Men’s mistakes in bed

As you know, women are beings with a subtle spiritual organization. They can take offense at the most simple and natural things. They tend to get upset because of all sorts of nonsense and attach importance to trifles. Of course, it would be better if they were easier. But alas, our ladies are, according to the expression of the classic, “the objective reality given to us in sensations.”

What’s most unpleasant, it’s their habit of playing “partisans”. Your friend will keep silent until the last moment so that one day everything will be thrown at you in the face: it turns out that you always gave her some troubles and communication with you has long turned into a sophisticated way of self-torture for her. Both moral and physical. And in general … (Each of us knows well how much sincere poison a woman can put into it “in general”).

Men's mistakes in bed

We conducted a survey among our familiar women. They offered them to complain about their men – which they did even with a somewhat superfluous, we thought, readiness. The survey revealed at least forty points that women can not tolerate in sex. Without claiming for final objectivity, we honestly reproduce the results of the survey.

You end too quickly.

Most women are sure that the reason for this is exclusively male insidiousness. They think that you could easily hold out for another half hour (!). Because you are an egoist and think only of yourself.

You do not end too long.

Now she thinks that her body does not excite you. And besides, she’s tired …

You keep silent all the time.

As you know: the man loves the eyes, and the woman with the ears … And with these very ears she wants to hear tenderness in her address. Or at least moaning, testifying to the strength of your passion.

You shout too loud.

Of all the women interviewed, one complained of this. But it is very active. Stormy expression of feeling is fine, but still remember that you are not at the stadium.

You make love to her without taking off your socks.

Why women are so upset at the sight of a naked man in socks, it is not known. It is impossible to understand this, you just need to remember.

You undress too quickly.

Most women do not like being in a stupid position. If she is still in a fur coat and boots, and you have nothing but a condom, then you both look, to put it mildly, absurd.

At the most crucial moment, you interrupt and ask: “Have you finished already?”

No comments.

You leave the top light on.

Too bright light turns a bedroom into an operating room. In addition, a woman can not normally focus on the process, and should see whether she looks sexy enough.

You do not shower before sex.

E.Hemingway said that from a muscular must smell like a man. But women do not agree with this. They do not expect that you will smell of violets, but the rough truth of their life often does not excite.

You run into the shower right after you finish.

Women are like cats. Cats have a habit of rubbing themselves against a loved one to leave their smell on it. And when you hurry up with this smell to part, they feel offended.

You immediately turn away from it and fall asleep.

Heavy insult! This is the worst thing you can do. Even if you unloaded the cars, you still have to caress her, otherwise why did you go to bed with her?

When you caress her tongue with her clitoris you always look into her eyes.

Maybe you do not realize that you look at this moment, like a cunning fascist, lying behind a parapet. Do at least pretend that you are fascinated with this process.

You do not shave.

Since a woman’s beard grows in very rare cases, we will never understand what an innocent two-day bristle can deliver. Try to rub your nose on the chin of a friend …

You’re joking during sex.

Laughter is the worst enemy of sex. Hilarious and hohmit in bed is absolutely contraindicated.

You basically do not have sex in the morning.

It turned out that for many women to engage with their favorite sex in the morning – it’s like that the cream is removed from milk.

Your nails are too long.

They say that a man is not impotent, while he has at least one finger in it. But if on this finger grows a long, hardened, successfully gnawed nail, then on the sexual life you can safely put a cross.

You always say what to do.

You are not a sergeant, she is not a platoon of recruits … Therefore, the commands: “Lie down!”, “Peace!”, “Circle!”, Relevant on the parade ground, sound silly in bed.

You do not care about her safety.

Condoms are our responsibility. Not only do we agree to use them, they expect us to buy them ourselves, to carry them in their pockets and to dress inconspicuously …

You tilt her head downward.

Blowjob is an act of goodwill. Coercion, even mild, obliges the partner to do what she currently does not want. If you really want this, provoke your own example, tender kisses in the perineum, turning your head to her feet.

You spit during cunnilingus.

