Murphy’s Laws of Love

Location of love.

The only place where you will surely find love, is at the end of a letter from your mother.

The dictum from the dictionary.

The only place where love meets before sex is a dictionary.

The limit of love.

Love does not make the whole world go around. But you personally have a head really dizzy.

Confusion about bliss.

Bliss is ignorance.

Defect of “first glance”.

People who fall in love at first sight need to thoroughly examine their eyes and check their eyesight.

Fedot, yes not that.

Love is like sympathy, except that there are many more problems.

Psychological forecast.

Love is a form of temporary insanity, which can only be cured by marriage.

To the question of the mind.

No one in the world has fallen in love with the party of cocktails in the intellect of his companion.

The axiom of apology.

Love means the need to say that you are to blame and ask for forgiveness. And also spend a lot of money to prove it.

Love progress.

With regard to novels and love affair, most men are very scattered, and their attention is no more than that of a fruit fly.

Genetic defect.

Men are not genetically predisposed to take on any obligations.

The law of the call.

The more he insists that you are wrong in his attitude towards him, the harder you try to prove him wrong.

Trouble with a rope.

Give the man enough rope, and he will lasso another woman.

A litmus paper.

The quickest way to learn all your bad habits is to move to your passions.

The law of win-win.

It is better to love and lose everything than to love and gain ten kilos of weight.

The sad news about the end of your novel.

You understand that your novel has finally died:

1. When the only substitute that you get in a hurry, you get only in “McDonald’s”.

2. When the only nightly pleasure that’s left to your share is the television news at midnight.

The effect of absence.

Separation enhances love … or it has to another, or you have to another.

The last chord.

If you break a relationship – it’s so difficult, then why does it manage to everyone?

Gorky end.

It’s time to put an end to your relationship when:

1. On Valentine’s Day, he gives you a new bag for the vacuum cleaner.

2. On your birthday, he calls you from the office just to congratulate him briefly and say that today he will have to work late, because “one minute ago we had one serious incident.”

3. At the moment of the highest passion, he calls someone’s name, not at all like yours.

The law of separation.

You need to have 50 options at hand, how to part with your beloved … but each of them hurts.

Success factor.

No one in the whole world enjoys such success as the guy you just cast off and sent away.

The rule of a spoiled egg.

For some strange reason, all good relationships quickly come to an end. But the bad drag on and drag on, wrenching miserable existence.

What do “big boys” do?

Big boys do not cry … unless when you throw them.

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