Even in ancient times, women, to disguise the shortcomings of their face or to emphasize their beauty, resorted to the help of various natural remedies. Nowadays, these manipulations have come to be known as makeup and, as a rule, many misconceptions have arisen about how to properly apply makeup and whether it should be applied at all. Let’s consider some of the most common myths on this topic.

Red lipstick is the prerogative of vulgar, shameless women.

In fact, if it is correct and applied to the place, nothing vulgar in such a lipstick will not be. On the contrary, she will emphasize an impeccable line of lips and draw attention to a snow-white smile.

Frequent use of lipstick can adversely affect the natural color of the lips (become faded).

Actually, the fact that the lips lose their bright color, affects the age. Usually, this phenomenon manifests itself far beyond thirty, yet it takes its age.

If you apply cosmetics every day, the skin will grow old pretty quickly.

Fortunately, this is just a myth. Now almost all cosmetic firms produce funds whose main task is to moisturize and protect the skin from external factors. Therefore, the skin preserves youth and beauty for a long time.

If you use expensive cosmetics, then make-up will be excellent.

However, no matter how much cosmetics cost, if they can not be used, even a high price can not help them.

You should always use only one brand of cosmetic company.

This is not quite true. Over the years, the structure of the skin can change, as well as with the constant use of the same means, skin will become addicted to this cosmetics and, as a result, it will not give the results that it used to. In addition, in the cosmetic market, funds are constantly emerging, surpassing in composition and action of their previous predecessors. Therefore, it is recommended to consult the novelties more often and not be afraid to experiment.

The tonal cream is visible on the skin, and therefore it is best not to use it.

Alas, so many believe. Again, if the color is correctly chosen, and the cream is cleverly applied, then this remedy will only give the person an attraction.

The tonal cream is created in order to hide all the skin imperfections with it.

This is far from the truth. The tonal cream is only able to even out the skin tone and give it a fresh look. And hide, for example, pimples, so it will not be possible, because they will still be visible. If, however, you succeed in “plastering” the place with this “little annoyance”, then the foundation will be quite obvious on the face.

To preserve your youth until age 35, you need to use a foundation.

To hide the small flaws of the skin, women use a foundation. But in fact it ages your skin. When you apply the cream on the face, it enters the pores of the skin and fine wrinkles, which entails deepening of wrinkles that have already appeared, and if the tone is incorrectly matched to your type and complexion, you may get the impression that you have a mask on your face. Using a simple powder will give your face a natural and more natural look. To prevent premature aging of the skin, take care of it from youth.

Eyebrows pull out there is no point, they will still grow back again.

And then why wash, brush your teeth? Sometimes unverified eyebrows can spoil all makeup. Therefore, makeup artists strongly recommend paying attention to them when applying makeup.

You do not need to use foundation cream, if there are no pimples on your face.

A small number of people own the ideal skin. Most of us have some problems with the skin, whether it’s acne or large pores or pigmented spots. All of the above prevents you from making an even and beautiful make-up. Before applying makeup, the face should be cleaned, the skin smooth.And to achieve a good make-up, you need to use a foundation as a foundation. The applied base serves for further smooth application of blush and shadows.

When using a foundation, your skin will look like parchment paper.

Modern tonal remedies include elements that can retain moisture on the surface of the skin. To do this, most often used extract of marigold and chamomile, aloe vera gel. All these plants are able to quickly cure microcracks, because the regenerative function is activated with sufficient moisture.

Powder and foundation cream clog pores.

Microfiber, which is included in most modern powder creams, creates an elastic mesh on the skin that allows air to flow freely, thereby allowing the pores to breathe freely, and at the same time protects the skin from external stimuli. And the size of these particles is so small that clogging of the pores is impossible.

I use a foundation, you age your skin.

Dermatologists decided to conduct a study and recruited two groups of women, some used a foundation, others did not. The results show that the second group of women is prone to aging much earlier than the first group of women. Not everyone knows, but with the help of makeup our skin is protected from unfavorable climatic influences, thereby stopping the aging process. With the help of foundation, you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. It also has antioxidants, detoxifying actions of free radicals, and delaying skin aging. In some foundation creams, tissue-strengthening substances are added, which, by their properties, improve the condition of mature skin.

The tonal cream and masking remedy are the same.

But in fact, these are completely different concepts. The tonal cream exists in order to equalize the skin tone, and the masking agent serves just to mask undesirable areas on the skin (red veins, spots, etc.).

Liquid foundation and foundation, which are adjusted before make-up, prevent the skin from breathing.

Modern makeup bases are sufficiently crushed, and can not prevent the skin from breathing. The base also serves to protect the skin from harmful external influences, namely from sunlight, strong wind.

Shadows are selected by the color of the eyes (blue eyes – blue shadows, green eyes – green shadows).

This statement is far from the truth. The most correct way to choose shadows is to select them by halftone skin (cold or warm).

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