpleasant traces of aging on the face can be easily avoided, and for this, the tricks of surgeons or special plastics will not be necessary. After all, there is a much simpler solution – you need to spend less time in the sun, because it is the cause of the appearance of 80% of all facial wrinkles. It will also be beneficial for the body to quit smoking and reduce stress – this will reduce the number of free radicals in the blood. The condition of the heart can easily be improved with a glass of red wine, taken daily. It was found that the wine contained resveratrol, the latest studies have shown that this substance can increase the life expectancy of fish by as much as 60%! In grapes grown in the highlands, the number of useful components is much higher, so it is recommended to pay attention to the Italian Chianti or Argentine wines varieties of Malbec.

When aging, the body decreases.

And this is the truth. Osteopaths claim that a person reaches his maximum height by the age of 30, after which a slow and prolonged compression process is observed. As a result, by the age of 70, growth may decrease by 5-10 centimeters. There are many reasons for this process. First of all, this is the subsidence of the spine under the influence of age. Long-term loads lead to a decrease in the amount of fluid in the intervertebral discs. Also, the density of bones decreases. To strengthen them, you must adhere to a diet, which includes a lot of calcium and vitamin D. Growth can be maintained through regular training, during which weights will rise.

To live longer you need less to eat.

And this statement is largely true. Therefore, think again – is it worth eating this fat piece of meat. Nutritionists say that people with pronounced obesity live an average of 8-12 years less compared to ordinary people. If you reduce the caloric content of the diet by 25%, then this will become an opportunity to reduce the risks of DNA damage and reduce the production of insulin, which is precisely one of the main accelerators of body aging. Daily diets should not include more than 1800 calories, and fatty meat dishes should be replaced with vegetables and fruits.

After 80 years, life, in fact, ends.

Scientists involved in bioregulation and gerontology argue that the average life expectancy of a person may well be 120 years. However, for this it will be necessary to carry out gene therapy and replace worn out parts of the body, for example, joints. More optimistic forecasts indicate that a person has already been born who can live for a thousand years. In many respects the issue of life after 80 years is moral. If the person himself sets himself up for a harmonious existence in society, then his life will be brighter than that of one who condemns himself to a speedy death.

In the old age, the inevitable loss of teeth.

Over time, the chewing surface of the teeth is worn out, and they themselves can change the color or lose it at all. However, the cause of tooth loss is not their age, but gum disease. But this situation can and should be controlled – you should regularly brush your teeth and visit the dentist regularly. If there are no problems with the gums, then one visit per year is sufficient, in the case of diseases, a doctor is twice as likely to visit a doctor.

At the end of life, a person is good for nothing.

Aging is nothing but the wear and tear of the body. And it is exposed to loads at any age. It is also the fault of the aggressive environment, diseases, viruses, wounds, free radicals contained both in the air and in food. All this aggravates the damage caused.About the body, as well as about the car, it is necessary to care – to carry out planned inspection and fill the body with high-quality fuel. Reducing the consumption of roasted is simply a matter of principle, it is better to abandon such burnt food altogether. After all, it contains the maximum number of free radicals. It is necessary to understand that the maintenance of a body in a tonus is easier to produce than later to restore it from the consequences of overloads and illnesses. It is recommended to do aerobics, although for 40 minutes 3 times a week, gradually increasing the intensity of training.

Women grow old before men.

The fact that the skin of men is 16% thicker than the female, it is also more oily, and it is aging slower. Women’s skin, due to the small amount of collagen, is quickly covered with wrinkles. To ensure that the collagen protein helps the skin maintain its quality, it is necessary to limit the consumption of sweet, especially chocolate.

Stress speeds up aging.

And this is also true. Stress, first of all, prevents the body from resisting the effects of the environment. This leads to an acceleration of aging. With a high level of stress, the life expectancy of the cells falls, and a powerful blow is applied to the genes inside them. The University of Texas came to the conclusion that an unhappy marriage leads to the fact that the body wears out not only morally, but also physically. Therefore, the accumulated problems should not be hidden, it is necessary to talk about them with a partner out loud. It is proved that couples who argue are much more viable than couples who prefer to keep silent about internal disagreements.

Hair can grow gray overnight.

It does not happen that you see a man with absolutely white hair in the mirror in the morning, and the changes occurred overnight. Even if an air crash, an earthquake and a stormy party had to endure during the evening. Hair grows gray with time, the body gradually ceases to reproduce pigments. However, this process is very gradual and unhurried. Scientists do not even understand the relationship of aging to graying. Perhaps this process is caused by the lack of vitamins of group B, copper or tyrosine amino acids in the body – these substances and contribute to the development of the hair pigment. But all these substances can be bought at the pharmacy.

Old age entails the end of sex life.

A gay old man is a myth with which science has been struggling for a long time. Indeed, in old age, many older people stop having sex, but many of them want, and can enjoy it at seventy, and eighty years. While a person is physically and mentally healthy, there is no reason to refuse sex, regardless of age.

Older people can not learn new information.

In the world every year there is an increasing number of people who continue their education by attending colleges. Just because they like it. This is a refutation of the myth, although it is quite common, leading to the fact that many do not even try to activate their mental activity in an attempt to avoid degradation. In practice, any new information, if a person does not artificially close it, stimulates the brain, because people like to learn something new.

Life expectancy depends on heredity.

Heredity actually plays an important role in this matter – the genetic predisposition increases the chances of a person. However, do not forget about other factors – the environment, lifestyle and others. Therefore, if your ancestors died at an early age, this does not mean that you will not be able to live much longer. We must take care of our health, use modern means to combat aging. It is likely that the bad heredity will then be overcome.

Traces of old age can be hidden with the help of cosmoceutics.

When a person’s age approaches fifty, an increasing number of people are looking for expensive cosmoceutics to hide the traces of age.Kosmocevtikami it is customary to call drugs that eliminate age spots on the face and wrinkles, which seems to preserve youth. However, how effective are these drugs? Virtually all of them contain the same components (hydroacids, humectants, copper peptides and antioxidants), only in different combinations and with the inclusion of other ingredients. Some such mixtures actually can eliminate fine wrinkles, however this effect is insignificant and is temporary. The contents of a small jar can not get rid of deep wrinkles, if you want to do it all the same – contact a plastic surgeon.

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