Isavi’s Law on Commission-Dynamics.

The less you like sitting in different commissions and committees, the more likely that you will be forced to do it.

Kim’s rule for commissions.

After some time is spent on correcting and debugging a sentence, someone will suggest removing the entire paragraph from the text.

Kirby’s comment.

The Commission is the only form of life that has twelve stomachs, but is completely devoid of the brain.

Burgess’s Law.

Those who most strongly object to participation in commissions, make them chairmen.

Hendrickson’s law.

If a problem generates many meetings, they eventually become more important than the problem itself.

The first law of business meetings.

The more important the records you make, the more often the pencil lead is broken.

Trudy’s law of the precedent.

If you are not able to convince them, then at least confuse.

Law de Nevea about the debate.

Two monologues do not form a dialogue.

Cox’s comment.

Commission – this is a deaf alley, where they entice seduced and where they are then quietly and quietly “suffocated”.

Law of Lucas.

No one has ever erected a monument to the commission.

The Peterson principle.

Never delay either the end of the meeting or the beginning of the lunch break.

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