When a girl grows up, a new phenomenon appears in her life – menstruation. So the body of a teenager talks about a new stage in life. Menstruation is the companion of every woman up to menopause. And the period in which this phenomenon is observed is called reproductive. And every month women all over the planet experience similar and unpleasant symptoms.

Mentions have long been legendary. After all, regular bleeding at first scared people, but eventually science explained this behavior of the female body. But for a long time people have been judged on monthly basis on the basis of rumors, myths, inventing absurd prohibitions and restrictions. Dethronement of false information will allow a woman to live a full life, refusing from far-fetched often problems.


Menstruation is necessary for women’s health.

There is an opinion that the monthly ones are even useful, because menstrual blood flushes away the slag. But this is absolutely not so. Menstruation carries two important physiological functions. First of all, the body shows that it is in a productive age, which allows pregnancy to occur. Also, the body says that at the moment the woman is not pregnant. If a woman does not want to have more children, then in fact, there are no physiological reasons for the continuation of menstruation. But if a woman does not take any contraceptives in the form of tablets and does not make hormonal injections, and her womb is in place, then the menstrual cycle will continue until the time set by nature.

During pregnancy you can not get pregnant.

Many women are not protected during sex with menstruation, considering it impossible to become pregnant. In fact, even small, but the probability is there. And this should not be forgotten. Ovulation in women does not necessarily occur right in the middle of the cycle, it can happen during menstruation. Pregnancy during menstruation may occur in those who have a cycle lasting less than 20-22 days. After all, in this case, the egg can leave the uterus in the very last days of menstruation. But even in the classical case with a cycle of 28 days, ovulation can occur a few days earlier. Studies also say that in the female genital tract sperm can survive for up to a week. So that those who are not going to become pregnant, it is better to follow the precautions in this period.

If you take a bath during the month and wash your hair, this can lead to severe bleeding.

This is not true. A woman can during a month’s time still take a shower and luxuriate in the bathroom, but not in hot water. More than usual, this blood will not flow out. Yes, and a tampon in this situation will come to the rescue. This hygienic tool will allow you to forget about the inconveniences and take water procedures in the usual way.

During menstruation, it is better not to go in for sports, but give time to rest.

This choice is not the best. Because of the myths about menstruation, women often do not pay enough attention to their health. Sport is an important part of life. Activity and movement allow muscles to be saturated with oxygen, so the pain in the lower abdomen is easier to bear and the PMS is smoothed. So there are no compelling reasons for quitting swimming, running or fitness during critical days.

As soon as a girl appears in her life, she should immediately rush to the gynecologist to find out the whole truth about this physiological phenomenon.

In fact, a gynecologist will be very surprised at this visit and will advise you to lead your usual lifestyle these days. Most importantly – do not believe the rumors and myths that surround the monthly. To the doctor it is necessary to address, if the pain becomes unbearable, and the bleeding is excessively abundant. The first visit to the gynecologist is timed to coincide with the beginning of sexual activity or when the girl reaches the age of majority.

Menstruation should last exactly one week and advance every 28 (30) days.

There are no clear rules for this. In girls, after the appearance of menstruation in their life, the cycle may remain unstable for several years.Someone will have 28 days, and someone – in general 45. Months themselves can last from three days to one and a half weeks. But if the irregularity of the menstruation causes anxiety and becomes a problem, then one should consult a doctor about this. There are several classic reasons that can affect the regularity of the cycle. This stress, a long journey with the change of time zones, vigorous physical exercises, diseases, excess weight and poor nutrition.

Before the onset of menstruation, it is best for virgins to avoid using tampons.

There are myths that introducing a tampon to a virgin will cause pain. In fact, this is absolutely not the case. Sensations when using tampons depend first of all on the sensitivity, which the woman is especially individual. And virginity has nothing to do with it. Leading manufacturers of such hygienic products produce a wide range of products, from which you can choose the most comfortable option. Do not be afraid of the fact that the inserted tampon will tear the hymen. In fact, he can not do this at least because of his size and depth of location.

During the menstruation you can not swim.

This very old myth of menstruation, which appeared a long time ago. Then there were no tampons and the situation with hygiene was not easy. Then all and warned the woman in critical days not to swim in the water, to avoid vaginal infections. This is today, scientists have found that in this environment in general it is difficult to catch them. Hence, swimming during menstruation is not at all more dangerous than on other days. Today, women have invisible helpers – tampons, which allows them to feel comfortable in the water. Immediately before entering the water is to enter a suitable hygienic means and enjoy swimming. And in the usual swimsuit the lace will not be visible. But the thong these days wear undesirable.

No PMS exists.

