Murphy’s laws on design

Pauline’s prophecy.

If anything is used up to the limit of possibilities, it will break.

The Law of Maine.

никто No one sees big mistakes.

Principle of inertness of design.

Any change in the beginning looks terrible.

The principle of the Yeng.

The easier it is to make something, the harder it is to change it.

Robertson’s Law.

Quality does not provide reliability.

Wright’s first law of quality.

Quality is inversely proportional to the time remaining for the completion of the project.

The first law of corporate planning.

All that can be changed, change, until there is not a minute of time to change something.

The Law of the Scourge.

Two identical parts never look alike.

Law of Wilogby.

As soon as you try to prove to someone that the machine does not work, it will work.

The basic law of construction.

Ruby as large as possible and force it into its place.

Meissner’s Law.

No production ever uses the goods produced by it.

Special law.

The workplace is always dirtier than it was the previous time.

General law.

Chaos in the universe is infinitely increasing.

First law of Shrunk.

If something does not work, increase its size.


The larger the size, the less will pay attention to the fact that it does not work.

Bitton’s postulate about elekronike.

If you understand this, it is already outdated.

Manubey laws for programmers.

1. If the programmer has improved the program and it works, this is probably not what the consumer wants.

2. Consumers, in essence, do not know what they want, but definitely know what they do not want.

Axiom Jones.

Change is an integral part of constancy.


Nothing is as permanent as a temporary change.

Rap’s law on the reproduction of inanimate objects.

If something is disassembled and collected for a long time, several objects will be obtained.

The last law of product design.

If you can not do it properly, create an advertisement for it.

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