Murphy and Hierarchy

Axner Eigner.

No matter how well you do your job, the boss will try to correct its results.

Fox about hierarchy.

What has provided you with a raise at one level will kill you on the other.

Rogers observation of laws.

The higher you rise in the bureaucratic hierarchy of any organization, the less people appreciate the laws of Murphy, Peter’s principle, etc.

The law of giving titles to top management.

The longer the title of the post, the less important is the work associated with it.

The second law of corporations.

Any action that has no logical explanation should be considered a “company policy”.

The axiom about wages.

Usually, the salary increase is large enough so that your taxes increase, but not enough to somehow affect your net earnings.

The law of inter-level communication.

As a result of the improvement and increase in the number of links between the various levels of the hierarchical system, a sudden growth of misunderstanding and mutual misunderstanding is inevitable.

The Law of Boonbuehl.

(Buñuelle) Louis (1900-1983) is a Spanish filmmaker who fled from dictator Franco to the US Known for his early surrealistic films and work in Mexican commercial films Narc, Lorca and Dalí form a triad of geniuses of Spanish culture of the 20th century. )

To overdo it is harmful in all cases – even when it improves efficiency.

Ten Spark rules for managers and project managers.

1. Always look terribly important.

2. Try to be seen next to important people.

3. Speak authoritatively and imperiously, state, however only obvious and proven facts.

4. Do not interfere in the disputes of subordinates, but if they are still cornered, ask a question that is irrelevant and lean back with a satisfied grin. And then, as long as your opponent tries to figure out what you’re driving at, quickly change the subject.

5. Listen carefully while others argue and discuss the problem. Then pounce on some of their small blunders or banal assertions, to bury their opponents with him.

6. If a subordinate asks you a question on the merits, look at him as if he had gone mad. When he is knocking, rephrase the question and redirect it back.

7. Achieve an appointment higher, but everywhere stay in the shade and away from everyone’s attention.

8. Leaving the office, move at a fast pace, this reduces the issues of subordinates to a minimum.

9. Always keep the door of your office closed. This puts visitors in the position of petitioners, and at the same time makes everyone think that you have an important meeting or meeting.

10. Give all orders verbally. Never fix anything on paper that could then be in the folder “Pearl Harbor”.

тру The worker’s dilemma.

1. No matter how much work you do, this will always be not enough.

2. What you did not do is always more important than what you did.

Principle of conformity.

A fool on a high post reminds a man on top of a high mountain: everything seems small to him, and he seems small to everyone.

Patt’s Law.

There are two types of people in technology and technology:

1. People who understand what they do not manage;

2. People who lead things they do not understand.

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