McDonald’s law.

Consultants are mysterious persons who ask the firm to inform them of a certain indicator, and then give it to the same firm with an important look.

Rule of Warren.

To determine the real expert, choose those who predict the greatest duration of this work and the highest cost.

Law de Nevers about complexity.

The simplest questions are those concerning which you do not know absolutely nothing.

The lost law of de Nevers.

Never make conjectures about what you can learn for sure.

Axum of Ducharm.

If you consider any of your problems fairly closely, you yourself are part of this problem.

Melek’s Law.

The simpler the idea, the more difficult it is.

Bart’s difference.

There are two types of people: those that divide people into two types, and those who do not.

Law of Lakopi.

Following food and sex, the strongest desire for a person is to tell a colleague how to do his job.

The Lacombe Rule.

The probability that something good has happened is either 15-25 or 80-90 percent.

Consequence of Dudenhofer.

In the range of 40 to 60 percent, a response of 50 percent can be satisfied.

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