Premenstrual syndrome is a classic reaction of the body to those hormonal changes that occur with it during menstruation. The woman is overwhelmed with emotions, she becomes irritable, often changes her mood, feels melancholy and fatigue. In the same days to the changeable mood, also add unpleasant physical sensations – headaches, abdominal pains. And can all this be just invented? And to facilitate the onset of this period, you can use a special diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, quality rest and do not forget to actively move. Do not get along in such a difficult period and without the support of relatives who need to understand what is really moving the woman at this time.

Before the onset of menstruation with a child is better not to have a talk about it.

It seems that the girl may be frightened by the words that soon she will have blood from an intimate place. But psychologists think otherwise – it is better to prepare a teenager in advance for future changes in physiology. Otherwise, menstruation can simply scare. And in this matter it is important to find the right approach to the girl on the basis of a trusting relationship. And the menstruation can begin at any time, from 9 years and up to even 16. To make the conversation happen on time, it is worth paying attention to signs of puberty teenager. This will manifest itself in the growth of hair under the armpits, the appearance of acne, swelling of the chest. It becomes clear that the girl enters a period of maturation. Therefore, we must already talk with a teenager about the coming menstruation, explain that it is not scary and dispel the basic fears and misconceptions on this topic. Then the first month’s girl will fit ready and will not be afraid of the sight of blood.

The daughter will always tell her mother that her periods have begun.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In adolescence, girls are often shy and closed-minded. Talking to them on intimate topics is not easy.At such a time, the mother should be as sensitive and attentive as possible, do not press and let her daughter know that she can share her even intimate secrets. After all, a teenager needs someone who would support, calmly give simple and understandable answers to exciting questions.


It is forbidden to drink alcohol during menstruation.

If we are talking about a glass of wine for dinner, then why not? But it is better to avoid large amounts of alcohol. Depending on the period of the menstrual cycle, the reaction to alcohol may change. Some women say that those drinks, which at the usual time gave a light gaiety, with menstruation suddenly greatly intoxicated. Is it permissible to lose control of yourself? And excessive alcohol in this period can increase hemorrhage.

Painful sensations during menstruation indicate a violation of the structure of the uterus.

According to statistics, two out of five women complain of spasms in the lower abdomen, dizziness and aching dull back pain. And pain during menstruation does not appear due to a defective form of the uterus, but because of its severe contractions. The reason for this behavior is the excessive isolation of prostaglandins in the endometrium or simply the endometrium. With this phenomenon, the uterus involuntarily vibrates, not allowing blood to spin freely. Also, acute pain in the first days of menstruation can tell about hormonal disorders, inflammation of the ovaries or myome. Pain can be the result of psychological problems.

Menstruation is not recommended to take painkillers.

On such days, the pain can be so strong that you can go through it with painkillers. Thanks to the reception of such funds a woman can not fall out of the rhythm of life for a few days, continue to work. The best means of drugs of this group are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that interfere with the production of prostaglandins. Buy the same funds can be without prescriptions in pharmacies. Thanks to ibuprofen, you can reduce the pain that appears due to excessive contractions of the uterine muscles. But it is worth remembering that taking pills is possible only with painful sensations. In this case, it is also necessary to observe the care when taking such medications. For example, bleeding can increase from usual aspirin and even increase in duration.

Menstruation can not be engaged in sex.

There are actually no medical contraindications to this. It all depends on the partners and their disgust. After all, sex can be not quite neat, the type of blood on the genitals can embarrass a man. The same pairs, which menstruation does not interfere with having sex, should pay special attention to hygiene. After all, during this period the cervix is ​​open, which allows infections to be much easier to get inside. So in order to avoid mutual damage and infection, it is necessary to resort to the use of a condom. In addition, do not forget about the risk of becoming pregnant. Also during menstruation, sexually transmitted diseases are best transmitted, even with the help of blood.

During menstruation, it is better not to go to the hairdresser’s.

This amazing myth has been around for several years. However, there is no scientific reason why haircutting or hair coloring can affect menstruation or vice versa. Just some hairdressers claim that during the month’s sebaceous glands on the head are working more actively. This has a bad effect on the quality of hair coloring, the color may be different than planned. So it’s better to sometimes listen to specialists who know something that science does not know.

Bleeding can lead to the development of anemia.

Abundant hemorrhage can be considered as one that causes more than ten pads to become unfit for a day. In this situation, the body can indeed lose a lot of iron. And when this valuable and important microelement is not enough, anemia can really develop.

Menstruation can continue even after removal of the uterus.

Hysterectomy involves the removal of the uterus, after which mucosal exfoliation, like bleeding, can not, in principle, occur. But it is important to remember that this operation preserves the woman’s vagina. This allows her to have sex and get an orgasm. After all, it is so important – to continue to feel a real woman, even without the uterus and menstruation.

The use of hormonal contraceptives can move the period of menstruation.

