Military service


is a derived word from the Latin armare, which means “arm”. Usually this term means the aggregate of all the armed forces of the state, i.e. and land, sea, air, and other formations.

In most of the townsfolk, the army appears before a crowd of hungry and poorly dressed characters, among whom hazing is rampant. I must say, this image is readily heated by the media. But after all, condemning the bad sides will never understand the reasons for their occurrence and how to eliminate them. Russia is just beginning to come to the conclusion that without a strong army, a strong state is impossible.

Television began to show military-patriotic films, the budget allocates money for the upbringing of the younger generation. People do not really understand what is really happening in this huge mechanism. Let’s try to consider the main myths about the army service.

The army is the main cause of hazing.

Most of all recruits are not afraid of physical activity, namely hazing. Our liberals say that the army itself is to blame for the prosperity of this phenomenon. As if good and good people come to serve, and a military machine, suppressing their personality, makes them outright scoundrels. And in this logic is seen, because it is there where the suppression of freedom is legalized, where people are forced to follow someone else’s orders, is the ground for bullying and humiliation. But only here a trouble – eyewitnesses speak that earlier, still at the Union of such phenomenon practically did not exist. Yes, there were grandfathers who are authorities for young people. But they helped newcomers, even shared with them rations and things. The causes of hazing are not to be found in the army itself. The military unit is not an island isolated from real life. Let’s ask ourselves the following questions: is the criminal situation in the army more unfortunate than in society as a whole? Can not the sadism of “grandfathers” be a consequence of civil processes? If someone suddenly finds out that cruelty thrives only in the army, and in society everything is successful and flourishes love, then let him answer then, why hazing did not flourish in the army before, when much more attention was paid to the moral education of people? At that time, the army did not maim the boys, but made them real men. Getting to serve was an honor, which, incidentally, was mentioned in the movies. Today, the country was seized by immorality, immorality and criminality. Teenagers are not used to express themselves and become taller than gray. Having come to serve, they themselves begin to drive newcomers in a year and a half. Victims of hazing, who have not received proper male education, eventually become fierce grandfathers themselves. Anyone who was internally ready to humiliate himself will inevitably humiliate others as soon as he has the opportunity. So in a sick society, a healthy army is impossible. And the roots of hazing should be sought in the society itself.

Service in the army – lost time.

This argument is especially readily heard from the lips of those who are not going to serve. Allegedly the army – crossed out years. But how many young guys who slipped from the army spent this time to their advantage? Maybe someone would be better off going through the school of courage, and not shastat all this time in discos, drinking alcohol and drugs heavily. Yes, and coming from the standpoint of civil positions, can they be thrown out of life for 2 years spent on fulfilling their duty to the Motherland? By the way, the army can give and the profession, which can be used in the future. A truly purposeful person who would find himself in civil society will be able to realize himself in the army. In addition, the army provides an opportunity to make a military career.

The army is an institution of violence against the person and freedom.

There is much talk about freedom. Freedom has become a symbol of modern civilized society. But what does this word mean? Ideally, it is believed that everyone has personal freedom and should not do anything at the direction of the state or other people.People should only fulfill their own wishes, but this is an unattainable ideal. Although in general the picture is logical – the less we owe society, the family, the state, especially we are free. Absolutely free was Robinson Crusoe. But, being intelligent, he understood that alone he could not deal with adversity, not to defend himself from enemies. And for this you need to share your freedom, understand your rights and responsibilities to the community. You can become free with the community. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the army limits the rights of the soldier. The military must comply with the rules, regulations and protect his state. But there is a higher meaning in this, since one’s own freedom is sacrificed for the benefit of the family, the state and itself. And the state must be protected, because the state protects you by granting freedom. Those who believe that the army deprives them of their individuality are themselves usually weak infallible personalities. They are afraid not of violence against the person, but just what strengthens her – discipline, order. Many people laugh that the army is a lot of dumb people, and they themselves watch dumb reality shows, limited only by a lean vocabulary. Namely the army released a huge number of outstanding personalities – Pushkin, Nakhimov, Gagarin, Lermontov. Many prominent contemporary figures, scientists, musicians and even non-formalists have served, and nothing terrible has happened to them. The one who was originally a person, that it remained. The character does not change, but the guy can grow up with a rod. How a marriage can be unsuccessful, and the army service can develop, and can – not.

In the army, a new soldier will immediately be beaten and robbed.

Rumors are even intimidated by rape allegedly spread in this environment. In fact, the scale of hazing itself is clearly exaggerated. Mostly they say that yes, they say, it was, but there were no beatings or rapes. All hazing was included in the fact that the old-timers did not go to dresses and had some indulgences in the service. The army reflects everyday life. They also do not like whiners and traitors, and they also beat them, as elsewhere. A young man who has managed to become an authority among peers in a good sense of the word, will become them in the army. And no one will just beat him and humiliate him. You can become beaten up and just on the street, the army in this case is not any worse.

If you separate the servicemen from young soldiers, you can solve the problem of hazing.

