Murphy’s Laws on Medical Examination

Seeing Bernard Shaw.

We have not lost faith – we just transferred it from God to representatives of the medical profession.

Theory of Oscar Wilde.

Only small people really know themselves.

Heisenberg’s law.

There are things that are so serious that you can only joke about them.

Clinical sophism.

The only painful conditions that exist are those for which the relevant analyzes have been established.

The Law of Medical Publications.

If your research is published, the most important discovery will be misunderstood.

Mann’s Law.

If a scientist establishes a fact suitable for publication, this fact will become central to his entire theory.


This law will, in turn, become central to all scientific thinking.

The first postulate of the thumb.

It is better to solve the problem approximately and to know the truth with a precision of plus or minus ten percent, than to achieve an absolutely exact solution and at the same time not to know the truth.

The sophism of Sagan.

To say that a person is just a set of molecules is like saying that Shakespeare’s play is just a set of words.

The Law of Pyrrhus.

Solving the problem changes the nature of the problem.

The Law of the Miksha.

If there is one end, then there is another.

The law of medicine by Clark.

If an outstanding elderly doctor claims that any thing is possible, he is almost certainly right. If this person is confident of the impossibility of something, it is very likely that he is mistaken.

Fajin’s rule about prediction of the past.

Ability to judge by the back mind is an exact science.

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