Merfolology for clients

Murphy’s laws for customers.

Whatever bad happens, there is always someone willing to sue.

Goldstein rules.

1. Always hire a wealthy lawyer.

2. Never buy from a rich merchant.

Bersani Law.

If the lawyer says: “I’m expensive,” – you can trust him.

Willis rule for success.

No successful lawyer in any way responds to phone calls himself.

The first principle.

The qualification of a particular lawyer is more important than his qualification of the case.

Rule of Rodriguez.

There is nothing more cynical in jurisprudence than trust in honest intentions and goodwill of lawyers participating in the case.

Reminder of a certain JT.

It rarely happens that your lawyer was interested in settling the case.

The Mackiewit rule.

The agenda that summons you to participate in the trial as a juror comes just when you do not have the slightest excuse to get out.

Miller’s Law.

Insurance covers everything except what really happens.

The Braleque Rule.

Trust only those who, with a bad development of events, will suffer no less than you.

Van Herpen’s Law.

The solution to the problem is to find those who can solve it.

Decree of the Supreme Court.

The accused has the right to an honest examination of his case in court, but not to the ideal.

Ryukert’s Law on Hypochondria.

There is nothing so small that it can not be inflated to unimaginable proportions.

Fox about the real problem.

When the problem disappears, the people working on its solution remain.

Dreizden’s law.

The time required to correct a situation is inversely proportional to the time it took to inflict damage.

Law of Hoare about big problems.

Within each big problem there is a little one who is struggling to go free.

The Law of the Schneider, the reverse of Hoare’s law.

Within each small problem, a larger one sits, which is struggling to go free.

Jacob’s Law.

Man is prone to make mistakes, but it is even more peculiar for him to shift guilt to someone else.

Mason’s Rule.

Always make sure that the first version of the contract is written by your lawyer.


Never sign a contract written by a lawyer of the other party.

Jones Law.

A person who is able to smile when things go wrong, just figured out who to blame the blame for.

Law Luposhayskogo “write and wait.”

1. If you come to a business meeting in advance, it will be canceled.

2. If you get out of your skin to make it on time, you’ll have to wait.

3. If you are late, then it’s already too late.

The Law of Mishlov.

Never believe in a lawyer who says he made a mess of a paper a couple of minutes ago.

Gross Law for customers.

The more often a client changes lawyers, the worse and more confusing his business.

McDowell Law.

Never let your lawyer know how much money you have.

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