New General Merfolology

Consequence of the flea.

If everything can go bad, then certainly it will happen.

Fourth Law of Nichols.

Avoid any action whose outcome is unacceptable to you.

The environmental law of Commoner.

Nothing ever disappears.

Starger’s Law.

Ninety percent of everything in the world is nonsense and bullshit.

Nagler’s comment on the origin of Murphy’s law.

Murphy’s law was formulated not by Murphy himself, but by his namesake.

Law of Probable Dissipation.

Whatever comes into the fans on the platform, it is never distributed equally.

Fenstock rule for failures and failures.

If something does not work out the first time, destroy all evidence of your attempts to do it.

Wolfe’s Law of Planning.

It’s best to start right from where you are now.

Rule Sivyaka.

The only way to protect anything from a fool is to keep it away from it.

An inoperative law.

If you wash the car to cause rain, none of this will work.

Borkowski’s law.

It is impossible to defend yourself from what is unknown.

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