Myths about women

Women have never provided a family. It has long been a stereotype that the husband was an earner, spent time hunting, and the wife was engaged in children and household, collecting, perhaps, some small berries. However, according to the latest data of archaeologists, the main breadwinners of the family were just women, who brought up to 80% of food (nuts, eggs, wild vegetables). To kill the animal was then considered a great rarity and luck, the extraction was accompanied by a long-day pursuit, so the wives had nothing to do except to provide for the family. In the opinion of scientists – our ancestors lived practically in an equal society, someone was engaged in gathering, and someone – hunting.

Any mother, unlike her father, recognizes her baby by smell.

Swedish scientists in 2001 decided to test this old statement. For testing, 24 babies up to 4 weeks and 24 children aged 2 to 4 years were taken. They slept in special shirts. Selected samples were given to sniff both parents and childless men and women. It turned out that the fragrance of babies was felt exclusively by men, and women did not find any difference between the smells of babies and older children, and, moreover, could not identify their child.

Women are in contact with children better than fathers.

This is a widespread myth. In California, the fathers were monitored, and it was found that just like the mothers, the fathers of newborn babies immediately established a close emotional contact with them. Those men, whom scientists watched, like mothers, talked and played with their newborn children, kissing and caressing them. Men accurately identify the signals of their young children – a sense of hunger, boredom, fear. But for children’s laughter, men reacted more restrainedly.

Women’s intuition is better than men’s.

According to the established stereotype, with pleasure supported by women themselves, their intuition is much more developed than men’s, women are more sensitive to future changes. Scientists have studied and analyzed all the research on this subject for the past 20 years and found that this statement is just a myth. Testing intuition shows that both men and women have about the same results. The society allows women to believe in their superiority in this aspect, but there are no special genetically determined abilities in this plan for the fair sex.

Women are not as aggressive as men.

It would seem that everyone knows that men are notorious buzoters, and women are gentle airy creatures, such cats. However, not all so unambiguously. Dozens of studies have shown that in cases of physical manifestation of aggression among children, boys are certainly leading, but in the manifestation of aggression in other cases, sex differences are no longer so noticeable. Girls are more prone to indirect effects – gossip, refusal to be friends, manipulation. And this is the reason to think that not only men are aggressive, especially as with age, men lose their multiple superiority in physical strength.

The labor of women is paid less than the labor of men.

In Germany, the Soziookonomische Panel has conducted a regular sample survey for more than 20 years, which in a representative sample has unexpectedly shown that 35% of women earn more than their husbands. Similar conclusions were made by Richard Freeman from Harvard. He came to the conclusion that in the US, almost 30% of working women earn more than their husbands. And according to the Wyrpul Foundation in Europe, women earn more than 59% of men in general.

Almost all inventions belong to men.

Actually, there are things whose invention does not come to mind as men – bra, diapers, coffee filter and many others. In life, there are inventions that are designed to make life easier, and which were invented by women.Even in such areas as computer technology, medicine and in the natural sciences, women also own important discoveries. So, Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin, using X-ray radiation, deciphered the structure of more than molecules, the daughter of Lord Byron, Ada Lovelace Byron, wrote programs for mathematical calculations, which gave her the right to call her the first programmer of the planet. Material for bulletproof vests, lightweight, but at the same time hard as steel, was also invented by women – Stephanie Louise Kwolek. And remember twice Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie! And this list can go on and on.

Women are not at all interested in pornography.

According to the research of the Hamburg Institute of Gewis-Institut, among the strong half of those interested in pornography, about 73%, and among women this number is more than 50%. During the same show of erotic action on TV, his screen is going to women even more than men.

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