And what if these hairs constantly get into your mouth? Ignore? It is imperceptible to remove fingers from the mouth? On these reasonably asked questions, the ladies answered the same: “I do not know … Let him think of something … He’s a man …”

You do not kiss her on the lips after blowjob.

You’ll never be able to explain to her why you do not want to learn the taste of your own sperm in practice. For a woman, such behavior is offensive. It seems to her that by this you express your disgust. Disregard your own emotions and kiss, if she wants it.

During the blowjob, you do not warn her when you finish.

Sperm to taste is something between sea water and egg whites. I like this whimsical combination is not all.

During the blowjob, you try to move yourself.

First, she really is afraid of hurting your teeth. Secondly, she does not want to choke. Lie still, she will do everything herself.

You are showing off the size of your penis.

And to whom do we boast? Or was the old man Freid right, and women would also like to have a penis? Well, just remember that they do not like it when we praise him too much.

You’re biting her nipples painfully.

Earlier for such things, even premature babies were removed prematurely incised teeth.

You twist her nipples with your fingers.

The nipple, again, is not the handle of the radio receiver, which is heavily tuned to the right wave in a hilly terrain environment. They can only tenderly kiss and nibble.

You are constantly jerking, mesh and rub her breasts.

The chest is not a joystick in a computer game. And not a melon, which you need to feel to make sure of its ripeness. And not wet clothes, which should be properly squeezed. It requires careful attitude to yourself.

You do acrobatics in bed.

Fiction and diversity in sex are very commendable, but it should be remembered that your partner, maybe did not finish the circus school as a child and the prospect of dislocating her leg does not appeal to him.

You pile on it with all the weight.

As a rule, a man far exceeds a woman in weight. Doing sex with her in a classic pose, do not rely too much on female endurance. Perhaps, her heavy, intermittent breathing is not at all a sign of passion.

You move too fast (slowly).

The most common claim. Probably, it’s all about the disobedience of temperaments. Or biorhythms. Try to put her hands on your buttocks, even the most shy girl will intensively guide you.

You are too aggressive in kissing.

She does not like it when you actively push your tongue into her mouth and use it there as a brush for washing bottles.

With you, she often feels like at a doctor at a proctologist’s.

Keep in mind that anal stimulation is like, mostly, to men. Because they have prostate.Women do not have prostate.

You interrupt the sexual act to answer phone calls and switch TV programs.

No comments.

You are all too theatrical.

Women love sincerity. Or pretend that they love. Make every effort to make her feel, she intrigues you, and not the entourage and the situation itself.

You slobber her ears, and blow in them.

Ears are an erogenous zone in many people, because they are a very sensitive area. Gnaw, chew, twist and vigorously suck them – it is undesirable. A gentle kiss is sometimes able to create miracles, but pounce on your ear like a cheerful dog on your favorite ball, it’s not worth it.

You do not care at all whether she is having an orgasm with you or not.

As already noted, women attach great importance to words. You can sweat like a miner in the face, trying to please her, and not to guess that all your enthusiasm she refers solely to your selfishness and African temperament. A simple phrase: “I want you to be fine with me” may have a greater effect than a demonstration of high-tech sex.

You are conscientious, but too uninformative.

No matter how triumphant feminism may be walking around the planet, a woman still likes to be the object of attention. She is not interested in doing everything herself, she is not always attracted to the role of a sexual aggressor.

You tear her underwear.

Women are concerned about their underwear. And if erotic films abound with scenes with a crash rushing underwear, then in ordinary life everything is different. In the end, you will achieve that she will appear before you in cheap pantaloons of paper, sewn by Chinese prisoners.

You leave the suction.

Even if your friend is not afraid to advertise your relationship, still refuse to wear your brand on your body – her right.

She does not like what you say.

You turn your bed into a barracks mixture with a kindergarten. The old question is how to name all these intimate things. Rudeness women do not like. Sussy annoying. It seems that it’s best not to call it in any way, but in case of need to mumble it is definitely inarticulate, but very tender.

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