(from Latin numerus, numeri – “number” and Greek logos – “word”, in ancient Greek – “thought”, “intention”) – occult science, the subject of study are esoteric or mystical connections between numbers and various objects, phenomena, and also beings.

The basis of numerology – the reduction of multi-digit numbers by various arithmetic operations (most often – addition) to single (from 1 to 9). Each of these primes (in some cases, numbers 11 and 22, called “Teacher’s numbers” and having special significance) have certain characteristics, according to which it influences the formation of the personality of the individual and his life as a whole.

Not only the date and time of birth is taken into account, but also the surname, first name, patronymic, and in some cases even the person’s address (the alphabetic information is translated into the digital one according to the tables in which the numerical value corresponding to each letter of the alphabet is indicated).

Numerology was invented by Pythagoras.

No, this ancient Greek philosopher and scientist only developed in the VI century BC. the basic principles of modern Western numerology, combining the mathematical systems of the Druids, Arabs, Egyptians, Phoenicians with the doctrine of human nature. The science of predicting by numbers, called arithmancy, has been widespread since ancient times in many countries (Greece, Rome, Babylon, Egypt, India, etc.). It was after a long journey through many of the countries mentioned above that Pythagoras founded a philosophical society in Italy, and after a while he put forward the idea of ​​expressing musical intervals through digital meanings. According to the scientist, not only the notes, but also any phenomenon in the universe corresponds to a certain numerical value.

Numerology is the magic of numbers.

Quite often the above-mentioned phrase is used to name the ancient science of numbers. However, experts believe that this name is wrong. Numerology, which studies the effect of numbers on people, objects and phenomena, is closer to astrology, in which the subject of research is the influence of stars and planets on human life. Magic is the fulfillment of certain actions designed to change the existing state of things and to achieve the goal by attracting supernatural forces (which is not practiced in numerology).

Numerology can help to radically change life.

This is not quite true. Like astrology, numerology can determine what talents a person has from birth, what his temperament and temperament are, and also help in choosing partners for family or business relationships. Making calculations, you can determine the time most suitable for a particular action, the best place of residence and work, the most suitable number for the house, apartment, phone. However, all these actions only contribute to improving the qualities of life predetermined by the fate of this person, enrich him with knowledge about future events, but numerology can not prevent the events themselves and change the life path of the individual fundamentally.

In numerology, each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number from 1 to 9.

This is just one of the methods for converting literal information into a numeric one, also known as the “Agrippa method”. The creator of this standard is Heinrich Cornelius (another name is Agrippa of Nettesheim) – a medieval alchemist, astrologer, philosopher, occultist, mystic, writer and physician. However, there are other methods of converting information, according to which each letter of the alphabet is assigned a certain numerical value. For example, in isopsofia (the ancient Greek practice of obtaining the total value of numerical equivalents of literal information) and a similar gematria (used to convert texts in Aramaic and Hebrew), the letters of the Greek alphabet were assigned the value from 1 to 900, Armenian – from 1 to 20,000, Arabic – from 1 to 38, etc.

It is best for numerological analysis to use the most ancient tables for converting literal information to numeric.

Nowadays there are a lot of different numerological tables, and as to which of them is the best, disputes are still being waged. Some numerology is considered to be the only correct table, inherited from them, others prefer the most ancient methods of calculus, while others use modern variants of tables. And some experts say that there is a certain time and place for the discovery of one or another numerological information, according to which it is necessary to apply the table that exists at that particular moment in time. For example, some features of the life path of a historical person can be recognized by analyzing according to the numerological table invented in our day, and not being a contemporary of the ancient emperor, commander or philosopher.

With the help of numerology, you can find a solution to a particular problem.

Indeed, numerology offers several ways to overcome life’s troubles. For example, it is possible to state the essence of the problem on paper, and try to formulate the question with maximum precision and concreteness – only in this case a similar concrete answer will be obtained. Next – translate the above into a digital equivalent (according to numerological tables) and in accordance with the result obtained, read a particular page and chapter in the book (best of all – in the Bible). It should be remembered that, firstly, before proceeding to the ritual, it is necessary to bring yourself to a maximum calm state, and secondly – you need to properly arrange the room (the room should be clean and quiet, artificial light, if possible, replace with live fire (fireplace, candles)) and thirdly – it is best to ask questions concerning the near future (1-2 months).

If the numerical code of the month for different people is the same – they will face in life with similar problems.

According to numerologists, the numerical expression of the month of birth can tell about the tasks that a person must solve during his life (if he somehow avoids this, the same problems will be manifested in the next incarnations). And indeed, the main problems for people with the same code of the month (for those born in January and October this is 1, in February and November – 2, in March and December – 3) are similar. But the aspects of setting and solving various tasks differ. For example, before people born in January and October, there is a problem of leadership. But at the same time, the first should minimize the possibility of participating in risky adventures, avoid leading posts and rash decisions, and the second – get rid of doubts, learn to show determination and make choices.

The birthday code and the date of birth are the same.

Wrong opinion. The code of the birthday is calculated by adding (if necessary) the digits of the calendar number of the day of the person’s appearance. As a result, you can get information about certain properties of the personality of the individual (for example, first-born willed, ambitious creators and inventors who possess the gift of persuasion, the second – people are soft and compliant, avoiding conflicts, with developed imagination and artistic abilities, etc. ). If we are talking about the date of birth – the figures of the day, month and year of birth are added. Analysis of the result of this numerological action allows you to obtain information about the meaning of life (therefore in some cases the date of birth code is called the “number of the Life Path”).

Performing numerological calculations, you can get information only about one particular person.

