Manual lipocorrection

Manual lipocorrection

appeared relatively recently and, like any new method of changing the outlines of the figure, is surrounded by a lot of fictions and myths.
What women do, dreaming of finding ideal forms – visit fitness centers and massage rooms, plague themselves with diets, agree to rather complex operations, if only to achieve the desired result. But sometimes scales and a centimeter show that the height is subdued, and for some reason there is no pleasure from the “new body”. What’s the matter? After all, not a single extra kilogram! It turns out that there are problems with the figure in thin women (“ears”, “riding breeches”, “bumps” and “holes” – all these “delights” do not disappear anywhere after applying the most severe diet, although they become less noticeable). It is for women without excess weight who want to get rid of the constitutional shortcomings of the figure, is designed manual lipocorrection. This method is radical, does not require simultaneous application of diets, additional physical exertion, lifestyle changes, etc. The expert on the adipose tissue effects solely by hands, no additional tools are used, but the results sometimes exceed all expectations.

The result of manual lipocorrection is preserved forever, because after the course you will not need to sit on diets or engage in fitness.

Yes, if the effect was on the constitutional areas of fat deposits (for example, from the outside of the thighs). After all, adipose tissue in this area is formed only during puberty and, subject to destruction during lipocorrection, is no longer formed. In other parts of the body (inner and front surfaces of the thighs, knees), the fat tissue is regenerated, therefore the result of lipocorrection persists for no more than six years.

After a manual lipocorrection course, as after any cosmetic procedure, the result is only visible after a while.

Wrong opinion. First, in this method, one session does not depend on the other, therefore, the expression “manual lipocorrection course” does not accurately convey the essence of the effect. Secondly, after each session (more precisely, after complete healing of the treated surface, which takes from several days to two weeks), one can evaluate the result of the work of a specialist. This allows you to control the process and, if necessary, stop it in any session.

The effectiveness of manual lipocorrection does not depend on the age of the patient.

This is not quite true. After all, the process of formation of constitutional fat deposits in women continues to 20-22 years, and therefore, lipocorrection at an earlier age does not make sense. And after 35-40 years, metabolic and reparative processes in the body slow down, as a result of which the fat accumulations become denser. This makes it difficult to achieve the desired effect. If to the patient from 20 till 35 years – manual lipocorrection will bring the most tangible results, remaining for a long time.

Manual lipocorrection affects only fat tissue (without damaging the vessels).

This is not true. After all, in fat (as in any other) tissue of the body, vessels that do not always withstand a rather strong local effect on fatty deposits pass. As a consequence, after a manual lipocorrection session, redness and swelling may remain on the body, which disappear completely after a few days.

Manual lipocorrection is absolutely painless.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. In the process of exposure to fatty deposits containing a lot of toxins and slags, blood circulation in small vessels permeating the adipose tissue is disrupted, which causes quite unpleasant sensations. However, the soreness of sensations decreases with each procedure. After all, in the process of manual lipocorrection, slags are removed from the body, and after the destruction of fatty capsules, blood supply is restored.

Manual lipocorrection can only be carried out by a man – this procedure requires the use of remarkable physical strength.

This is not quite true.A female doctor who has mastered the technique of this procedure and is able to perform monotonous, laborious work for several hours on deep fatty deposits can perform manual lipocorrection. Another thing is that not every woman is able to endure such a burden.

Manual lipocorrection can damage your health.

Undoubtedly, this effect is a serious stress for the body, but it compensates for the positive effect of manual lipocorrection. After all, this effect not only contributes to the elimination of dense fatty accumulations, but also improves blood supply, relieves lymphoprotectors, relieving the basic lymph nodes, etc. After manual lipocorrection, the swelling of the legs will be lost, the tissues will be cleaned of toxins, and the overall well-being of patients will improve.

Manual lipocorrection helps to get rid of excess weight, stretch marks and cellulite.

No, losing weight or getting rid of stretch marks does not help manual lipocorrection. It should be remembered that this method is aimed only at eliminating local fat deposits, leading to disproportions in the figure. The skin relief manual lipocorrection can really improve, can also reduce the effect of the “orange peel”. But this method can not completely get rid of cellulite.

Those patients who are contraindicated in liposuction can resort to manual lipocorrection.

This is not quite true. After all, for manual lipocorrection, there are also contraindications (for example, acute inflammatory and infectious processes, diseases of blood, vessels, tumors, mental illnesses). If the above-mentioned problems cause the plastic surgeon to refuse to perform liposuction, they can also become an obstacle to manual lipocorrection.

Manual lipocorrection can hold a woman of any makeup.

This is not true. This effect is only for thin women. The fact is that in the presence of excess weight, the upper layers of fat interfere with the constitutional deposits. Consequently, the number of procedures and duration of exposure increases (sometimes the correction process is extended for a whole year). A woman who is going to undergo a manual lipocorrection session must meet such requirements: height minus weight = no more than 110. It is allowed to exceed not more than two or three kilograms.

The problems of aesthetic nature that arose after liposuction (tubercles, asymmetry, etc.) can be solved by applying manual lipocorrection.

Wrong opinion. Most experts refuse to women who seek help after liposuction. And that’s why:
1. The lymph flow after liposuction is broken, therefore, and the effect is transferred worse, and the swelling lasts longer.
2. Waves, irregularities and other effects of liposuction are too dense. The result is an increase in soreness during the session. In addition, after a three-hour exposure to excessively densified tissue, the specialist’s hands are most often injured (and so much that they have to deal with their treatment).
3. You can not simply remove the asymmetry that arose after liposuction – you should first get rid of seals and “tubercles” that interfere with blood flow and lymph flow. Therefore, it is quite difficult to determine the number of sessions needed to correct a figure (after all, to influence one “bump”, at least one session is required, and there are eight or ten such hillocks).
But most often the reason for the refusal is not the above problems, but psychological resistance from the clients who can not believe that after such a costly operation they will not have to “level” and completely “redo” the figure.

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