Murphy’s laws about wife

Matrimonial problem.

An important matrimonial problem is that both men and women want to have wives.

Explicit lack of romance.

You need to reintroduce a little romance into your marriage if:

1. In the front seat of your family car, you still have a chair for a small child between you and your husband, while your last son has already graduated from high school.

2. The only transparent thing that you put on when you go to bed is a hair net.

3. Your love correspondence is stored in the attic in a dusty box of shoes.

4. You have stopped listening to every word of it, preferring to cling to every word of it.

Some useful tips.

1. Let your husband feel that he is more important to you than children. Never say: “Not tonight, or else one of the babies has a headache.”

2. Become more inventive in disputes – do not use the same malicious arguments in each skirmish.

3. Since you told your secretary to print a love letter to him, order that she not see him.

Where would it be without you?

1. If you did not choose his clothes, he would walk dressed worse homeless.

2. If you did not wash his junk, he would have had a stock of clean shirts long ago, and he would have walked in dirty.

3. If you did not clean it, it would live like in a pigsty

4. If you did not cook dinner for him, he would have died of malnutrition long ago.

Axiom of angels.

Women who regard their husbands as angels are widows.

The price of success.

The higher you go up the ladder, the later you get home from work.

The hair points to the left.

Five extra minutes spent on hair styling will give you the confidence that you have a groom.

How to maintain a reasonable balance between work and entertainment?

Giving herself entirely to the work and completely giving up any entertainment, Jill became a workaholic, and Jack – a wealthy widower.

Some useful tips for working women who married jealous men.

1. If you have a business card of a man, write on its back list of products that you need to buy, so that all this looked like something absolutely irrelevant for you.

2. Before going to work, rub your wedding ring to shine.

3. Leave the house with your glasses on the nose. Wear your contact lenses at work.

4. Leave the house without makeup. Bring your face in order at work.

5. If you need to call from home to some man who works for your company, look diligently for his number in the phone book, even if you remember it well by heart.

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