Murphy’s Laws on Road Traffic

Oliver’s law of whereabouts.

Regardless of where you are going, you are there.

The first travel law.

The road there always takes more time than the road back.

The law of the road of life.

If everything goes to meet you, you go on the wrong road.

The first rule of the road.

Most well-worn tracks lead to nowhere.

Aten’s rule of courtesy on the road.

If you skipped forward the car, then:

a) or this machine will be the last one at the railway crossing, and you will be stuck waiting for a slowly moving train to pass;

b) or both of you will be in the same position, but the other car will take the last available space in the parking lot.

Lemaire’s postulate on parking.

If you have to park six blocks later, you will always find two parking spaces at the entrance of the building.

Gray’s law for buses.

The bus that did not stop to pick you up will stop there where you reached on foot, and since this is practically the place you had to get to, then there’s no point in getting on the bus.

The Law of Makkiy.

When you are not in a hurry, the green light will light up immediately after you stop at the intersection.

Law of Quigley.

A car and a truck coming towards each other along a deserted road will meet at the narrowest point on the bridge.

The second law of the Rees.

The speed of the approaching car is directly proportional to the length of the pedestrian crossing.

Drew’s law on road biology.

The first beetle, hitting the windshield, will be right in front of your eyes.

Campbell’s laws on car repairs.

1. If you could get to the damaged part, you do not have a tool to remove it.

2. If you could remove this part, the repair shop will repair it in the last place.

3. But if the shop turned out ready-made parts, then with their installation on the machine, you can generally wait.

Bromberg’s laws on car repairs.

1. If necessary, any tool that is at hand becomes a hammer.

2. No matter how trivial the repairs were, you will still be smeared with solid oil and machine oil at the end.

3. If necessary, instruments with inch and metric measurements become interchangeable.

Law of Femo on engine repair.

If something has fallen off during the repair of the motor, it will never touch the ground.

Walter’s Law.

If you have time, then there will be no money. If there is money, then there will be no time.

Parsons Passport Law.

Nobody is as ugly as on your passport photo.

Oliver’s law of whereabouts.

Wherever you go, now you are here!

Kelly Cartographic Law.

In any map, the most important information is on the fold.

The principle of eclipse.

The further you go to see the eclipse, the more chances are for the clouds.

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