Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that affects the fibers of the spinal cord and brain. Often, sclerosis is called an old age, when there is a violation of memory and attention. In fact, multiple sclerosis is not relevant.

This neurological disease can make young people disabled. Some of us, quite possibly, live with multiple sclerosis, without knowing it ourselves. Thus, the disease is simply wrongly perceived by society. We know about it mainly from myths, which must be debunked.

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is manifested in all people in the same way.

This disease affects people differently. The majority of MS manifests itself in the form of short-term outbreaks, between which there are long periods of remission. There are also those who have symptoms constantly progressing, resulting in disability. And there is such a light form of MS, which practically does not affect the life of a person.

Multiple sclerosis can not be controlled.

Although the disease can not really be cured, it is necessary to fight it. There are immunomodulatory drugs for injection or oral administration that help delay the development of the disease, reduce the severity and severity of the symptoms. It is worth remembering about such treatment methods as physiotherapy, massage, warmth, relaxation. It also helps to relieve symptoms.

Thanks to immunomodulating medications you can feel better.

Sclerosis attacks the protective boundaries of nerve fibers, and immunomodulating drugs can reduce this activity. In the strategic plan, such drugs slow the progression of the disease, but you can not escape the symptoms that are already present. To really improve the quality of life, one must resort to other methods of treatment. These can be additional medicines, you also need to start fighting stress and changing your lifestyle.

If a woman has multiple sclerosis, she should not have children.

This disease occurs in women twice as often as in men. Usually it begins in childbearing age. But pregnancy does not worsen the state of health and does not aggravate the symptoms. Do not be afraid of the fact that multiple sclerosis will lead to infertility or miscarriage. Moreover, Australian scientists have proved that the presence of at least one child in a woman reduces the risk of developing MS by 50 percent. And for women with three or more children, this figure is even greater. Researchers believe that here the hormonal environment plays a role in pregnancy.

Women with multiple sclerosis can not breastfeed.

When pregnancy occurs, remission of the disease occurs, and after the delivery usually a relapse occurs. Some of the drugs for combating multiple sclerosis are incompatible with breastfeeding. It is best in this case to discuss this situation with a doctor, perhaps he will advise other medicines. So some women can safely feed their child.

Because of multiple sclerosis, you will have to quit your job.

Statistics say that even after the diagnosis is made, every fourth person remains at work for more than twenty years. So why rush with dismissal? At such a time, you need to think carefully about your desires and opportunities, and take into account and legal rights. Those who decided to keep the job, you need to think about the convenience of your workplace and its equipment. A small modernization will allow maintaining the same productivity.

You can fight multiple sclerosis by removing dental fillings.

There is an opinion that mercury is contained in dental fillings. Since it can cause sclerosis, the seals need to be removed. But this myth is not confirmed by science. Of course, mercury poisoning is really dangerous for the nervous system. Only here the nerves are damaged quite differently than with multiple sclerosis.

Mobile funds are needed only for those who can not walk by themselves.

In the advanced stages of the disease, tools such as walkers, walking sticks and wheelchairs are used. It is believed that they are needed by those who can not do without them. In practice, it turns out that many people with this diagnosis, but still in a moderate stage of the disease, can use mobile means. They will come in handy when you want to rest, or walk becomes long. Multiple sclerosis appears due to physical trauma.

Scientists have proved that this is not so. Injury does not affect the recurrence of the disease. And although in the group of patients with MS really increased trauma, it is associated with the symptoms of the disease – a violation of coordination, loss of balance. In the 1980-1990-ies, patients with MS and control group were examined. It turned out that there is no connection between trauma and the appearance of this disease. An exception are electrical injuries.

There are many known causes of the appearance of multiple sclerosis.

Scientists have long been looking for the causes of this disease. At first it was believed that the causative agent is the same virus that causes distemper in dogs. Then the culprit of MS was considered an allergy, except that the same allergen was never found. Uncertainty remained the suspicion of the negative impact of heavy metals. It was argued that MS can be caused by an artificial sweetener aspartame. Scientists can only state that some viruses can damage the lipid envelope, which covers nerve fibers. That’s only in the case of MS this virus was never found. It is not even proven that the virus is the root cause. Now scientists are studying the effect on the disease of the Epstein-Bar virus, which is often present in patients. But so far it is not known what causes this disease.

To detect multiple sclerosis, a magnetic resonance scan must be performed.

This method became the main one to confirm the diagnosis. It is believed that such a scan can detect brain damage and clinically inactive areas in it. In fact, this method of diagnosis in this case is hopelessly outdated and is inaccurate. The researchers concluded that with MS, damage to the brain may not be present. British doctors in general came to a disappointing conclusion that there is no available means for accurately detecting the disease. Unfortunately, this indicates that many cases of the disease are diagnosed incorrectly. Patients and their relatives suffer a lot of suffering, although nothing happens with them.

Multiple sclerosis is a viral disease.

Studies in the field of viruses and bacteria have allowed the imitation of multiple sclerosis in laboratory animals. Especially for this, an experimental EAE autoimmune encephalitis virus was created. Observing its action, scientists wanted to better understand the cause of the symptoms of MS. But do not forget that EAE is an artificially created virus, not a causative agent of sclerosis disease.

Multiple sclerosis is inherited.

Scientists say that the disease is clearly autoimmune. Genes play a role, but they are clearly not guilty of everything. The fact that there have already been similar cases in the family of a MS patient is only part of the equation. Indeed, if someone from the family has already had sclerosis, the risk increases 10 times. But more important than environmental factors and infections, which play a decisive role in who will eventually fall ill.

Multiple sclerosis is a death sentence.

This is not true. In people with this diagnosis, life expectancy is not much different from the rest. And although RS will accompany a person until death, one can fight illness with slowing its development and reducing symptoms. Many people lead an active lifestyle. Physicians recommend to perceive such a disease as chronic, but quite manageable. Only a small percentage of patients with severe forms of sclerosis die from its complications.

This disease occurs only in the elderly.

Multiple sclerosis has little to do with old age. Most people get this diagnosis at the age of 20 to 50 years. It happens that MS appears in children and in the elderly. In America, this disease is present in 400 thousand people, every week this diagnosis is made by 200 patients.

Multiple sclerosis

The number of patients with multiple sclerosis is constantly growing.

It is difficult to evaluate more leaflets of patients, or not. The fact is that some cases were diagnosed only with the current state of technology, and in the past they would have gone unnoticed. But you can definitely say that the gap between men and women is widening. If before two cases in women accounted for one male, now the ratio is close to 4 to 1.

Patients with multiple sclerosis can not play sports.

Previously, doctors really advised to limit physical exertion to people with this diagnosis. Today it is known that the benefits from sports outweigh the risks from it. The situation changed in 1996, when researchers from the University of Utah proved that aerobic exercise smoothed out many of the symptoms of MS. For example, the intestine began to work better, fatigue and depression went away. For people with bouts of sclerosis from sports it is better to abstain, and at other times it will help to keep the tone. Also, sport will help to drive excess weight.

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