is a woman who is with a man in sexual intercourse, but not his wife. Most often the word is disapproving. In the past, a lover was called a mistress, a beloved woman. The opposition of wives and mistresses can be called classic in family life. Numerous forums are full of verbal battles on this topic, easily giving out, on whose side is the author of an angry and emotional message. A lot of those who just sympathize with one of the parties. However, often the wives in their righteous anger seem to cease to distinguish the truth from the notorious lies. Mistresses are endowed with extremely negative qualities, this is by all means – “bitch”, who see how to drink blood from men and pump money out of them, make them dependent on themselves. But after all, and among the mistresses of many ordinary women who are just looking for their own woman’s happiness. So, we debunk some myths about mistresses.

These women themselves rush at men.

Today, no one is surprised by the women’s initiative. However, the initiators of the love relationship are still men. They make compliments, ask for a telephone, become initiators of acquaintance, it is the stronger sex that sticks more often, gives gifts, flowers, persuades and so on. Often women say that men, like a cat, follow them, hiding the fact of their marriage in every possible way. Men like to throw their chosen women with love gifts and notes, performing any, even ridiculous whims. As a result of a long and beautiful, which is too much to hide, a woman often surrenders, in the hope of her possible happiness. So do not blame the mistress for everything, it’s not known yet how your husband behaved in this situation, perhaps he is not as innocent and harmless as he tries to seem.

This woman does everything to destroy our family.

The most interesting thing is that many mistresses do not have such thoughts, to meet does not necessarily mean destroying his marriage. The situation is something similar to the one that is in his youth – people meet, but they do not think much about marriage. Many such women perfectly understand all the shortcomings of their men, realizing that the holiday comes only in moments of brief meetings, but everyday life together would certainly turn into a nightmare. And who needs problems? Therefore, not everyone, even in the event of a divorce, would agree to associate themselves with a lover. For many mistresses, the joy of rare meetings is much more attractive than the routine of marriage. While a man is in the position of a lover, it is worth waiting for the gifts of attention, but in marriage such signs can not be received for a long time.

You can not build your own happiness on the misfortune of another.

But many mistresses are not tormented by conscience flies about this. This phrase often sounds from the lips of deceived wives. But in life it usually happens that one’s own happiness brings misfortune to someone. It is possible to recall how many broken hearts, for example, were in young years. But finding their soul mate in those years, the girls were not at all tormented by the fact that someone was made unhappy, on the contrary, they were proud of having taken the elect from the rival. Now, after living a long time with a guy who was taken away from someone, the wives remembered about someone else’s misfortune …

We were such a good couple, and she destroyed everything overnight.

Why now remember the past? These times have already passed. One has only to think about the fact that if everything was so perfect, and the husband loved his wife to unconsciousness, then why did he start a mistress? Perhaps everything was destroyed before the appearance of a mistress on the horizon, and you lived already on the wreckage of your former happiness, tesha yourself with illusions of strong love and a strong family life?

She could find herself a single man, many of whom are around.

No, she must be married to realize her bitchiness, feelings of drive. For an unmarried man of 30-40 years this fact is almost a diagnosis. The fact that he is either a complete selfish person, or an alcoholic or a drug addict, or a parasite, or does not know how to take care of anyone and so on.Men usually get married at a time when they feel that it’s time for them to settle down, that it’s no longer fun to be single. The bonds of marriage allow them to become full-fledged members of society, help them to move up the career ladder, help to avoid reproaches in the complex. The simplest option is to find a spouse for someone to take care of a man – washing, cooking, cleaning, arranging a dwelling … Well, you can not rule out the fact of marriage for great love. So there are not that many unmarried prospective grooms around, but among married men it’s much easier to find a dear man’s heart.

There’s nothing to bury on someone else’s.

Sadly, after the wedding, many women believe that “the main thing is done.” The husband goes into their full ownership. Hence it is not surprising that such wives want to fully control the activities of their men – where they dine, with whom they communicate, what they are doing at that moment and why they are five minutes late. It seems that this is not only their right, but also a duty to control their “thing”. And then the husband may well resist, feeling still a man with his own feelings, needs, a circle of communication, perhaps even desires on the verge of what is permissible. Therefore, it is not surprising when a man seeks a different life in which he will look like a master of the situation. And if there is an intelligent woman who will give him the opportunity to feel this, the marriage will crack at the seams. It would be desirable to remind wives that the effect of complete control and suppression of a man can lead to unpleasant consequences.

All mistresses are immoral women.

What can be immoral in the relationship of a man and a woman? A mistress can be a meek and shy woman, in whom there is no share of bitchiness. Just some of them were not lucky in their personal lives, and women’s happiness is so desirable. The presence of a lover does not make them worse or more depraved, just as life has developed.

Mistress only money from a man and need.

Find a decent man harder than to earn this money. That is the man you really love. And would not many women give up everything tangible to meet and stay with him? Usually women aged 30-40 years already have a job and are more or less well-off, do not die of hunger. They are beautifully and tastefully dressed, enjoy life, like everyone, without the need of a piece of bread, so as not to die of hunger. And do not think that all men are necessarily generous with respect to their mistresses. All the same, because the bulk of the money goes to the family, and the mistresses are periodic gifts, whose value can not affect the budget of the family. Of course, this does not apply to the so-called gold diggers, who knowingly seek out men richer and in every way lure their gifts and jewelry. We are still talking about ordinary women, of whom the majority.

Mistresses give children a bad example.

It can be stated that little children will not know or simply will not understand, but adults themselves are able to accept the situation, as it is, realizing that their mother also has the right to happiness. Education is not only personal examples. And who of us is ideal, always and in everything giving the children the right personal examples?

Mistress would be in the place of a deceived wife …

It’s foolish to be engaged in presenting yourself in a strange place. You can also imagine yourself in the place of those whom we undeservedly offended and deprived, you can imagine yourself in the place of a person at the time of his greatest mourning. To what only? In life, everyone is fighting for their own happiness, in this race everyone is just for himself. This morality is quite enough. After all, stopping and thinking about all the moral aspects of your actions will lead to the fact that in thoughts and happiness you will not see at all.It is better to think about your own actions, about why the husband actually left for another? Are you ready to accept it and forgive it and what should be done for this? Or should we start a new life without long torment about a broken family? Than to accuse the opponent of numerous fictional sins is better to draw the necessary conclusions.

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