Myths about health

Medicine does not stand still: studies are under way that change the outdated notions of our health.

People of mature age can not become infected with sexually transmitted infections.

Rather, on the contrary – people at this age are usually not so persistent, they forget about the methods of prevention (the simplest of which is a condom) or do not even think about them. Often these people trust their partners too much, believing that they simply can not have this kind of disease. As a result – an infection. It should be noted that lately the incidence of syphilis has increased by 68%, and, as a rule, men and women are infected more than 45.

Tetanus can be avoided by making one inoculation.

Of course, with this vaccination you will protect yourself from infection … for ten years, and then you will have to be vaccinated again. Thus, if there are reasons to expect infection (and it can happen, say, in a garden area, since the dirt that is in such places is enough, can get into the wound), it is better to immediately contact the doctor and begin treatment, and not waiting for the appearance of tetanus symptoms.

The best remedy for back pain is bed rest.

Yes, if you came to a doctor a few years ago, he would, most likely, have assigned you a bed rest lasting several weeks. However, doctors now think differently. They argue that moderate mobility will restore your health much faster. So move more! The most useful thing is to work out aerobics, walk, ride a bike, or even better, swim. It is only necessary to begin with small, gradually increasing loads.

To reduce the amount of salt in your diet, you just need to diet.

This is partly true. But I must say that 85% of the salt we use falls on semi-finished products, so the only way out is to eat only home-made food.

The best protection against osteoporosis is calcium.

All of us from childhood we hear that you need to drink milk, kefir, eat cheese, cottage cheese, in a word – to consume calcium, so as not to get sick. This is true, but only up to 25 years, because by the age of 30-40 our bones are already formed and calcium is being rejected. Doctors say that there are 2 types of cells that control the density of bones – strengthening and destroying. After 30 years, the latter beat the first. What can be done? Do exercise! The active person has strong bones. In addition, other vitamins and minerals play an important role, since the intake of calcium alone will not have the same beneficial effect.

Lung cancer is the most terrible disease that threatens a smoker.

Absolutely everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health and that it threatens the development of lung cancer. Only them? According to recent studies, smokers have a 20-fold increase in the risk of developing oral cancer, doubling the likelihood of bladder and kidney cancer, laryngeal and pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer. The only cancer that is not associated with this addiction is breast cancer.

Diabetes appears mainly because of the abuse of sweet.

Wrong. The main cause of the disease is obesity. The second type of diabetes, which appears during life, is usually triggered by an incorrect way of life, leading to obesity.

Sunglasses are used only as a fashion accessory.

No, these glasses are not a tribute to fashion. Exposure to ultraviolet rays increases the risk of corneal opacity, which means blindness. The glasses protect you from this.

Alcohol in moderate doses is harmless.

There are many points of view on this issue, but it is known that if you get drunk, your blood pressure will rise, and with it the risk of a multitude of diseases will increase. Moderate same doses of alcohol are indeed often treated as harmless.It is worth noting that in women the concentration in the blood of alcohol is always higher than in men, from the same amount of alcohol.

Diet with restriction of the use of fats is always useful.

Not at all. After all, not only fats raise the level of cholesterol in the blood, but also homocysteine ‚Äč‚Äčamino acids (constituents of proteins) also clog arteries. The reason for the appearance of such amino acids is a low level of folic acid. Fill your diet with products with a sufficient content of this acid, namely: root crops, nuts, fruits, and pomegranates.

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