In the sensational Sychev case, the accused soldier has just served a year. In such cases, it is not hazing, but ordinary violence, which we can meet everywhere in our society, from the kindergarten and the school. Military psychologists conducted experiments on the separation of the composition into “old” and “young”. It turned out that something similar to hazing started to happen in each of the units. So violence does not occur among the elders over the younger, but in the ready to humiliate the ready to be humiliated.

The situation can be saved by complaints to their superiors.

One of the well-known Internet figures, the Goblin, suggests that this is how to deal with non-statutory relations – complaints to the relevant authorities. However, it is obvious that this is not enough. Problems are usually not solved by toughening punishment and fear of exposure. In the old army of hazing there was practically no either because of the complaints of the soldiers to the Hague Tribunal or the committee of mothers. It is necessary to search for the reasons deeper. Hazing is flourishing in parts with weak discipline and the authority of officers. But it’s quite possible to break up the army with complaints. So any soldier can complain about his boss, bring him to the military prosecutor’s office. And it does not matter – what was the reason, who is right at all. Today the soldier complains about the outfit, and tomorrow – on the early rise and recharge. If in society, the army will be treated as a place where boys are being coaxed, and the military will scribbling and complaining against each other, it will not be an army, but it is unclear what.

The army must be professional.

The very phrase professional army sounds reliable and solid.It seems that something modern, computerized and highly effective. In fact, such an army is simply a group of mercenaries serving not at the behest of the heart and not out of a sense of duty, love for the Motherland, but for money. The experience of advanced countries that pay army money is not so unambiguous. By the criterion of cost-effectiveness, such troops do not justify the invested costs. The professional army is hardly capable of a liberation war. Russia and the USSR won their freedom in wars precisely at the expense of the national militia, driven by a sense of duty. Duty is a sense of responsibility to oneself, to one’s relatives and to the country. What would happen to the country if our grandfathers thought about paying for their exploits? Let’s look at the vaunted American army, wallowed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military power of the army is offset by the reluctance of soldiers to lay out and die for their country. The conduct of the military disgraces the honor of the flag, but they only carry out what they pay for. Who benefits from a professional army? Such troops are typical for liberal countries participating in globalization. The professional army is unlikely to be able to defend its country, but it is easily able to suppress the uprising, to overthrow the president of his or her neighbor. Its purpose is not to protect the state, but to attack, in order to snatch its piece of cake. Defender of the Fatherland should be in fact every man, have the simplest skills of service, combat discipline, know the regulations, army equipment. Undoubtedly, part of the army must be professional – it concerns officers, commanders, highly qualified specialists. After all, without them, the army is just a herd. A battle-worthy army is a professional at the head and a patriotic population ready to become operational in case of disaster, rather than a bunch of mercenaries with contracts, contracts and lawyers. It is interesting that the commercialized army is also subject to hazing, as well as others.

The army is required only in a state with a totalitarian regime.

Our ancestors fought in 1812 against the French, in 1941 against the fascists, much earlier – in the 13th century against the Tatar-Mongol, not for any regime and not for money, for the Motherland, for their relatives, children, for their future. Regarding the interests of the regime, it is usually just the professional army that is protecting the state “de jure”, and “de facto” is an additional police force. When a state can not attract a person to serve him for an idea, then such paid structures are created. A normal army is needed precisely for the country. But this idea is unpopular in the brains of citizens, more and more young people prefer to evade the service, pretending to be morons, mutilating themselves by buying a “white” ticket. Actually, the civil position on which one wants to have benefits, but not pay for them, is peculiar to women who do not want to give birth. It is appropriate to remember Napoleon: “People who do not want to feed their army, will soon be forced to feed someone else’s.” We are not a dwarf state surrounded by friends, with an army suitable only for parades. Our huge state with the richest deposits of minerals will always be a tasty morsel for neighbors, competitors. The main purpose of the army is not to protect the power of the tyrant, but to preserve the independence of the state, which guarantees freedom and the rights of citizens.

Human rights defenders, mothers, foreigners can resolve the problems of the army.

You should put the ellipsis, because the list can be continued for a long time. An army is an inexhaustible source of problems. This is what journalists, human rights activists and officials do for themselves. To solve problems, money is allocated, commissions are created, roundtables are held, but it does not become less vices, hazing does not disappear. Human rights activists themselves, in expensive clothes and cars, seem to be trying not to solve the problem of this particular Russian guy, but to light up in the frame. There are no real revelations and moves from their activities. The goal of all the fuss around the army is the weakening of its combat capabilities.A funny series such as “Soldiers” is being shot, around the army constantly different committees are being sponsored, incidentally, by Western foundations. As a result, the soldier does not have any thoughts about the statute, service, duty. Therefore, the proposed methods only aggravate the problem. It already reaches the point where it is proposed to remove the army itself to solve hazing problems. But who heals the head by cutting it off? In fact, the roots of the problem lie in the society itself. If it wants to heal the army, then we must start with ourselves! To be surprised, if heroes of youth became heroes “Brigade”, and on television the serials about a zone, gangsters, criminals are constantly broadcast. Young people do not mind serving, but not in today’s army, not with people like themselves. It’s scary not to fight, but to stay alone with scumbags. No one will help the army, except ourselves, in deed and word, not chatter and the call of outside “helpers.”

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