Office partitions

Staying any product on the market simply does oblige it after a certain time to grow myths, rumors and legends, as well as stereotyped judgments. For example, for many foreigners it seems natural that in Russia the bears are walking the streets, we ourselves believe in the emotionality of the Italians, the love of French women and the punctuality of the Germans.

It’s hard for us to imagine that this is not the case, leaving with the usual myths. The same fate befell all customary office partitions, which divide the rooms into functional zones.

Usually partitions are used that apply the redevelopment of the premises and create on one single territory separate spaces. Partitions usually consist of an aluminum frame, to which are attached plates, consisting of different materials.

Unfortunately, most of the information on such constructions is incorrect, so let’s try to understand the main myths about partitions.

Partitions can be of two colors – white and gray.

Indeed, these two colors are standard for the office, but the color of the partitions is by no means limited to this set. So, it seems, since customers choose neutral colors for their premises. In fact, with the use of vinyl coatings, it is possible to paint walls in more than 250 colors. At the same time, vinyl is not only beautiful, but also reliable. Its important qualities are high performance characteristics, high moisture resistance. That is, such a wall can be safely washed without fear of its strength. Yes, and the profile of the partition can be painted in any color, suitable for the overall color of the room. The designers found an interesting solution – to use in the glass partitions blinds from various materials and different directions. And here it is possible to apply different color shades. Thus, nothing prevents the office from blossoming with the help of colored partitions, creating a desire for a warm atmosphere, a spirit of creativity and so on.

Partitions are unreliable structures.

Light partitions against the backdrop of heavy walls immediately look fragile and unstable. Of course, it is wrong to compare the strength of a concrete wall and partitions, because their purpose and structure are different. Partitions successfully handle not only their main functional task – the delineation of space, but also other tasks. Even though these structures are light (especially if made of aluminum) and relatively thin, it is possible to attach attachments to them, since the partitions have high resistance to cantilever loads. So do not be afraid to attach shelves, hanging cabinets and other accessories to them.

зву Through sounds, sounds penetrate quietly.

This myth about the poor insulation of structures again stems from their apparent subtlety and fragility, although in fact, by noise absorption, the partitions are comparable to the usual brick wall, which is thicker by a factor of 2! We give the building standards of sound insulation, which are measured in decibels (dB). The sound insulation of a brick wall 15 cm thick (half-brick) is 47 dB, if it is a conventional brickwork 28 cm thick – 54 dB. The usual 9 cm partition has this value equal to 40 dB, but if it is made up of two drywall sheets and filled with mineral wool inside, the figure will increase to 53 dB. Nobody prevents for maximum sound insulation to develop a structure of the partition with a large alternation of soundproofing and drywall. Yes, and glass partitions also effectively protect from noise – single glass – 38 dB, and double – 42 dB.

Partitions have rather limited possibilities in the field of installation.

For some reason, many believe that partitions are mounted only at an angle of 90 degrees, and the structures that they form, respectively, either square or rectangular. This is not so, because according to the modular principle of the partition can be docked in any combination under a variety of angles.This principle itself. As its name implies, it offers the use of finished parts and dock them in numerous variations. And for the implementation of different planning solutions, there are specially designed rotary elements, which allow the modules to be positioned at different angles. For “filling” you can use T-shaped connections or rounded blind modules, sections of glass. The modularity of the partitions makes it possible not only to create designs with sharp angles, but also to significantly beat the interior – for example, to build semicircular walls.

Because of the partitions, all communications are visible for show.

The fact is that in a careless owner, everything will always be sloppy – whether partitions or capital walls are used. In this case, just the opposite, it is with the help of partitions that you can hide communications, which is another winnings in front of the standard walls. In the design of modern partitions, it is already possible to create a hidden and secure wiring, lay telephone and computer cables. For this, special technological slots for wiring have already been made in the frames of the frame, they are also in horizontal crosspieces, in the sections of the same wire will lie between the blind panels. If the work places are displaced, then without dismantling the frame, you can change the panels themselves, along with the corresponding holes, and rearrange the sockets.

“Open space” space is worse than individual cabinets.

The roots of this myth are also easy to find. The matter is that people have got used to working in offices for decades, that’s why it seems that this is the best option. However, business now dictates new requirements and approaches, as a result of which the idea of ​​”ore spase offise” appeared. Such an office is one large room in which employees are located. Partitions separate one work area from the other, so the entire space is effectively used, and the area can be quickly redistributed depending on new tasks, changes in the features of the work. The idea of ​​”open space” allows you to educate employees in the spirit of corporatism, accelerate the exchange of information between them, and will designate democracy. With this construction of the working space, the person gets the desired solitude, optimal conditions are created for him. And all this is possible thanks to partitions, including glass, which have been used recently. Due to their transparency in the team, a sense of purity and clarity in business is created, and in the team between employees trust increases. The use of glass also allows to provide a place with a large amount of light, which favorably affects the physical and mental state of the employee. Executives who use “spase office” in their offices say that the organization of the business process has improved, labor productivity has increased, the number of “smoke breaks” has decreased, and information exchange has ceased to be interrupted.

Partitions must be fixed to the ceiling and walls.

This rule is valid only for stationary partitions, thus providing the necessary rigidity of the structure, and the construction becomes a real alternative to the capital walls. But there are mobile partitions that do not need to be fastened to anything at all. Due to their quality, they can be quickly arranged in already finished rooms. In this case, mobile partitions are also resistant to the placement of shelves on them, posting communications through them. Believe me, this is very convenient, because literally in a matter of hours you can redevelop the entire room. In today’s market, with a wealth of design and finishing tools, a competitor claiming a serious role in the niche of “mobile” walls simply does not exist.

Not all office premises have the ability to install partitions.

The proponents of myth most often point to the offices of leaders, in which the use of little-represented materials is unacceptable.But this is not so, modern partitions have a very stylish look, they can accommodate any attributes of the office of the representative class. Today, you can decorate the metal elements of partitions for gold, silver, bronze and even wood, and with the help of powder enamel generally give any shade of color. Yes, and the skeleton itself can be made either deaf or transparent, by the way, the finishing with the material “under the tree” is very suitable, which will immediately give the cabinet a respectable appearance. In the same partitions it is easy to integrate everything from credentials, maps, awards, to plasma TVs.

Partitions can only be used in offices.

And this is not true, because the ease and convenience of partitions could not go unnoticed in other areas. Today, almost in any room there are these designs, but they are most widespread in the trading halls. We are talking about glass partitions, which not only demarcate space, but are also a kind of showcase. Naturally, in such cases, a safety glass is used to exclude the risk of cuts in case of surface damage. Today, technologies are already at such a level that showcases and trade pavilions of these materials are produced very quickly. In Moscow, in one of the shopping malls were built entirely glass partitions in height of 3 meters, while the maximum size of the canvas was 3 * 2 meters, and their total area was 135 square meters. All the work was done in just 5 days. In addition to trade, these designs are successfully used in restaurants, public institutions, fitness centers, telecommunications companies and many other places.

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