This is not true. The information obtained in the analysis of the year of birth reflects the problems of karma of the genus that a person will face in his life.Having become acquainted with the results of calculations, you can not only learn about the temptations your ancestors were subjected to, and what sinful deeds they committed, but also plan further work to purify karma (both own and tribal).

A significant number in the destiny of a person is necessarily a happy one.

This is not quite true. After all, meaningful (“fatal” or “vibrating”) can be numbers that do not bring happiness and luck. Most often, the type of impact of a given number on a specific person can be determined only by observing the events that occur with it on a day, month and year, corresponding to a significant number of persons (which is determined by adding the day and month of birth to the formation of a prime number). But it should be noted that, firstly, a significant number does not always manifest itself as events directly (for example, it can be represented by a winning lottery number); secondly, it forms a group with other numbers (for example, 1,2,7 ), which should also be taken into account.

Numbers from 1 to 9 and the so-called “Teacher numbers” are counted in numerology – 11 and 22.

In some cases, this is indeed the case. Numbers 11 and 22 are significant, for example, in determining the number of the year of birth. But in this case, it should also be taken into account that, firstly, the sacred numbers do not start from the moment of birth, but after reaching the age of 32 years. And secondly, people, in the code of the full date of birth of which there are figures 11 and 22, extremely rarely use the full potential of “Teacher’s numbers”, therefore these figures are replaced by the two and four in the calculations. The same replacement is made when the compatibility level is determined by the birth code, the address or phone number is selected. But when choosing the most suitable car number, the sacred numbers 11 and 22 are taken into account.

The number 6 in the date of birth is a bad sign.

This opinion appeared, most likely, in connection with the so-called “Number of the Beast” mentioned in the Bible (666). That’s why some esotericists claim that the six in the date of birth – to misfortunes and troubles, and even if their 2 or 3 – things are completely bad. However, it should be taken into account that, firstly, out of the three sixes in the date of birth, it is impossible to add the Biblical Number of the Beast (at the time of writing the Apocalypse, the decimal positioning system of the calculus simply did not exist, therefore the record “six hundred and sixty-six” was not identified with “six, six and six “). Secondly, in numerology, the number 6 (and also 15 and 24) is a symbol of reliability and the planet of Venus, and gives the person an external attraction, an easy character, and also determination and purposefulness. The presence of two or three sixes in the date of birth only promises an increase in the qualities described above and the favors of fate. And, thirdly, the number 6 has a negative connotation of values ​​only among European peoples, and, according to the Chinese and other Asian countries, is happy.

In numerology, not only the resulting numbers of the date and time of birth, name, surname, patronymic, but also their components are significant.

This is indeed so. In some cases, the code of the day of the week in which the person was born is also taken into account, and a “Map of Inclusions” (from inclusif- “including,” Latin include- “include”) is compiled, through which one can find out how often or a different number occurs in the full name of a person. On the basis of the obtained data it is possible to determine the degree of influence of certain numbers on the fate of this individual, as well as to obtain quite detailed information about his character, inclinations, life position, etc.

You can calculate the numerological code of an apartment or house.

Yes, by making simple calculations you can find out which wave the energy of the house, the hull, the floor (the codes of floors to prime numbers are not reducible) and the apartments are tuned to, and how harmoniously it is combined with the energy of the tenants. Moreover – you can calculate the numerical value of other elements of the address (country, city, street).In this case, the full name of the road infrastructure element should be used, since the street, the avenue and the embankment having the same names will have different numerological characteristics.

If the combination of the numerological code of the address and the tenants does not match – you should immediately find a new home.

Indeed, there are situations when living at this address threatens people with big troubles. In this case, the change of housing is the best way out. If the antagonism is not expressed so clearly, you can make efforts to minimize the problem. But in the first and second cases, you should first understand why you were in this apartment (because there are no accidents in life) and what can you learn in this situation. Perhaps, by reconsidering your views on the world and acquiring some qualities that you did not possess before, you can eliminate the contradiction (for example, if a person whose identity code is 2 (softness, compliance, lack of conflict) lives at the address whose code is 1, he should develop the qualities of a leader). If such an analysis is not carried out, even a change of residence can be in vain, because, even living at a new address, a person will be forced to solve the same problem (for example, at work).

Having calculated the numerological properties of documents, you can get a lot of information about a person.

Yes, it is. For example, the numeric code of the birth certificate contains information about what kind of relationship will develop between the child and others until the passport is received, the vibration of the numerical code of which is also very significant in a person’s life. Numerological analysis of the passport number will give information on how the person’s trips abroad will go, the student’s ticket (record book) – the attitude towards the learning process, the matriculation certificate (diploma, certificate of completion of courses) – about the ability and desire to apply received at school knowledge in practice, work record book – about attitudes toward work, marriage certificates – about how people position themselves in the family, etc.

Vedic numerology is much like the Western numerology, only in terminology.

So it may seem only at first glance, because in both traditions of numerology, the greatest attention is paid to the date of birth (in the Vedic terminology – Number of Soul), the number of the Life Path obtained by adding the date, month and year of birth (Number of Destiny, according to Vedic astrologers which affects a person only when he reaches the age of 35) and the numerical value of a person’s name. But the methods of obtaining the desired result, as well as interpretation of the meaning and influence on the individual’s fate of certain numbers in Western and Eastern numerology vary greatly. For example, by defining the numeric expression of a two-digit date of birth, the numerological European sums the digits, translating the complex number to the category of simple (from 1 to 9). In Vedic numerology, numbers do not add up in this case, but on the contrary – they are divided into components (for example, 28 = 2 and 8), which, according to the numerologist, influence the person’s choice of life path (the first number will exert a stronger influence, than the second).

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