It is not necessary to deliberately change the menstrual cycle, although many try to “improve” it with the help of tablets. The decision to extend this period should be taken only together with a gynecologist, he will also suggest the best ways for this. If a woman does not have pronounced contraindications and problems, the doctor will write out the medications and tell the algorithm for their admission. But even after that, using such medications, one must constantly be observed at the gynecologist.

Taking oral contraceptives can generally save a woman from menstruation.

After taking a couple of packs of such drugs, blood begins to be smeared, which resembles the appearance of the first stage of menstruation. In fact, this is not at all monthly, but a break in the action of hormones (withdrawal bleeding). In this situation, the egg does not ripen due to the action of the medicine. Endometrium is not prepared to receive a fertilized egg without increasing its volume. Consequently, and menstruation does not really come.

Menstruation delay means pregnancy.

Not everything is so categorical, because the reasons for the delays can be very different. Menstruation may not come on time due to stress, climate change, sharp weight loss, hormonal intake. But the pregnancy test is just in case.

Blood smearing in the first trimester of pregnancy is dangerous for both the mother and the baby.

Few people know, but in the first months of pregnancy a woman can have small bloody discharge, “buying up menstruation.” Usually it is believed that the monthly pregnancy is a sign of miscarriage, it can be a natural way to remove part of the endometrium, which is no longer needed for the development of the fetus.

Menstruation always comes with ovulation at different times.

There is such a thing as an anovulatory cycle. It occurs when the uterine mucosa has already peeled off, and the ovule from the follicle has not yet emerged. This form of the cycle occurs in the first years of puberty and in its last, before the menopause. Even a healthy woman in a year may have one or two anovulatory cycles. If a woman regularly has sex, but it does not protect, and pregnancy does not come, it just shows the absence of ovulation. In this case, you need to get a test in the pharmacy for its definition, which will allow you to determine the best time for conception.

In case of menstruation, the blood should be odorless.

The presence of the smell of blood is a natural thing. The blood coming out of the cervix is ​​initially sterile, but as a result of passing through the female genital tubes it absorbs a special smell. It appears due to the bacterial environment inside the vagina and next to it. That is why personal hygiene must be observed on critical days, and between them. When menstruating the shower should be taken twice a day, and to wipe your intimate organs should be a towel, specifically for this and intended. But intimate deodorants do not use, because they can increase bleeding.

During mechanical menstruation, you can not perform mechanical cleaning of the face.

And then scientists support beauticians. After all these days the skin becomes much more sensitive. This leads to the fact that even the smallest wounds on the face will heal and prolong for a long time. So it is better to choose for a campaign to a cosmetologist other days. And during menstruation, it is better to keep your skin. This approach is applicable to other depilations, but it is especially important to protect the skin of the face.

During a month, you can not massage.

This myth has a dual basis. On the one hand, cosmetologists are indeed advised to abandon the massage. But there are also such specialists who consider it not just permissible, but even necessary, to do face massage.

During the month, you can not wash your hair.

The origins of this myth lie deep in history. But if our grandmothers were allowed not to wash their hair for a week, then a modern woman can not afford it. In addition, there are no obvious reasons not to wash your hair during this period.

You can not do any operations with menstruation.

There are no strict prohibitions on this matter. Just before you agree on this date, you need to tell your doctor about the passage in this period of menstruation. The specialist must decide on the feasibility of the operation.

You can not roll conservations during the month.

There is a long-standing belief that the twist of cans during this period is fraught with the subsequent explosion of all preserves. But just how is this related to hormones? In fact, on such days women have lowered their energy. In practice, this is manifested in the fact that the things that have been started are unsuccessful.

You can not sew during menstruation.

It’s hard to find an explanation for this myth. And how would professional seamstresses work then? Did they have to take a monthly vacation?

With monthly it is impossible to guess.

Guessing in general from the energy point of view is considered harmful and dangerous occupation. But in fact during the monthly woman is not only that mentally unbalanced, so also has a weakened energy. Divination can also negatively affect a person, so it’s better not to take risks in this matter.

When menstruating occurs a lot of blood loss, so it’s better to devote yourself to rest.

It is estimated that a woman during the month loses a little blood, only about four tablespoons. So do not panic on this matter and constantly lie, fearing to bleed.

During the monthly it is worth not to eat some foods.

There is no restriction on food – you can eat everything that is on ordinary days. But leaning on food, do not forget that not in vain some food is called “healthy”.


Menstruation can easily catch a cold.

This myth literally forces women to give up cold drinks and cold water. In some, the cold can really exacerbate the feeling of pain. But the likelihood of a cold from taking cold drinks or contact with water is the same, as in normal days, and in critical.

Women in critical days increase the risk of meeting predators.

They say that animals feel the woman from afar by the drops of her blood. Sharks and bears stand out in this regard. But there is no scientific evidence for this statement. Blood can attract sharks exactly like urine, sweat and other fluids released by the human body. You just have to stop worrying about this.

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