Merfolology for doctors

Consequences of Murphy’s law for doctors.

1. No procedure is as simple as it seems at the beginning.

2. Any business takes longer than you thought.

3. Of all the troubles, possible in the course of some procedure, the one that will cause the greatest harm will happen.

4. If in any procedure you foresee four possible troubles and successfully prevent them, then the fifth quickly appears.

5. When things are neglected, they tend to develop from bad to worse.

6. Whenever you are determined to do something, it turns out that you must first do something different.

7. Each treatment creates new problems.

8. It is impossible to protect from a fool all – in fact fools are so inventive!

9. Mother Nature is worse than a stepmother.

Farnsdick’s corollary from the fifth investigation.

Once things have gone from bad to worse, the whole cycle will be repeated again.

Act of the target drugs.

As often as some healing drug shows its inefficiency, there always remains a certain percentage of people who believe in it.


The more absurd a drug, the more determined its adherents.

Hodgin’s Teachings.

Wonder drug is any drug that acts exactly as the text promises on the label.

The law of manifestation.

The hidden flaw never remains hidden.


Hidden vice will manifest itself when it is too late to treat it with simple methods.

Max. Dr. Mellon.

If your patient does not feel better without obvious cause, do not treat him.

The law of medicine by Campbell.

The less you do, the less you can make mistakes.

Schick’s lament.

It is very bad that we do not have the opportunity to cut the patient in two, in order to compare the two treatment regimens.

The rule of medical advice.

When your patient has to choose one of the alternative lines of behavior in the absence of medical advice, most will choose the one that you would try to discourage.

Laws of medicine for Loeb.

1. If what you do is working, keep doing it.

2. If what you are doing does not work, stop doing it.

3. If you do not know what to do, do not do anything.

The rule of medicine for Milo.

1. Most disease states pass without the intervention of medicine.

2. Many of the painful conditions that do not go away without intervention will not pass after the intervention.

3. Effective medicine is the ability to recognize those states for which intervention makes sense.

The law of medicine by Schneider.

Within each minor ailment there is a serious illness that tends to come out.

Eng principle for medical procedures.

The easier it is to make something, the harder it is to change.

The law of medical innovations.

No doctor is allowed to perform a procedure that was not previously performed.


The only reasonable diagnosis – correct or erroneous – is one that your colleagues would set up, faced with the same initial data.

Herrick’s Law.

For modes in therapy there may still be some justification; for modes in the diagnosis they do not exist.

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