Methods of self-motivation

Ignore unimportant.

In fact, it is quite an important thing in life – the ability to reject or simply ignore the unnecessary. After all, it will give far more opportunities than it may seem at first sight. If you allocate your attention to many directions or items at once, it will only weaken. So rejecting unnecessary things in life will help release energy, stay concentrated and work productively.

Attempt to identify pesky factors.

It is important not only to highlight them, but also to avoid later. It is quite natural that over time, some actions and things begin to become boring and annoying. But it is quite possible to understand, highlight and come up with how to get rid of the problem. If understanding has occurred, then it will be much easier. Of course, it takes time to get rid of annoying things, but the end justifies the means.

Methods of self-motivation

More often laugh.

To find sources of laughter, read comics, funny books, watch comedies. It is necessary to get rid of the stiffened seriousness. After all, laughter will prevent laughter and ease the stressful state.

Keep a record of achievements.

When was the last time you achieved really worthwhile results? At this moment, feelings are so overwhelming a person that you simply forget about them and write about them. It is worth starting to keep a log of your successes and begin to periodically draw inspiration from it.

Maintain physical training.

Such loads are an easy way for self-motivation. It’s enough just to go for a walk from home or from work, do a small set of exercises or go for a run. The body will immediately start and revive. After all, every time we exercise, we get a dose of endorphins. This is both useful and necessary.

Create a suitable environment around you.

How to force yourself to do something important, if the environment is quite uncomfortable? It must be changed, supplemented and improved in accordance with their own sensations. And it does not matter whether a person works at home or in the office. Whatever space there is around, it should be made “your own”, choosing for this purpose any available methods. As a result, the adaptation time will decrease, which will allow us to dive deeper into our affairs.

Study how others succeeded.

These people deserve to be inspired and admired. If you read concrete and real success stories, then this will bring your own success closer. To this, the soil will be formed to achieve the result. Most importantly, a lesson will be learned, many mistakes can be realized in advance and avoided.

Change tasks.

It happens that a long work on one project will simply get bored with time. Fatigue is a bad companion for motivation. If this happens, then it is better to create several small projects, when it feels that there is simply no strength for the main thing. Thus, it will be much easier to go through fatigue, and solve the problem more quickly.

Evaluate your intermediate achievements.

As a result of the work, in any case, there will be some progress. If you do not pay attention to the daily small steps, then it may feel that you have not done anything at all. It is worth looking back and assessing their labors. Satisfaction from even intermediate results will give a new burst of energy.

Methods of self-motivation

Tell us about your projects.

Talk about what you do for friends or family. Let people know that you are doing something good and interesting. This will give us the confidence that we really do not waste time, enjoy this process. In addition, there will be a certain level of responsibility. Now you will not abandon the project, because in the eyes of others it will look ugly. As a result, such a step will only push forward.

Run away from energy vampires.

A lot of skeptics and pessimists are crowding around each of us in our lives. But they do not give anything, they just take our energy. It is worth to get out of this game, avoiding such losses.And it is not so important even that it can lead to some sort of self-isolation. But it’s better to work some time in seclusion than to waste time and effort to debunk the negative background from others.

Prepare clear goals.

And it would be even better to write them down altogether, because they are in fact already unconsciously defined. Now you should put a list of your goals to where they will be constantly before your eyes. This will help keep the aspiration for success. Our consciousness works better when imagining what we should do, and does not waste time on additional awareness.

Practice satisfying yourself.

If a project is successfully completed, then do not rush to take on a new one. Reward yourself for a good job, take a short pause, rest. Then the new task will be solved much easier, because there is a real incentive.

Learn to accept defeat.

We must learn to perceive failure as another result of our actions. They are not only characterized by success. Fear of failure is one of the most dangerous enemies of motivation. That’s why you should learn to accept defeat. Yes, they are unpleasant, but this does not mean that it is worth stopping and stopping acting. It is worth continuing to work on yourself and believe that everything will turn out. It is impossible to give up fighting under the pressure of failure.

Use reminders.

This is a fairly effective tool that helps to display your goals, aspirations, current status. But reminders are ignored by many, they are considered to be undervalued. People for some reason believe that it’s foolish to write to oneself messages, and there’s more to read them out loud. But we are doing this unconsciously and constantly, and now why not start doing it in a material form? Let each morning begins with a phrase addressed to itself.

Methods of self-motivation

Learn to say no.

There are a lot of things in life that you have to learn to refuse – it’s depressions, and entertainment, and distractions. Thanks to the word “no” comes liberation. In life, there are many commitments that make the existence of an ongoing series of incomprehensible on that directed action. It is necessary to limit your promises and take only for what is most important and what you want to finish.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Complaints, sadness and whining are poor companions of motivation. Therefore, it is worthwhile to surround yourself with positive and benevolent people. Thanks to their energy and mood will not fall, remaining in the right direction.

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